Simple Tulip Tips from Dorothy McDaniel

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I was lucky to meet Dorothy McDaniel years ago. She has been a featured floral designer in Southern Lady magazine and was a big hit at Southern Lady Celebration. She owns one of the most successful floral shops in the Birmingham area, Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market, and loves teaching people her tips and techniques for working with flowers.

Anyone who knows her knows that the tulip is unmistakably her favorite flower. I was delighted to catch her in her shop and steal away a few minutes with her. She shares with us her love of tulips and some wonderful tips for making our own tulip arrangements.

You can purchase Dorothy’s tulip vases here. Thank you, Dorothy, for taking the time to share these tips with us.

What are some of your favorite flowers?


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Comments 11

  1. I love Spring and tulips!!! The beautiful fan base Dorothy described in the video is under “Signature Merchandise” on her website. Beautiful! Thanks for the informative video.

  2. I love tulips very much and my favourite ones are the parrot tulips they are the most beautiful ones I know.
    They come in so many lovely colours.
    Bring tulips in your livingroom and it looks like spring already.
    Tulips are also beautiful in blue and white china flowerpots.

  3. This was such a pleasure to see. If the snow ever leaves our area , I am so looking forward to seeing some tulips in my garden.

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