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I still have a spoon ring and bracelet from the 70s. My spoon bracelet was given to me by my cousin Nancy for playing at her wedding. The spoon ring was a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad. I selected my silver pattern of Towle King Richard, and these two pieces are still in my box. I treasure them. When I saw the advertisement for Silver Spoon Jewelry, I did a little investigation and found the most wonderful story behind this wonderful business.

Jennifer Northup, founder of Silver Spoon Jewelry, has had a lifelong fascination with antiques and vintage jewelry. Following the inheritance of her great grandmother’s silverware collection, Jennifer and her husband, Daniel, were inspired to design a line of jewelry and accessories based on vintage silverware patterns from the late 1800s and early 1900s.


For 12 years they have been designing and making lovely pieces of jewelry from antique flatware. Once the design is created from original pieces of silver, it is manufactured; and all of the pieces are made in the United States!

Daniel, engineer turned manufacturing expert, works out the designs and oversees the manufacturing. Jennifer handles the marketing and sales for the business, but her love of vintage jewelry remains the inspiration for their products.

Silver Spoon Jewelry can be found in gift stores, galleries, and boutiques throughout the United States and in several countries around the world. Modern style is gracefully blended with the elegance of the past in this unique line.


Each year, 40 new items are introduced and some are retired, but many designs have been in the line since the beginning of their business. “We love giving silver a new life,” Jennifer states, and many people like seeing silver have a new beginning as a piece of jewelry that will be worn and treasured.

They have attended trade shows in Australia, New York, Atlanta, and Paris, but 40 percent of their business comes from their online store. This couple started this business in their garage and is now selling vintage-inspired pieces around the world.

One lucky winner will receive the beautiful Claire watch, inspired by an antique spoon handle, pictured at top.

To enter, share this post via one of the social media buttons below, and then leave a comment telling me why you’d like to win. Write about it on Facebook, pin it to your favorite board on Pinterest or even send a tweet. Not a social media person? Just leave a comment instead. Best of luck!

Comments 191

  1. I am truly touched by the sentimental value and cherished memories associated with your spoon ring and bracelet from the 70s. It’s heartwarming to hear about the personal stories behind these pieces, especially the ones given by your cousin Nancy and your parents. The discovery of Silver Spoon Jewelry and its founder, Jennifer Northup, adds another layer of beauty to the narrative. The idea of repurposing vintage silverware into unique jewelry, with each design holding a piece of history, is simply fascinating. It’s inspiring to see a small business grow from a garage startup to an international success, all while maintaining a connection to the past. The Claire watch, inspired by an antique spoon handle, sounds like a truly exquisite piece. Best of luck to everyone participating in the giveaway – may the lucky winner enjoy this beautifully crafted treasure!

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  3. We buy antique jewelry including silver spoons and other silver jewelry. We run a blog and may post a link referencing this post. I’ve researched many other bogs and haven’t seen any other comprehensive report regarding this topic such as this one.

  4. I am such a fan of Silver Spoon jewelry. They make the most special gifts because each piece is handcrafted and how many things these days are.

  5. I love anything silver and mostly wear silver jewelry. I, too, have a silver spoon ring that I wear occasionally. One day I hope to own a silver spoon watch. They are so elegant.

  6. Met this artist at a recent craft show. Fell in love with the work and workmanship! Yes it did remind me of the 1970’s spoon ring my best friend gave to me. Surely would love to add to my collection!

  7. I’ve seen your jewelry in person at Tempe Arts Festival and I love all of your designs. The work is so feminine and one of a kind. I am going to start buying these as gifts for special people including myself. I am sharing on facebook, etc.

  8. Dear Phyllis,

    I am Elise, a 23 year old Belgian woman. Last summer my mother and I saw, on a medieval market in Germany, a shop from Keulen that made beautiful jewelry from antique silverware: we ware enthousiastic about the re-use of such materials (of good quality)!!!

    A month ago my watch (of the brand Fossil) broke after use of 7-8 years. I began my search for a new timeless watch! And I landed on the website of Silver Spoon Jewelry: I fell immediatly in love with the watches! Now I wanted to buy one for my birthday (at the end of june): I wanted to ask my friends and family to give me money in stead of gifts so I can buy such a beautiful watch!

    Now there is a chance I can receive such a watch for free thanks to this giveaway!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us and the oppurtunity for someone to receive such an amazing gift!


