Spring Break with the Grands!

Spring Break with the Grands!

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We have just finished one of the most glorious weeks with our grandchildren. It was their spring break, and we got them all to ourselves! Life through the eyes of a child is so pure and right on target. They say the most amazing things and ask the most daunting questions.

Our first project was to buy warm clothes as spring decided to give way to more winter last week. They live farther south than Alabama, and the weather is already warmer there. We knew that a lot of the outdoor activities would have to be delayed.

We decided a wonderful day trip to Franklin, Tennessee, would be a fun thing as my granddaughter and I had plotted for a visit to the American Girl store. I had purchased Felicity years ago, along with the tea table and canopy bed, right after my granddaughter was born in hopes that she would share my love of Williamsburg. We got her out and had a marvelous afternoon reading about and sharing afternoon tea. I was in heaven! But she wanted to see the new American Girl dolls, and I thought that would be so much fun.

The guys dropped us off, and we entered the utopia of girl stores. I could not take it all in as there was a doll, beautifully dressed, in lovely displays. How could you choose a doll? Well she knew the one she wanted—Julie Albright! Julie is the doll representing the 1970s, complete with crocheted vest, bell bottoms, and flower decorations. Is she supposed to be a hippie? Who knows, but she was cute. After we bought matching pajamas for my granddaughter and the doll, we were styling.

My grandson, on the other hand, is more of the venturesome type, and he selected an indoor trampoline adventure. Actually, both of them loved it. But the real adventure came when they turned on the mechanical bull. . . . Oh my goodness. How could my babies be riding that contraption? I realized they had grown up and were fearless. They both kept begging for the attendant to go faster and rougher until they were being thrown off (thankfully onto heavily padded floor).

Back in Birmingham, we were on a mission to find tennis shoes with wheels under the heels. Who thought this up? But alas, we found them and proceeded to learn how to walk/roll. Now I must confess, I really would like to have a pair of those shoes, but the fear of falling to my death rolled through my mind. I haven’t ruled out the ones that light up, though . . .

And lastly, let me say I don’t care if I see another chicken wing again. We ate those things four times at least, and pizza and all the things they love. It was their week, and Neal told them they could select the meals. We all got in the kitchen and cooked one day, enjoyed a fun meal around the table that night, and followed it up by the third and final movie in the series Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I found I like children’s movies better than movies for adults! Every movie we watched had talking dogs as the stars.

Taking them home was very sad for me. Our week was over, and I miss them so much when we are apart. This morning, Neal and I ate the last of the Lucky Charms, complete with the new Magic Unicorn marshmallows. You know, those marshmallows are just not as good when you don’t have any kids with whom to enjoy them! Maybe we will have a week this summer . . . or two! We are so thankful for this wonderful time we had with them.

What do you like to do with your grandchildren?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your precious memory making events with your grandchildren. I love sharing American Girl Dolls with my granddaughter, but we are still in the Bitty Baby stage. I look forward to her playing with her mommy’s AG dolls, Kirsten, and Felicity, and my daughter will be buying our grand daughter her own AG doll when she is old enough. I love Victoria Magazine and The Ribbon in My Journal. You and I could be great friends. Meanwhile I have a 3 year old grandson who loves trains and trucks. I raised two girls so I am learning. . .

  2. I so remembered the day when I gifted my granddaughter with her first American Girl Doll…oh the memories. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to make memories with my grandparents as they all passed away either before I was born and soon after. So I want to make certain that my granddaughter will have sweet memories of our times together with her…we are fortunate to live nearby her and see her very often….that is truly a blessing. So wonderful that you had a great time and were able to make such precious memories.

  3. I loved reading this!! You immersed yourselves into their world, and in turn I’m sure they will be more open to yours. Your grands are so blessed to have you, and they are treasures to you. Lucky Charms will forever have new meaning for you and Neal

  4. Loved reading about your grandchildren experiences. We, too, enjoy Spring Break with our Grands. For the past 4 years we have spent Spring break with at least one Grand in the Smoky Mts. Our Grands are from different families and have different Spring breaks so we took all three in July to the Horse Park in Kentucky then on to The Ark, as one of your other readers mentioned. I, too, highly recommend both.
    I always enjoy your Ribbon in my Journal.

  5. Oh, Phyllis, they are growing so quickly. I remember your granddaughter in the smocked Easter dress you made her. I am blessed with five granddaughters and they all love the American Girl dolls. The two grandsons can’t get enough Legos! Such joy to have your grands all to yourself. We are certainly blessed, aren’t we.

