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From guest editors of Southern Lady magazine

Atlanta’s time-tested Beverly Bremer Silver Shop preserves the legacy of sterling with a remarkable inventory and unmatched industry knowledge. 

The year was 1975, and Atlanta mom Beverly Bremer was in need of a way to provide for her three children. Looking to sell her set of Reed & Barton Francis I silver, she headed to a local pawnshop, where they didn’t recognize the pattern and said they would pay for the metal’s melted-down value. “That’s crazy,” Beverly told them. “That’s a very popular pattern. I know people who would love it.” The shop owners suggested she go find those people instead, and that’s exactly what she did. Her venture evolved into Beverly Bremer Silver Shop, an internationally acclaimed boutique that has made a name for itself as the place to find all things sterling. The shop touts an abundance of discontinued classics as well as a steady stream of rare acquisitions. “If you’ve inherited something, chances are we have more of it,” says Mimi Bremer Woodruff, Beverly’s daughter, who now runs the shop. 

Owner Mimi Bremer Woodruff

Owner Mimi Bremer Woodruff / Photography by Southern Lady Magazine

What sets the shop apart, she says, is her staff’s impressive knowledge of a very intricate subject, the well-preserved condition of their original merchandise, and the depth of their inventory, made possible only by decades of sourcing goods. The importance of such an inventory lies in its dwindling supply, as many sterling silver manufacturers have merged over the years and have discontinued a majority of their products. “We’ve got 1,200 patterns, and more than 95 percent are inactive,” Mimi says. 


Photography by Southern Lady magazine

Ultimately, Mimi hopes to keep the tradition of silver alive in both admiration and practicality. “Silver is so deeply woven into the fabric of American entertaining,” she says. “The rich history of silver is on display here every day. They’re unique historical pieces, but they’re meant to be used and enjoyed today however you want to use them.” 

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Southern Lady January/February 2018

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  1. Desinterest is right!
    So sad, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, Thanksgiving would not be the same without our treasured silver.
    I don’t mind the polishing either!
    Birks in Montreal were the special stores for it here. Not anymore.
    Long Life to Mrs Bremer’s store. I wish I could go!!!

  2. I saw that article in my magazine and I sincerely thank you for it. I had one place setting of sterling that was given to me, but we never continued getting the rest ( kids, college etc). I was afraid my kids would throw it out or give it to Goodwill, so i sent an email to Beverly. It was such a pleasure dealing with them and now my place setting will be enjoyed by someone that appreciates it.

  3. My husband bought my beautiful Gorham Buttercup sterling silver for me before our wedding 46 years ago. I have always treasured it and have added to it over the years. My latest piece is the sterling pie server I found last year. And, like Roma’s mother, I have never complained about polishing it. On every special family celebration, it has graced our table beside the Royal Doulton china and the Fostoria crystal glasses I chose those many years ago.

  4. I love Beverly Bremer. I discovered this great place in 1980 when a Doctor that I worked for and his wife introduced me to this shop one weekend. Been shopping there ever since. Sweet people and the very best service and they really know their silver.

  5. I love silver and have quite a bit of it. It really makes a lovely table setting. I use mine all the time for any occasion. Even if I have just a sandwich I put it on a nice plate and then put the plate on one of my silver trays. Silver is to be used and I do use it.

  6. I really enjoyed the story of this in Southern Lady since I adore silver!

    I have my mother’s silver and my sweet husband doubled it over the years and I use it as often as possible! I think of her every time I use it!

    It means home, comfort, and love to me.

  7. On our 25th anniversary…our silver anniversary…my parents gave my husband and I my paternal grandparents’ silverware set that they received on their 50th wedding anniversary years earlier. When I looked closer at who made this beautiful set, I discovered on the guarantee certificate that the silversmiths were the Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co. of Meriden, Connecticut. It would have been special enough to receive this from my grandparents by way of my parents…but the ‘icing on the cake’ is that I am married to Ronald Wm Rogers. No relation that we know of but still this name connection on this complete set for 8 makes it even more special to us. We will soon celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary and this set comes out on a regular basis…especially on special occasions. Thanks for sharing about some of the ‘lovelies’ of life in your Ribbon Journal…it makes life a softer and more lovelier place to live in…and I think that pleases our Heavenly Father Who is the greatest Artist and Creator of all eternity.

  8. That is a lovely story…and Mrs. Bremer an inspiration!
    When my mother was young, her first job was as a book keeper for a small company called Premier Cutlery, in Toronto. She loved the work and the people. When she got married the lovely owners gifted her a beautiful set of silver cutlery. In addition to a set of grapefruit spoons they had given her before. My mother added to her collection of silver over the years and I never heard her once complain about having to clean it. I think my love of silver comes from her. I wish I had a store like Mrs. Bremer’s close by.

  9. Living in Atlanta, Beverly Bremer is a must see when friends visit. The staff is so knowledgeable. if silver is your “thing” that is the only place to go.

  10. What a wonderful beginning, taking a need and creating a business of beauty, knowledge, and tradition. Silver, like most beautiful glass and china has been discontinued. Despite the current disinterest by the younger generations, it is very important to preserve these items, as there will come a time, when they once again, will be loved and appreciated!

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