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Something Creative Everyday: My Love for Monogramming

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Several months ago, I wrote and committed to all of you that I was going to do something creative every day. And for the most part, I have done that. I have continued to stitch on my sampler that I started several months ago, I have continued working on my quilt, and I have sewn several garments for Amelia.

Hobbies are amazing things. To quote one of my favorite sayings, “Why spend $2 on something when you can go to the craft store, gather supplies, and make the same thing for $9?” There is some truth to that isn’t there?

I get lost in my hobbies. When I am in my sewing room, the world outside just passes me by. Time moves much quicker when I am making something. My passion is monogramming; I have this inner desire to monogram everything. I can hardly look at a garment without thinking about where I would put the monogram.

What is it about monogrammed items that make them special? When you see your own initials on something it immediately makes it personal. And when I receive a monogrammed gift, it tells me the person who presented me with this thought ahead and planned the special gift.

Hobbies - monogrammed chairs

We have included our monogram throughout our home decor, including on our dining room chairs.

Have you noticed the number of monogramming businesses that are springing up everywhere? I have, and I’ve also noted how people are being creative with monogram placement.

Monograming or marking linens is not new but dates back centuries. Little girls learned to stitch the alphabet when they were very young. It was important that the household linens have monograms or initials stitched on them. Linens were very valuable and must be marked for laundry. Stealing a person’s linens was one of the most horrible crimes. Linens were marked with sewn initials on every piece to ward off any attempts at stealing while the linens were drying outdoors. Samplers were stitched by girls to learn and to practice and perfect monogramming skills.

My love of needlework started with hand stitching. My love of monogramming started with my sewing machine and a love for the timeless tradition.

Do you love monograms? What do you collect that is monogrammed?

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  1. Phyllis, Thank you for this lovely tribute to monograms. The ability to embroider monograms inspired me to purchase my first sewing/embroidery machine 10 years ago. There was a lovely monogrammed tea towel on display. Of course, I became addicted!

  2. Hi Phyllis, I am right beside you about Monograming. Your words brought out exactly the sentiment about what makes it special. It requires personal and specific thoughts about the person receiving the monogram. I am totally intrigued about the process of monograming. The fine stitches of the elaborate pieces to the tiny cross stitching you might find on an old kitchen towel at a flea market in France. Thank you for answering the plea of women who love to sew these wonderful things by providing a magazine. Jeannie

  3. Hi Phyllis, again loved this article regarding monograms, I just ordered an outdoor “Fleur De Les monogram plaque” with our initial on it for the entry way, and have always had some monogram stationary I love to use. But, I just love the monogram seating idea. I have floral fabric decorated end chairs and am going to use your idea for the other four chairs in the dining room. I can’t wait to complete the look. I love everything about the chairs you have. Thank you for this unique/personal idea I can add to our home. Carmel

  4. Beverly, the store that sold the machine to your husband should have free classes to teach you how to operate the machine included with the purchase. It would be worth it to ask.

    1. Collect Handkerchiefs and compacts. I sometimes find them with monograms that are not my initials but if the monograms are well done, I buy them anyway.

  5. I love monograms on anything! My husband bought me a machine two years ago for Christmas. I haven’t touched it yet. It seems so difficult and I’m afraid to give it a try. I need to force myself to sit down and do it! I love your idea of doing something creative each day! Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog!

  6. I will never forget the day in a small village in the south of France when we came across a market filled with delights. There I found two flat linen/cotton vintage bed sheets with my exact red embroidered initials. We sleep under them nightly and I lovingly hang them on my line to dry thrilled to see them there.

  7. Love, love, love monogramming that’s why I became an independent consultant for Initial Outfitters. I’m so excited about working with them. The products are absolutely gorgeous and now everything in my collection of jewelry and home decor is monogrammed or engraved. Love it. N

  8. Monogramming…………you either love it or hate it. From an early age I loved anything with a monogram. My grandmother and my mother could hand embroider a monogram so fine that the back looked as nice as the front. Sweaters, dresses and anything they could get a needle thru had a treasured monogram. Later on, friends bought a couple of machines, learned to monogram and got a nice contract with a big name department store monogramming everything from A to Z. My friends and my sister now have machines that can embroider designs as big as a 16 inch pillow and it is done in about an hour. I share your love.

  9. I love monograms but I’m just the opposite, I look at something and can’t figure out where the monogram should go or what size monogram to use! The linens in your photo are absolutely lovely! Looking forward to having monograms on my dining room chairs, too.

    1. Hi Mary – I can give you those tips if you check out my business – initialoutfitters.net/NANCIMARTIN. Wait til you see all the monograms and engravings – each page filled with items you will love and it shows you right where to put the initials or names or words. Easy – God bless you. N

  10. Monograms, so romantic. I love them too! So personal. When I receive a monogrammed gift, it becomes a treasure. My first one was a lovely gold bracelet given to me by a very dear friend. That was forty-four years ago. After the birth of my son, I received a silver cup with his monogram. I still have both of these and cherish each one as much as the day I received them! Thank you for sharing, and I always enjoy seeing your handiwork.

  11. I love monograms too. I have a habit of buying white hand towels whenever a certain national department store sends out their $10 off coupons. I use the coupons to buy the towels and then monogram them. I know the powder room colors and monogram preferences of all my family and friends. Then whenever I have the opportunity to give a hostess gift, I have one ready. I’ve been told they look forward to my visits partly because of the towels. Who doesn’t like monogrammed hand towels in your favorite color?

  12. Phyliis thank you for sharing your love of monogramming with us. I am a huge fan of anything monogrammed. Last June my husband & I received monogrammed wine glasses as a wedding gift and I treasure those glasses! Would you possibly share some websites that provide monogramming service for linens? Thank you so much again.

  13. I also love monograms! I remember my first purse with my monogram on it. I now collect antique silve napkin rings with a J engraved on them!

  14. Hi Phyllis… I so love monogramming, but unfortunately never learned… You do such beautiful work!! It really does make whatever you. are monogramming so pretty and special! Thanks for sharing! ☺️Denise

  15. I <3 this, Phyllis! I too, share your love of monograms and I am always seeking ways to re-create vintage monograms for today's embroidery machines! Your photos are always so lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I share your passion for monograms. I always search for antique linens with monograms, antiques already whisper stories of their past, but a hand embroidered monogram makes them tell an even more personal story. The monograms on your chairs are so beautiful, especially since they feature your favorite motif as well!

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