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Simple and Stylish Décor Ideas for the Fourth of July

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Fireworks bursting, American flags flying, good old-fashioned cookouts—there is so much to love about the Fourth of July. When it comes to decorating for the holiday, I love to draw on my love for blue and white and use bright red blooms and accents as celebratory complements.

Over the years, we’ve had a variety of opportunities to experiment with red, white, and blue entertaining ideas. I find that focusing on the blue and white color pair and then adding small red details lends balance to the overall look. Rather than feeling busy, a table setting appears bright and fun yet stylish and classic. If you prefer red to blue, then focus on red and white, and use blue as your accent color.

Blue and white china and vase for a Fourth of July tablesetting

Blue and white china makes for an elegant addition to a Fourth of July table. I love how a classic vase complements a glass drink dispenser full of fresh lemonade.

Either way, this approach also keeps things simple for the hostess. I can easily pull from my collection of blue and white dishes and linens—even using some of my favorite blue-and-white china for dessert, if the gathering calls for it.

The strengths of your existing collection might surprise you. Draw from it, and save your energy for celebrating with friends and family. I hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful Fourth of July!

How will you decorate for Independence Day?

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Comments 11

  1. Mary,
    I believe Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted Half Lace is the pattern on top in the picture with the striped cloth and white urns. Also, the half plate seen in the same photo is Blue Danube, I believe. Hard to be absolutely positive w/o seeing the entire plate.
    Hope you had a wonderful 4th…

  2. Happy 4th Phyllis, A red checkered tablecloth royal blue cloth napkins and fresh flowers with star sparkles and a American flag adorn the table Later BBQ chicken, potato salad, waldorf salad, corn on the cobb, watermelon wedges, and a strawberry blueberry truffle for dessert. Patriotic music to enjoy and a special toast and a special drink to celebrate our freedom on this grand 4th! Enjoy this day! Bless you and all you do! Carmel

  3. I really like your squared glass lemonade (or iced tea) dispenser. Since my old one broke, I’ve been searching for a replacement. May I ask where you found yours?

  4. Thank you, Phyllis, for beautiful décor ideas and for continuing to honor our servicemen and women who have made it possible for us to live in this country in the freedom that we enjoy. There is no country like America! Should anyone doubt, they should travel to anywhere. May you and yours have a Blessed holiday!!!

  5. Phyllis,
    Love the stripes and the white urns. Will have to remember to try that look
    Red roses with American Flags in a deep blue vase; Blue Danube dinnerware; Sterling flatware; Ruby Red stemware on a pristine white linen table cloth is our bordering on elegant dinner July the 4th look.
    Johnson Brothers Snow White ironstone on a red-checked linen cloth (of Mother’s that is far older than I), clear glassware with red geraniums in a blue catchepot is our eat on the deck look.
    Either style, it’s with gratitude that we celebrate the privilege of living in our wonderful country and remember all those who have and continue to fight to allow us to walk in freedom.
    Our United States of America:
    Perfect – no! Still Blessed – yes!!

  6. God bless you and enjoy today and all the things it represents. We have so much we need to thank God for and freedom is one very important to not take for granted.
    Love and Prayers,

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