  9. This is beautiful jewelry, I love the idea that treasured or old spoons are being crafted into these lovely pieces.

  10. What a lovely way to honor silverwork. Just beautiful. The workmanship is exquisite. Would love to win it. As a grandmother, I appreciate heirlooms…both receiving and giving them!

  11. I too have a spoon ring. I’m so glad this wonderful style of jewelry is stilling being made and appreciated. I’m going to hunt through my jewelry box for my ring and see if it still fits.

  12. I got a spoon ring for graduation many years ago and I gave it to my daughter when she graduated from high school. Wonderful story about giving silver new life. Thank you for sharing the story and the website.

  13. These pieces are works of art! The watch is a definite statement piece. I am always amazed at the vision people have to take ordinary objects and turn them into something extraordinary!

  14. It’s elegant. It’s more lovely than anything you’ll ever see at a chain jewelry store. Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. Why not enjoy something beautiful each time you check the time? I’ve always admired the jewelry made from vintage silverware and would love to have a piece of my very own. They always look like family heirlooms to me.

  16. The workmanship on this watch is exquisite! I am always amazed at the ideas that people can come up with….what a talent! I so enjoyed reading about this!

  17. I love spoon jewelery, I have a spoon ring from the 70’s. I bought spoon jewelry from the Yankee Peddler festival over the last several years that I wear proudly to work and I receive many compliments on it. I have even given a couple of pieces away to my patients. I would love to win one of these pieces and would treasure it!

  18. I wear only special pieces of jewelry, and would love to add this beautiful watch to the other special pieces I do wear. It is so lovely and the fact that it is made from antique silver is wonderful!

  19. What a lovely, unique piece of jewelry the watch pictured is! I am always looking for special items to add to my collection. Thank you!

  20. I love jewelry made from antique silver patterns like the one featured in this article. What a lovely piece of art to wear! Thanks for sharing!
    Alice Laurendine

  21. Hi, what a lovely piece of jewelry, I love antiques and owned a silver plated set of utensils that I bought at a yard sale it used to belong to the lady’s mother and it has flowers engraved on it. I would love to add this piece to my silver collection and be able to wear it. Thank you.
    Blanca M.

  22. Love this beautiful watch! There is nothing like eating at a beautifully appointed table with elegant silverware! What a treat to wear that elegance! Now that is beauty!

  23. I remember having a spoon ring in high school back in the 70,s.
    This is a beautiful watch, thanks for sharing.

  24. I am wearing a spoon ring that my Aunt Dorothy gave me for graduation 40 years ago! My mother gave me her silver flatware that she purchased one piece at time while working after school. The watch is beautifully crafted!

  25. I love all things old, charming, different and things that tell a story! This special jewelry fits me perfectly!
    This watch is adorable!

  26. What a beautiful watch! I love the idea of old silverware becoming jewelry and would love to win this.

  27. Phyllis, your blog is civility and beauty in a world turned upside down. Thank you for reminding us of “whatever is lovely…”
    The watch is part of that loveliness.

  28. The watch is gorgeous. I would wear it with pride and tell everyone about it should I win. Of course no one would believe me since I have never won anything. I love your blogs, they so interesting.

  29. What a beautiful watch. this is a classic piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. I have a spoon ring from my younger years.

  30. Over the years I’ve seen many pieces of jewelry made from spoons, but none as elegant and lovely as this line. Thank you for sharing this pleasure with us.

  31. It would be my first unique and elegant collection, timeless beauty to behold. I would definitely love to have it! Thank you for sharing the story.

  32. What a lovely elegant watch! It would be a wonderful piece to wear now and to pass on to future generations. Thank you for sharing the inspirational story.

  33. Posted on all 3 websites! I have always loved jewelry made from antique silverware. As a teenager, I had a spoon ring and watch. I’m not sure what happened to it, but I wish I had it today. I would love to win this watch, to replace the one I lost and to be the start of a collection that I would someday pass on to my granddaughter.

  34. The watch looks more like art than simply a time piece, How beautiful. It is gorgeous and I would feel like royalty wearing it What a lovely thing to give away. You are a gracious lady..

  35. Years ago I inherited my great grandmother’s silver dinner set. During the depression, they sold the knives but kept the rest, even the shrimp forks. Having it has given me an appreciation for fine silver. I feel like a custodian for the future. I’d love to add a watch to pass on eventually. Such a charming career choice this couple has made!

    I wish them luck!

