Holiday Competition with a Pride and Prejudice game giveaway

Some Friendly Holiday Competition and a Game Giveaway

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You may not be surprised to hear that I enjoy a good competition. Here at our offices we relish a few friendly contests each year. Among the most popular is our annual Halloween costume competition, where I always play to win. Of course, we have a few extra-creative editors who steal the show, but we all enjoy a good laugh as each contestant makes an appearance.

As Thanksgiving approaches and we look forward to spending some extra time with family and friends, I’m sure more than a few of you will dust off a few board games. In my family there’s always some witty banter as we see who goes broke trying to pay rent at Park Place in Monopoly or who has managed to save enough for retirement in the Game of Life.

This year, we have a new game causing a stir. The talented minds at Ash Grove Press, Inc. have turned Jane Austen’s famed novel Pride and Prejudice into a charming board game! Answer questions like “Where had Elizabeth discovered a place ‘where natural beauty had been so little counteracted by an awkward taste’?” and “In whose opinion does Mr. Bingley hold the highest regard?” to advance your character. Who wins? Well, the person who first makes it to the parish church for marriage, of course.

The kind people at Ash Grove are offering you the chance to win a copy of this clever game just in time for the holidays.

I thought I’d make a little competition out of selecting the winner. Answer the question below in the comments section. We’ll randomly select a winner next Monday from those of you who answer correctly.

What is Mrs. Bennet’s primary goal for her daughters?

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Comments 123

  1. It is universally acknowledged that a gentleman of a certain annual income is in want of a wife. Mrs. Bennett wishes to avail 5 such gentlemen of her 5 lovely daughters. She wants her girls to marry money, but they also must marry to elevate their status…not just any man will do!
    I would love to win this game as I’ve coveted it for some time : ).
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Her goal was to see her daughters married to a gentlemen with a handsome incomes, so they and she would want for nothing.

  3. Marry off her daughters (at least one or two) to wealthy men/families. So ultimately she (momma) will be able to live out her life in luxury.

  4. Mrs. Bennett desires nothing more than for all five of her daughters to be married. If they happen to catch the eye of a rich man, all the better!
    I was very excited when I first saw this game advertised in your magazine, a chance to win it is even more thrilling. I also saw that Ash Grove has created a game based on ‘A Christmas Carol’ – how wonderful!!!
    Thank you!

  5. Mrs Bennett’s primary goal in life was to see her daughters marry gentlemen who were wealthy, in order to upgrade her social status. Fortunately for Elizabeth and Jane, they both married for love and of course lived Happily Ever After!

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  6. The goal for each of her daughters to marry a man of substantial means thus providing stability and good- standing in society.

  7. As Mrs. Bennett so boldly told Elizabeth, if she had five daughters what would HER time be spent on – getting those give daughters married of course, PREFERABLY to wealthy or well-off men naturally. AND Gee…..isn’t it amazing that in the 21st century far too often this goal hasn’t change one little bit by mothers……..

    1. she needed the key fob for the key to her &#a0;22f8bulous” car that she was going to have, but did not need the matching check book, because she was only going to use credit cards!Јан неодамна испратени..

  8. Mrs. Bennet’s primary goal is for her daughters to marry into money and increase their social standings. We all know that “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife,” of course.

  9. To marry well, so they can be safe and secure (and take care of her in her old age, since she will surely outlive Mr. Bennett, right?).

  10. To marry well (& at least one needs
    to marry wealth to save the family
    from possible destitution when Mr
    Bennet dies & his estate goes to a
    make cousin(

  11. Mrs Bennet wanted her daughters to marry first of all and marry men of good standing in the community and wealth as social standing was of utmost importance next to being married properly, in her mind.

  12. To marry well! Socially and financially. Love a good game and this is a fantastic idea for a new game! These days the games around here are “Candyland”, “Shutes and Ladders” and a good old game of “Go Fish!” My six-year-old grandson loves to win! Wonder where he gets that…..hmmmmmmm

  13. For her daughters to marry well- I am so blessed that mine married wonderful men who think they are as wonderful as I know they are. Life is good when your children – no matter what age – are happy!!

  14. She wanted her daughters to raise their social standing by marrying men of great wealth. She wanted them to have what she could not give to them.

  15. It was vital to Mrs. Bennet to see her daughters married well, that is her main driving force in the book and she will stop at nothing (including socially embarrassing herself and her daughters) to try to reach this goal- thank you.

  16. Mrs. Bennet’s primary goal was to see her daughters married, hopefully to men with some standing in society of money!
    I enjoy your blog very much and the giveaways are always fun. Thanks.

    1. Mrs. Bennett would be without a home with Mr. Bennett died. She needed the girls to marry rich men who could see after the family if Mr. Bennett died.

  17. Since there were extremely limited options for unmarried women during this era, it was her responsibility as the mother of daughters to marry off each one to a man of wealth and social standing. To be a successful mother, anything less was unthinkable. Marriage was not for romance but more as a business arrangement/contract for protection and financial support of the wife (and her family) by the husband. The duty of the wife was to run his household in a manner that would enhance his social standing, protect him from the trivial aspects of their domestic life and produce a male heir and a spare. If they liked each other that was just a bonus in the arrangement.

  18. To be married into families of good standing,with wealthy pedigrees …( her wish for all of her daughter’s)….to greatly improve their place in society….

  19. She wanted her daughters to marry well. Love Pride and Prejudice. Thank you for this opportunity!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Hoffman!

  20. Mrs. Bennett wants to see all of her daughters married to men of indedpendent wealth and with good social standard in the highest circles possible.

  21. Mrs Bennet, a woman who lacks social graces, is primarily concerned with finding suitable husbands for her five daughters and has no scruples when it comes to trying to pair them up with men of wealth and social status so her own status is upgraded. She is just ecstatic about getting them married off.

  22. what she wanted was a marriage of money to the dtrs and family… what she got was marriage from men who loved the dtrs… and the dtrs loved… much better!

  23. She wanted to see her daughters marry men of means, property, and position in order to raise their own social status.

    1. Post
  24. Mrs Bennet wanted suitable matches for her marriageable daughters — to men preferably with money and good connections.

  25. Mrs. Bennet, like most mothers of her generation, had as her primary goal to marry off her daughters to the best possible match, wealthy men of high social standing. She was not above manipulation to make that happen! {As a mother of two young women myself, I have to agree with her that especially
    during her time period, that was not a frivolous desire.}

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