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Who doesn’t love a good sale? I know I do, and spring is the perfect time to clear out some of your old magazine collections and refresh with brand new content! We have so many good titles—just what you need for this upcoming season. Find outstanding entertaining ideas in our Entertain & Celebrate Easter special issue, and be on the lookout for our new Entertain & Celebrate Spring special issue, available on newsstands March 27.  

Some people love combing through stores for the best price like my sister, Janice. She has a knack for finding the best sales and coming home with many things for pennies on the dollar. She has perfected the art! But for me, I don’t have the patience to look for incredible markdowns or clearance items. Janice says it’s because I don’t take time to shop and look hard enough. The thought of that just exhausts me. Luckily our Spring Cleaning Sale makes it easy! Just visit the Hoffman Media Store and find discounted prices on all your favorite titles or even discover new ones like Cook: Real Food Every Day that you might just fall in love with. Receive an additional 20% off your entire purchase with the code: SPRING. Offer ends Sunday! 

I flash back to my childhood, when every June we went “home” to my grandparents’ house for our annual two week vacation. Part of that delightful adventure was the trip to a local store (it will remain nameless) where we would riffle through everything, particularly the fabric department. We would all beg to leave and whine to the max—anything to bring the shopping experience to closure. For the life of me, I really can’t remember why it was so bad. I adore fabric shopping now, but as a child, it wasn’t so wonderful. Mom would always buy fabric for our back-to-school dresses, and when we got home she made the most beautiful clothes for us. I don’t know, maybe we would rather be outside, playing with our cousins.

Shopping for sales brings all those memories back. I am sure I will never perfect those bargain hunting skills, but laughing about our childhood shopping experiences is worth it all.

Don’t miss out on this incredible sale! What’s your favorite Hoffman Media magazine?

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  1. My mother did not sew, but could fashion a beautiful evening gown for my dolls. So when we went to the local department store we would look at fabric, select an elegant taffeta or a sophisticated print and purchase one fourth of a yard. A few days later one of my dolls would be dressed like a princess in her new ball gown! I was in heaven, and the envy of all my little girlfriends!

  2. I have to smile because NOW, I love everything textile, from just looking at yardage to hunting vintage linens, but YES, as a young child I enjoyed playing in and around the fabrics as they hung over the bolts!
    And, I don’t know, perhaps it is a little bit odd, but I actually enjoy ironing linens, as well.
    My sewing room today has almost as much fabric and as many notions as a yardage store, I think. I know I am not alone in that one!

  3. Forgot to mention that I also love the Cottage Journal. Those magazines help me to get fresh perspectives in arranging things I already have or adding a new pillow, plant or art print to liven up a space. As the latest edition of the Cottage Journal features porches, gardens and kitchens, they are all “relaxed, charming and beautiful”! Thank you for that publication as well!!

  4. I have always loved Victoria. It was my very first “grown up” magazine and because of that will always hold a special place in my heart. I also like Tea Time and all the Hoffman media special issues magazines.
    I have to laugh about the fabric stores…my mother sewed many of my outfits and I think it was the smell of the fabric stores that was offputting to me. As with most things from my childhood, I would give anything to relive those special and treasured moments again!

  5. My Mom would take (drag me) to the fabric store to select a dress pattern and fabric for a dress to be worn either at Christmas, Easter or a wedding. How I hated those trips to the fabric store. So many decisions to make. But the dresses were always beautiful and one of a kind! I treasure those memories now.

    My favorite magazine is Victoria. I’ve been a subscriber since it’s inception and still look forward to every issue. I will never forget when I received the notice that the magazine would no longer be published. I had to call Hoffman and select another magazine in Victoria’s place. When I told the rep that I was very saddened by the news, she said “it’s incredible, everyone that calls says the same thing”. It was a tribute to all Victoria readers and am so very happy that the magazine is back. Thank you Phyllis.

  6. Victoria magazine is my favorite. I took it for years and was so disappointed when I got a notice that it wasn’t going to be in existence anymore. Not sure how much time went by but it seemed quite awhile and then I got a notice that it was going to be published again. I was so excited! Thank you, Phyllis, for bringing this magazine back! I will have to say that Southern Lady is right up there with the Victoria magazine now with me…in fact, if I had to choose between them, I would find it a difficult task to do. Thankfully, I don’t have to choose. I think one of several reasons that Victoria is so special to me is that it brought me my favorite author…Jan Karon. I would have missed all of her wonderful books that I’ve read over and over again if you hadn’t had her for the Writer in Residence one year. So thanks so much for bringing such up-lifting publications to us. God bless you and yours!

  7. My favorite publication has been( and still is) Victoria magazine. The magazine has long offered me photo inspiration for practicing painting watercolors just for the pleasure of it. In one of the early issues, I was ” introduced” to Lilias Trotter, an artist recognized by John Ruskin as being extremely talented. She used her artwork to minister to women in Algiers. As a result of your article, I have collected a few of Lilias’ books as well as some biographies about her life. Also in one of the early Victoria magazines, an advertisement displayed a beautiful wedding gown by Jessica McClintock. I fell in love with that dress but there was no way I could afford it. Months later, I found that dress in a consignment shop for a third of the price! I bought it and wore it in my wedding. That was almost 25 years ago! Victoria magazine is the most beautiful, classy and inspirational publication I have ever come across. So glad your company still produces such an outstanding magazine!!

    1. What a sweet and very true comment! I too love love love Victoria and during its sabbatical I had painful withdrawal! So happy it is alive and well again! Also I love the heart of Phyllis as her writings always touch mine! kb

  8. Mother was the accountant for a hardware store prior my attending school. I can remember being fascinated by the many things to see and also the view from Mother’s desk on the mezzanine. I still love exploring old -fashioned hardware stores.

  9. I can still remember going for dresses as a small child. There was a certain sales lady who would not let any one else wait on my twin sister and me. Twins were not too common at that time. We found out that she had twins of her own later.

  10. I always enjoyed shopping with my family as a child. I always got to buy vanilla,chocolate and strawberry ice-cream inside a waffle sandwich.

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