  36. Since, despite my desire, silver flat wear is not in my future, perhaps a piece of this Silver Spoon Jewelry could be mine! Thank you for this opportunity. Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day. MM

  37. This is a lovely watch and I would love to win it to share with my daughter as a graduation present. She loves antique and heirloom jewelry and the watch would be a wonderful addition to her collection.

  38. The watch is a beautiful, timeless piece, that can be worn with any style. Antique jewelry always draw me in to wonder what it would be like to live in that era. I’d love to win & wear this timepiece.

  39. i have such a great respect for the time, effort and wonderful workmanship that went into all Victorian age silver pieces. They were so precisely wrought with exquisite details of the flowers or scene on the particular pieces. It is so heartwarming to see those beautiful old pieces being brought back to life with their incorporation into something we would all cherish today.

  40. Vintage silver pieces have a new life as jewelry . I can only imagine the stories and history of their past.
    The watch is especially charming .I recall the popularity of the “spoon ring” , but I did not have one .
    A couple years ago , I purchased a pretty spoon bracelet that was made by a local artist . So feminine- mine has a pink pearl attached.
    Thank you for introducing me to this unique website for future gift giving !

  41. I love antique silver and china, most antiques actually. I’ve been looking at Silver Spoon Jewelry for some time now and would love to start a collection with this exquisite watch. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing for my granddaughter to inherit?

  42. I love jewelry made from antique silver and China, I have made broken china jewelry myself. I would treasure the beautiful watch.
    Thanks, Jean

  43. I’ve never seen a lovelier piece of silverware jewelry. I don’t recognize this pattern, is Claire a design this husband & wife partnership created? So light & airy! I’ll certainly be searching their website. Congratulations to a husband & wife business who are successfully manufacturing beauty in the U.S.

  44. I grew up believing one did not mix gold and silver jewelry. Most of my jewelry is gold as is my watch. I have been given some silver items: rings and earrings and when I wear them, I feel strange with my gold watch on. So, I really need this beautiful creation to wear when I want to wear my silver pieces. I am relatively new to your site but enjoy it immensely.

  45. I would love to win, because I’d like to give these items to my mother for her birthday. I think the silver jewelry will complement her lovely silver hair!

  46. Dear Phyllis,
    Thank you for sharing such lovely items on your blog. Beautiful tableware, beautiful linens, beautiful jewelry — what a joy to have and to share. I would love to add this watch to my collection of beautiful things to love, use and share.

  47. I have always loved spoon jewelry since I was a kid!! My Grandmother had spoon rings and bracelets but when she passed they went with her. I would live to win to bring back all the memories!!

  48. I have always been fascinated with silver. My Great Grandma had a beautiful set from England where she came from. It was passed down lovingly to my grandmother, and now my mother, age 86 has it and is still using it. I will be next! And then my daughter. My mom and I both still have our 7-‘s rings also. I would be honored to have a piece of jewelry made from someone’s vintage silver!

  49. A friend of mine makes spoon jewelry as a hobby and goes to craft shows and sells her creations. Old spoon jewelry is so fun because someone in the past had used this for entertaining in their home and now it has become a special piece of jewelry which will be admired for years to come. The watch design is very pretty.

  50. I saw them at the Philadelphia flower show! I was so lucky they didn’t have what I wanted in their booth ( or at least my bank account was, lol.) I remember seeing their ad in the back of Victoria and that is why I stopped at their booth.

  51. The watch is beautiful. Thank you for providing the opportunity to win the watch. I love the idea of wearing a part of history. I pinned the watch to my Eye Candy board. I design and create hand painted silk and wire crochet jewelry. This watch would compliment my wearable art. I love to support other artists.

  52. I love silver spoon jewelry…..I have two rings and a bracelet and would love to win this beautiful watch! Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to The Ribbon in My Journal.
    Sherry R.

  53. Hi Phyllis,
    I so enjoy your beautiful posts. This one so reminds me of my dear grandmother with the lovely watch. Unfortunately, when she passed, none of the grandchildren received any keepsakes of hers. I would have treasured one of her pretty handkerchiefs. This watch would be a beautiful heirloom to wear and pass down to my daughter or granddaughter.

  54. What an elegant watch ~ I love being surrounded by beauty and grace and nothing speaks that language quite like silver, porcelain and crystal. Thank you for such a generous offer!

  55. This is the first time I have seen watches created out of silver pieces and it is just lovely. I would just treasure the lovely watch if I was the lucky winner.

