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Seeing Beauty

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“The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.”

I thought about this quote, as I have read it many times, and it resonates with me now more than ever. We are drawn to those who find beauty in all things because such a practice is not always common. And I call it a practice because it is sometimes unnatural to see the good and proclaim it to those around us.

It’s a choice. We must focus on the positive things around us. For it is what we look at that feeds our thoughts, and it is our thoughts that feed the heart. Choosing to look at the small things that bring joy makes such a difference.

A beautiful flower blooming, hugs from my precious grandchildren, and coffee with Neal while watching the sun come up—these are tiny moments that I cherish. 

The problems that we have will be what they are. So, as we work through them, let’s remember the lovely moments in our lives and let that overflow into the way we speak and act. 

In a world where people are constantly finding fault in everyone and everything, I am encouraged by those who breathe fresh air into a room with their words. Let us all strive to be that person today and every day.

What is a small moment that always brings you joy?


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  1. Thanks for all of your inspiring subjects that you write and giving Our Lord and Saviour the credit for all of it. All that we possess and enjoy are because of HIM. We must look for the positive in all things and there would be less hate and unhappiness in the world we live in. We have SO much to be thankful for living in this land and must seek to preserve our freedoms until the Lord come for us. Thanks to your readers as well for loving posts.

  2. Simple quiet time alone with nature around me is what I crave and love. Gods birds, the breezes in the trees and so many rainbows this spring have brought me peace and joy. Now blessed by ocean sounds while visiting the rugged and beautiful Oregon coast…. God is great

  3. Early in the morning cooking eggs, bacon and fresh fruit for hubby the aroma of coffee being brewed.
    Beauty in every moment when I get to witness seeing a rainbow on a rainy day and knowing I am in good hands and thanking God for the awesome wonders he has given us.. And it especially reminds me of those who have passed, I so miss them and for some reason I always start to cry its just overwhelming sometimes and I am just so thankful for my life and our freedom. God Bless our Awesome America!
    California Carmel

  4. If you want to see and appreciate the beautiful things in life, subscribe to “Victoria Magazine”. Every month it ids chock full of beauty.

  5. There is beauty every where you can think. A poem is a thing of beauty as are the flowers that bloom and grow. Let us all appreciate these things.

  6. I love the old commercial that said “Simple Pleasures Are The Best”. every one should step back and see and appreciate the beauty in everything around them.

  7. What beautiful words! We do live in a negative world, & it is up to each one of us to provide beauty, kindness, & joy to ourselves & those around us. I cannot change everyone & everything, but I can change myself & my reactions.

  8. Love this! We all need a reminder to slow down, be positive, and smell the roses. Thank you for your lovely thoughts. I enjoyed all the comments too, it really made my day.

  9. Thank you Phyllis for such lovely words. I think you are one of those people who always seems to see the beauty in others and in the world. Having breakfast with my husband every morning is a special way to start my day. Reading your post and that of your readers also brings a smile to my face. Of course, everyone coming home after a long day, sharing a meal and then sleeping under one roof, all safe and sound gives me the most joy!!

  10. What beautiful thoughts and responses from everyone….a reminder to all of us to “live in the moment”….turn off the TV, put down your cell phone, get off the computer and LIVE. If you can, get out of the traffic and noise…go out into the country and look around, hear the quiet and just enjoy all that you have…when you take time to observe nature all around you it brings peace and joy to a busy life. And, thank you Phyllis for bringing this lovely reminder to us…

  11. Phyllis, this is a beautiful post. I believe with all my heart that if we each pause and notice and appreciate the beauty around us, it changes us for the good. It makes us a kinder and better people. Truly, it can change our world.

    Thank you for this post and wishes for a lovely weekend!

  12. I had been sick. When I was better I went to look at my cucumber
    plants – two pretty plants. I had two cucumbers about six inches long.
    Was I happy. Unbeknownst to me, a friend had watered my plants wile
    I was sick. I am thankful for two cucumbers and a good friend. And good
    health. Love your thoughts.

    1. That was lovely Sharon! I have two cucumbers too. It is my first year planting a small garden and I was delighted to see them! Such a small thing, the pleasure in watching things grow.

  13. Because GOD Himself gives us “beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness,” we have that continual reminder in the people and world around us that He is with us and is the Giver of life. Magnifying beauty helps us to focus on Life itself. That gives hope and sometimes courage to keep on living. We can be that beautiful reflection of GOD to encourage those around us. Thank you, Phyllis, for encouraging us all so beautifully!

  14. Lovely. I believe we chose to be happy or not. Turn off the news, kill Twitter, find what you love and live in that reality. Your publications are part of my choice. Thank you for bringing so much grace and beauty into the world.

  15. Waking very early to catch the free morning concert given by the birds who sing with perfection ! Time spent with good friends, my cats, my lovely cottage and waterfall… but most of all, my time spent with our Lord each and every day !

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  16. A very timely and beautiful post! The little things that bring me joy are really big things! God’s love and care of me, my family, my beloved dogs, cats and chickens, and nature!

  17. Phyllis, you are a beautiful person. We Ribbon Friends are blessed by your heart felt words.

    Our lives changed in an instant and we are now living with serious life-altering health issues. The gift of still being able to share God’s glorious creation with the person God gave me fifty-one years ago brings me joy…

  18. About a half a block from my house to the corner, there is a childs day care, now that it is summer, I hear laughter and screaming, to me both joyful sounds. They take walks past my home and if I am out there for some reason, I hear “say hello to our neighbor”, that is me…The sights and sounds of the innocent ones.

  19. Thank you for this beautiful post. I appreciate the gifts you give us every time you take the time to write such uplifting words.

  20. Lovely uplifting thoughts! Its the little things in life that sometimes give us the greatest pleasure. Seeing beautiful flowers in bloom, a rainbow, a stream that glistens in the afternoon sunlight, a good book, a delicious breakfast, or our four legged friend showing us unconditional love! Always look for the good things in any situation.

  21. Phyllis, this is such a beautiful post! I agree, we each have the choice to see the beauty, or only look at the ashes. A heart filled with gratefulness always helps me to see my world in a positive way, and hugs, grandchildren and the love and laughter of friends and family all bring joy every day.


  22. Sitting with my husband on a park bench admiring the flowers and trees around us and feeling connected to the natural world around us.

    The smell of toast being made.

    Being greeted by a friendly dog, especially when it seems like their whole body is wagging along with their tail.

  23. We miss so much when we forget to stop and simply look around us. Kindness is free but it’s value to us is grand. With so many bad things happening today, a little kindness goes along way. A simple smile or a thank you becomes a “ beautiful thing”. For me, I know that every night at 10:00 PM, my sweet daughter will be calling me to say, “I love you Mom, sleep good and I’ll talk with you tomorrow “. Before I go to sleep, I thank God for the beauty of her words. Words that money simply can’t buy. Your words were a good reminder for us to see the beauty around us everyday. Thanks for reminding us.

  24. Taking time to sit on my deck in the early evening letting my mind wander and have its way while looking at God’ s awesome creation… the ocean, clouds, trees, flowers, feeling the softness of a gentle breeze, and hearing the hum of traffic in the distance knowing I don’t need to be in it!

  25. Thank you for the encouragement to see beauty in the moment–grace in smiles, a touch of kindness, small surprises. Good words!

  26. Beautiful post! Hugs and kisses from my grandchildren and the conversations we have are just some of the little things that bring me joy.

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