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Spoons are a lovely part of the table setting. Today’s flatware does not include all the different types of spoons that were customary years ago, and we may only have one shape of spoon. So many times, the choice of the type of spoon is puzzling when soups are being served. This short video will explore the soup bowls and spoons for different types of soups that we may serve.

I found some wonderful cream-soup spoons at an antiques market at a very reasonable price. It might be fun to start a search for great silver spoons if you want to add to your collection.

Do you collect flatware? I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. My husband purchased my beautiful set of Buttercup sterling by Gorham for me when we married August 6, 1972. It was becoming unusual for brides to choose sterling by 1972 for whatever reason. But I have loved and used my silver all these years.

  2. I have my great grandmother’s silverware but in addition I have collected a odd assortment of silver spoons especially unusual ones that work well for tea. I love going into antique stores and rummaging. I then clean the spoons up and use them for when I have friends over for lunch or tea. Sometimes I have used them as party favors when I have a tea which everyone seems to like.

  3. Victorian table settings have been a fascination of mine for years. I have collected bits of information about menus, serving pieces, and positioning of silverware, food, etc. More modern settings are lovely too and your presentation was so interesting. I had no idea that there are different spoons and bowls for each type of soup! Now I need to go looking for more spoons to add to my sterling. In my collection are tea spoons and slightly larger spoons, possibly for dessert. We found two iced tea spoons in a pattern very similar. And there are some very nice serving spoons in the set. But alas, no soup spoons. Thank you so much! And be sure to let us know if there are more presentations like this!

  4. Love all of my hundreds of pieces of sterling flatware. Especially love the turn of the century florals…..Bridal Rose, Orange Blossom, American Beauty, Lily, American Beauty, Frontenac, etc. Although I have a few sets, I make sure my misc. pieces and serving pieces do not match! Enjoyed your video……keep them coming on other table top topics!

  5. My parents blessed my husband and I on our 25th Wedding Anniversary with my grandparents’ silverware set that they received on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. This silverware is a William Rogers’ set with a lovely floral pattern that I think is so pretty. This set is so special to me because it belonged to my beloved grandparents but , also, because my husband’s name is Ronald William Rogers and I think it’s special that his middle and last names are on this set of silverware. We have now had this set for 14 years and I use it frequently for Sunday dinners as our widowed mothers, a widowed aunt, and a brother are regular guests after church with various family members and friends making appearances from time to time, also. I found another set of silverware at a flea market a few years ago and even though it was a smaller set and one place setting was also missing, I just couldn’t resist buying it because of the beautiful rose pattern and it was also made by the William Rogers’ company. I am glad to know the uses for the different spoons now…thank you so much for sharing this information. Blessings….

  6. Thank you, thank you for your warmth and talent you display with this blog and these wonderful videos. Love them. Have learned things I’ve not been privy to before. Have so enjoyed the chance to learn. Thank you ,again. Blessings to you.

  7. Sterling Flatware is my favorite collection. I have 2 complete sets (my favorite is Strasbourg by Gorham, such a romantic pattern) and a complete place setting in 5 other patterns. I love to set each place setting with a different pattern. Friends and family know that I am always on the “hunt” so they look for new pieces at each dinner, and it always starts conversation with the finds and family memories. I plan to add ice tea spoons of Strasbourg to my collection. We will definitely use them with ice cream sundaes and parfaits. My all time hunt is for a sterling wedding basket. I have seen them in some of your publications and think they are just beautiful. Thank you for your blog and publications. I just love them

  8. I too have many different spoons but my favourite are a set of grapefruit spoons I inherited from my mother. Beautiful presentation Phyllis…as usual.

  9. I search the antique shops for beautiful silver spoons – and unique serving pieces .
    I have spoons for cream soups, iced tea spoons, Demi tasse spoons and grapefruit spoons .
    I love the older patterns , floral designs and anything with an initial.

  10. I love your presentation. I have collected a variety of silver spoons in my pattern which is Buttercup. I love using them.

  11. I am in love with collecting unique pieces of silver. Thank you for the wonderful videos. I just adore your style and publications. They are an oasis of,graciousness in a world obsessed with badly behaved reality stars. More, please.

  12. I cannot imagine not loving and using silver flatware. The service that we own was my husband’s parents’ set which we inherited. In addition, I’ve collected various serving pieces in an assortment of patterns – and I do use them! Each piece is designed for its purpose from meats to side dishes and desserts.

  13. How wonderful to have this information!
    So much of the history and grace of
    table settings of the past seems lost.
    Melanie Breckner

  14. I’m really enjoying this video series, thanks for making them. If you record more, could you possibly show close-ups of the silver pieces? I love to look at the different patterns. Ours is “Chippendale” by Towle. It was in production since the late 1930s.

  15. This is a wonderful video! As a collector of sterling silver flatware, I also enjoyed researching all the various pieces for almost every imaginable food item. The Victorian’s really made dining an art !

    I collect Gorham’s CHANTILLY pattern flatware along with my two favourite china patterns; Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari 2451 and Herend’s Chinese Bouquet in Green.

    Please consider more videos on tableware as there is so much out there to collect and cherish!

  16. I really enjoyed this.I have a love for all the many serving pieces for a meal.I love the ceremony of it all. Your spoons are wonderful. I have yet to come across bouillon spoons.

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