  56. I have always admired this beautiful jewelry. It reminds me of my sweet aunt who had a beautiful silver service placed on a hand crocheted table cloth. When I was a child, I always felt that her silverware had to be just like Queen Elizabeth’s. I loved to hear her talk about her silver as if it was priceless. It would be so nice to have something that would remind me of my special aunt.
    Thank you,

  57. I too have king Richard flatware and the ring to match. I also enjoy a little collar pin. So sweet. I think these pieces are such pieces of southern inheritance. I would so love the watch and would enjoy knowing its pattern. Thank you for the opportunity. Nancy

  58. What a lovely and generous giveaway; I LOVE that it is made in the USA! Thank you for including me in your drawing …

  59. Pieces from the past. What better way to repurpose such beautiful things than to give them new “life” as jewelry.

  60. These pieces are beautiful! I have a silver bow tie ring that my mother gave me that I wear everyday. She told me to wear it to remind me to treat myself special. Acquiring a bracelet like this would remind me of her, and certainly make me feel special!

  61. Thank you for sharing this lovely gift. I love silver spoon jewelry. It is one of my favorite things!

    My favorite piece is a butterfly necklace. I wear it as a symbol of hope!

  62. I love silver jewelry, and I love antique silver serving pieces. Putting them together makes me very happy! Would love to win this watch.

  63. Love the watch and the story of the business. I would love to own the watch became of my fascination with antique silver!

  64. My mother taught my twin sister and I to love beautiful tableware and enjoy being a true southerner. I love lovely china, crystal, and silver – The workmanship, the history of the designs and the original owner -all make it a pleasure to wonder who all had the chance to enjoy a beautiful event. I do not have any beautiful jewelry such as the watch or other items. My china is Brookdale by Lennox; Silver flatware is Brookdale; Crystal is Cherrywood. This combination is beautiful. I also have serving pieces in cutglass, silver, and a large collection of Vintage china. Such beauty is a gift from God. The publications you produce are beautiful and touch my heart.

  65. Love the story on silver spoon jewelry. I’ve never worn silver jewelry before but for Mother’s Day my daughter-in-law gave me a pin made out of the handles of two silver spoons. I can’t wait to wear it. The watch you are giving away would go perfect with my new pin. What a fabulous daughter-in-law I have. Thanks for sharing your journals. Ritatea

  66. I have a few pieces that are surely cheap imitations, yet they are still lovely and fun to wear! I would treasure the real thing!

  67. Enjoyed reading about Silver Spoon Jewelry and look forward to “The Ribbon in my Journal” each time. I’ve always wanted a spoon necklace but this watch would be so much nicer. Love it!. Thanks for a great giveaway. Just pinned the watch on Pinterest.

  68. I LOVE silver spoon jewelry! I have always loved sterling silver flatware but could never afford it.

  69. Thank you for reminding me of these fun memories! I’ve pulled out my bracelet, engraved with my name, my ring and ordered a piece from this company!
    Will certainly enjoy wearing them again!

  70. Spoon jewelry has fascinated me for years. I have a spoon ring that was my mother’s and earrings which are the same pattern as her silver ware, which was called “Coronation”. It was made in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s
    father’s coronation. The watch would be worn with honor.

  71. Phyllis, Thank you for bringing such beautiful things to our attention. I love to read your blog; it’s so refreshing to feel feminine again. I would treasure this watch and pass it along to my daughter and hopefully a granddaughter. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful watch.

  72. I remember how I struggled to learn to tell time as a child and how patient my mother was while trying to help me. What a lovely remembrance of time spent with her.

  73. What a beautiful watch. I treasure the silver pieces I have and use them daily. Thank you for letting us know about this company.

  74. I have developed a new love for all things silver, especially vintage. I purchased my first piece, a bracelet, made by a gentleman who was selling his pieces at the local farmers market. I bought a few more during that summer and love them all. It would be such a joy to wear this beautiful watch.

  75. I too have cherished these ageless beauties. Have a spoon ring and pin and bracket from the 70’s but have never seen this pattern or watch made from them. Beautiful piece!!!!

  76. I think I got this on Pen . Lovely watch. Phyllis’s I am not a techy person. Do do social media. I wish we could just respond to your contest here in your reply section only.

