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Located in the foothills of Northeast Mississippi, Tupelo is the epicenter of America’s music, where, in 1935, the world’s greatest entertainer was born in a two-room shotgun shack. The gospel tunes he sang in his boyhood church, the soulful blues that he heard coming from the juke joints in the Shake Rag district, and the country music that he listened to on the radio from his front porch enabled Elvis Presley to blend the sounds and deliver what we all know as rock ’n’ roll to the masses. Visitors can immerse themselves in America’s musical heritage by beginning their journey in a town called Tupelo.

The Tupelo Visitors Center is the perfect starting point for any trip to the city where anything is possible. From interactive exhibits that highlight the city’s top attractions and a collective timeline of Tupelo’s rich history to displays focused on Elvis’s childhood in Tupelo as told like never before, the Tupelo Visitors Center will fully prepare visitors for exploring this unique, Southern town.


Tupelo, Mississippi, is an upbeat, happy city where people believe they can accomplish anything. Located in the hills of Northeast Mississippi, Tupelo offers guests a walk through the past with the boy who changed the course of popular music, soldiers who fought to defend the land, and Native Americans who roamed these hills more than 8,000 years ago. At its heart, Tupelo is full of contagious optimism, making it a “Center of Positivity.”

The city’s unique culture shines through special events held throughout the year, designed to bring people together. From burgers and classic cars to the arts and live music, Tupelo’s unique culture shines through special events designed to bring people together for food, fun, and fellowship. The city’s signature event, the Tupelo Elvis Festival, will celebrate its 20th anniversary June 6-10, 2018. Live music, Elvis tribute artist concerts, living history demonstrations, and so much more pay homage to the legacy of Tupelo’s favorite native son.

Tupelo Convention and Visitors Center

Tupelo is home to three distinct shopping districts, offering an abundance of choices for shopping mavens of all ages. The city’s culinary landscape is just as diverse as its many attractions, festivals, and shopping opportunities, with over 160 restaurants ready and willing to make your mouth water.

The town that enabled Elvis to dream big still embodies that same contagious optimism that put him on a path to stardom, and today, it beckons visitors to imagine what you can do, too! #VisitMS

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  1. Hi Phyllis,

    Thank you for the kind words as they mean a lot to me.

    Must relate one story about Miss Effie who was independent as one comes.
    Now Effie loved cat fish, and would eat it any time she could, and once she became a resident in a nursing home, she dearly missed her beloved cat fish food.

    Effie just knew how to handle the situation without making too much of a fuss.
    She talked her family into bringing her some fried catfish. Yet, they were puzzled how to sneak it pass the nurses station. Then one day, her daughters came to visit with mischievous twinkles in their eyes; shut the door to Effie’s room, and begin to giggle!

    Can not say just where the package was hid or if they just wrapped the catfish into the towel, and laid it on something, but can tell you this…sassy Effie was one happy and contented lady that evening!!

    Something tells me that nurses staff went home hungry that night for catfish.

    Yes, do miss Sassy Effie!

  2. For about 5 years, we lived in Corinth, MS…not far from Tupelo. Of course, we had made that stop when our kids were younger. But living so close was wonderful and we took anyone who came to visit to Tupelo. I have got to say, MS was the friendliest place I have ever lived.

  3. Hi Phyllis,

    Will make this brief as my eyes are giving me problems, but want to say thank you so much for this article. My mother had distant relatives in Tupelo, and one of whom was a delightful southern, sassy lady named Miss Effie Jackson.

    On the phone, she made me laugh so much, at times tears would run down my face due to her comical tales of her life!!

    In the rest home, she often related how the Tupelo people cared for each other, and how one nursing aide often brought her gorgous huge roses from her own garden.

    Good Lord willing, maybe someday we can visit there.

    Do miss both mother and Effie.


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