  77. I love silver flat wear. I have a sterling set of Chantilly ,and several pieces from my sweet mother-in -law. My daughter also has Chantilly as will her daughter. I have bought a tea spoon for my granddaughter for every birthday to start her own set. I use it everyday! I would love to have the watch and would wear it proudly. I enjoy your post so much as well as your magazines. My favorite is the Paula Deen magazine. Thank you for making our world brighter. Diane Cook

  78. As a teen I made several spoon rings from a couple pieces my mother had (she about clobbered me!). I broke the pieces by bending them back n forth then bending it around an old knife sharpener. Unfortunately after several moves, among other things, I no longer have them. It would be awesome to have this beautiful piece 🙂

  79. Dear Phyllis, I love reading your blog everyday! I’m so happy you created “The ribbon in my journal” it helps me keep up with you through the year. I would love the watch & wear it proudly everyday. Love to you & yours, Carmell

  80. Dear Phyllis, I read all your posts, and feel you are a newly found pen pal like in the days gone by…love all your publications and they make
    me feel at home…I truly relate to your style and appreciate what your are accomplishing. If I won I feel it would be a special gift from a new-found friend! Bravo-Bravo my BFF! Carmel

  81. I have always admired silver and have several sets but plate not true silver. I still love to use the silverware as it reminds me of my Mom and how much it meant to her.

  82. What a delight it would be to have this!!! I love ‘once cherished’ beauties! I have some of my grandmother’s silver and would love to have some items made from them. What a treat!!!

  83. Oh, my – I love this watch – truly beautiful! With my grandmother’s 1920s platinum diamond engagement ring on my finger and this watch on my wrist, I would be in the land of bliss!

  84. I’m an incurable romantic and lover of vintage things, especially timepieces–I’m drawn to them whenever I see them. But I’ve never owned a piece of Silver Spoon jewelry. This lovely watch would be such a pleasure to own and wear. I promise if I win, I would deeply treasure it.

  85. Silver Spoon Jewelry has such beautiful jewelry. The pieces are well made and great quality. I have two of their necklaces and just love them. This watch looks gorgeous too!

  86. The combination of silver and “time” is beautiful. When I was young, my mother gave me a silver utensil set which I still have and treasure more and more over time. If I were to win this watch, I would give it to a dear young friend whom I love like a daughter . Thank you for such a wonderful offering!

  87. OK, I was born, raised, and live in New England, but Dad’s family is from the South, where family treasures were passed from one generation to the next. However, either our family never had any treasures or they just never made their way to me. Winning this watch means I could pretend that it’s a family heirloom and pass it on to my descendants, along with a wonderful tale of how it came to be part of our family!

  88. I am sooooo in love with Vintage Flatware. What a great way to enjoy everyday with this beautiful watch. I would so treasure it. Absolutely beautiful!

  89. Silver spoon jewelry is so feminine and rich looking. I lost my spoon ring and always wished I had another piece.
    This watch is lovely! Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. It looks like we have having a spoon ring throwback!! After moving several times my spoon ring did not make one of the moves. This watch is fabulous!

  91. I gifted my husband a silver spoon on our 25th anniversary (20 years ago!). He is the most wonderful guy (he should have been “born” with a silver spoon in his mouth as the saying goes. We have no silverware….other than the spoon so this may be a fun thing to win! “Ms H”….you do a great job. Love this month’s Victoria mag!

  92. Would love to win this beautiful watch for my daughter! She prefers the smaller, more delicate watches and has such a hard time finding them with the trend being big faces and big bracelets!

  93. Thanks for the chance to win this pretty watch. I’ve tweeted about it! Why I’d like to win? Well, I’m writing a book right now, and Claire is my main character. How meaningful winning this would be! ; )

  94. I love jewelry fashioned from old pieces of silverware but have not seen such beautiful pieces as from this line. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am selected to receive this gorgeous watch!. Thanks for letting us know about these amazing designers.

  95. I too have a couple pieces of lovely silver jewelry made not from a spoon but from a fork. They are treasurers because they are gifts from a friend and because the creative person who made them has very little of this world’s goods and made them from discarded silverware. Thanks for sharing this story of how someone uses his/her creativity to bring joy to others. The watch is beautiful.

  96. I have “drooled” over these watches in every advertisement in every magazine. It would be wonderful to win such a treasure.

  97. Your blogs are always interesting, but I particularly enjoy those that feature artisans and designers. The silver spoon jewelry is lovely and I like the idea of giving these pieces a new life. You always remind me to live life with grace and charm.

  98. Another lovely giveaway Phyllis! I have always loved items made from things loved in a previous form like broken china or lovely cutlery. This watch is particularly lovely to me as its delicate face reminds me of the Jules Jurgensen watches my mother always wore.

  99. Loved my spoon ring from the seventies. I lost mine in a move would love to win the watch, how beautiful

  100. The watch is beautiful!! I would love to win it. I am not a social media person but
    winning the watch would be great. The story is wonderful.

  101. What a beautiful watch and I love the story. You find the most interesting artist to share with us. Thank you for giving all of us a bit of an artistic adventure with your journals, I would love to wear the watch with pride.

  102. Repurposing at its FINEST! Thanks for this opportunity. So grateful for the artist’s who are gifted with creativity and vision.

  103. Vintage silver pulls my heart to beauty and elegance–a part of the DNA of women everywhere, a reflection of the our Creator God. What a powerful reminder of who we are!

    Having the watch to wear with my spoon ring would be a delight!

    I enjoy the stories of beauty Phyllis shares.

  104. I have so enjoyed reading your posts. Years ago I had a spoon ring–after many moves, I have misplaced it–I have always appreciated the delicate designs and beauty of spoon jewelry. Thank you for considering me!

  105. What a beautiful watch – would live to win it!! I love vintage jewelry and especially made with silver. I have my mother’s and grandmother’s silverware and want to get a piece made with each of them. Thanks for sharing! I’ve shared on my FB and Pinterest page!!

  106. I learned about Southern Gates jewelry through one of your magazines, and have several pieces of that, but I
    haven’t heard of Silver Spoon Jewelry before. The watch would be a lovely piece of silver to add to my

    Thanks for sharing your story about the spoon jewelry.

  107. I would like to win the beautiful watch, I collect silver tea spoons and serveware. There are such lovely patterns. I look for them at flea markets and have found some wonderful pieces. Thanks for the chance to win!

  108. I would love to win this because “a thing of beauty is a joy forever .” And I would also love to win it because I love silver . When I was born , it was in to a trauma filled family . Consequently , I have little left of my childhood . But the one thing I do have is a silver spoon announcing my birth on November 30 of 1961 . It is the only piece of silver I have and I am the only 1 of six kids who has one . Hence , my love of silver . This watch is so beautiful and I would love to have it to remind me of the beauty of life in the midst of trauma. Thank you . 🙂

  109. Thank you Phyllis for letting me know more about this jewelry designer. I just looked at their website and there are so many fanciful designs: giraffes, butterflies, jellyfish, and more. Then they have the more traditional looks with pearls, cameos, charms. This is a treasure to find!

  110. I have 2 pieces that my husband has given me as gifts. this jewelry is sooo romantic, and it looks good with everything. This watch is just beautiful, I love all there jewelry, and this story makes it even better..

  111. Beautiful! I am very much taken by antique silver. I love collecting, displaying it, and using it in my home. The jewelry line is amazing and a great way to add to one’s collection. Being able to wear it is even better.

  112. I would like to win this watch because I was inspired by the story of the couple starting their own business out of their garage. My husband and I have started our own photography business over the past year and it is hard for us to have faith that the business will sustain our family. It would be nice to have this watch as a reminder.

  113. I still have the spoon ring that my husband gave me for Christmas the first year we were married, over 40 years ago! I have always admired silver patterns & unique pieces made from them. Another one of those “Southern” things!! Thank you for the opportunity to win the beautiful watch.

  114. I just love silver spoon jewelry and have a few pieces from their line. Quality workmanship. This watch would make a fabulous addition to my collection. I have silver pieces from my Mother and my Mother-in-Law and wonder if I could send them and have them create something to pass down. Need to check into that.

  115. So many people use their cell phones to know what time it is but I still enjoy wearing pretty watches & bracelets. This antique silver spoon watch would be much loved & appreciated if I win.
    Thank you for this post & offer!
    Blessings! Debby West

  116. My daughter gave me a bracelet of Mother,s pattern on her wedding day…It’s treasured and worn often.

  117. I’m a Southern girl at heart…. I’m just across the river from Kentucky. I subscribe to all of your magazines!! Love love love to sit a spell with each when they arrive .

  118. What a wonderful way to enjoy antique silverware! I would love to win a piece like that watch.

  119. I have a spoon ring that my Mother gave me many years ago and just recently a dear friend gave me a spoon bracelet for Christmas. Last year she also gave me napkin ring from spoons.

    This was a lovely story. Thanks for sharing.

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