  6. There is nothing as much fun as having our grandchildren spend time with my husband and I at Lovey and Sugar camp. They live about 3 hours away in Columbia, South Carolina. They come prepared to stay for a week or more with clothes , stuffed animals, their favorite “stuff”, bathing suits and electronics. We have so much fun spending time together. We cook their favorite foods with their help. We shop at their favorite stores. We go and visit exciting places. We watch movies and just hang out. We have such a great time. By the way. Lovey and Sugar are our grandparent names. I am Lovey and my husband is Sugar. We call the time they spend with us Lovey and Sugar camp.

  7. What joy and I can certainly relate and recall those special times with my grandbabies.
    My oldest is now 29 and she had the Samantha doll with accessories and all the Victorian books as I live in a Victorian home and raised her from the age of two. She is now the mother of two boys, ages 6 and 7 so can’t pass on the dolls to them. My next are a girl, Riella, age 16 and R.J., a boy age 13. I usually have them for two weeks just before school starts in the fall so we shop for school supplies and clothes. Last summer it was fun at our county fair and talking around the fire pit late at night etc. One summer Riella brought a girlfriend instead of her brother and we had a magnificent time of girly things…..making potpourri, painting bird houses, pressed flower cards, dress up and modeling for photo shoots, shopping and eating ice cream etc.
    They all grow up too fast and live too far for frequent spoiling. Enjoy every moment!

  8. As a Julie Albright grandmother, I have to rein myself in with the American Girl Doll store. The first doll was Kirsten for my daughter Kirsten almost 40 years ago when it was American made, and she is still alive and well sitting on the shelf with all her friends. I won’t name them all, but I keep looking at that shelf and wonder why I didn’t buy stock in the company. Phyllis, this was a wonderful post. I’m off to the kitchen to bake a pound cake from your Pound Cake book. Julie Albright is coming for tea tomorrow, bringing Samantha.

    1. Oh thats so wonderful. The collection of American Dolls is amazing…..stock in the company would be a great investment. I remember when the Pleasant Company sold to Matel and I was in hopes the dolls would be the same quality.

  9. This was your best column yet. I cried. I laughed out loud. I envisioned! I reminisced. And now, I’ve got to look for those shoes with wheels in the back! Oh, not for me; but for the chickadees I love to tell “I love you more than any Tonguecantell!”

    1. We found the Heely shoes at a store called Journey Kidz. At the Galleria in Birmingham. But you will want the ones that light up for you!!!

  10. You have made a great memory with your grandchildren. It is hard to tell who enjoyed the week more. I can relate to the American Girl dolls. My sister and I collect dolls despite being adults. I own Felicity among others. The Julie books I have read but do not own the doll. Hope you get to spend another week in the summer with the grandchildren.

  11. What a lovely week you had with your adorable grandchildren. They sure are brave to ride the bull. I would not have the courage. You have made such wonderful memories to cherish.

  12. What a wonderful week to cherish, chicken wings and all! I know from experience how quickly grandchildren grow up. Our older granddaughter will graduate from high school this June, and the younger one will turn sixteen at the end of this month. Although I miss the days when they were small, I am very proud of the bright and beautiful young women they are becoming.

  13. Thank You for sharing your wonderful week with the grandchildren. They have gotten so big and are beautiful.

  14. What a beautiful week. I loved hearing of all of your adventures.
    Times with our grandbabies are such a joy. Ours are 14 and 18 now, so the years are slipping by. We still gets hugs, and I treasure those moments in my heart. I hope you get to make many more special memories this summer.

    Thank you, Phyllis. Though we don’t know each other personally, I think of you as a dear friend.

  15. Phyllis, what a wonderful time with your grands. The memories will last a lifetime for you and them. I still have such wonderful memories of my grandparents. I get our only grandchild all to myself three day a week while her parents work, and I am loving every minute of it. We had a picnic lunch yesterday that consisted of a pb&j sandwich, grapes, and Pepperidge Farms goldfish. Thank you for sharing such a sweet post! Blessings~

  16. My three granddaughters love their American Girl dolls, the two oldest 14 and 15 have 18 they have collected over the years.
    Now, my youngest who is 9 has 4. We visit the Houston, Tx. Store as we do not have one in Alabama. Memories with grands are the best.
    We wait for spring break and summer fun time in the summer.
    We are blessed to get together as often as we can.

  17. We have done many grand parents only vacations with our two grandsons through the years. We chose activities that we knew they would enjoy, and we made many wonderful memories. However, last summer I took the boys (age 13 and 10) along with their mother, and we drove to KY to see The Ark. What an awesome place and experience! I highly recommend it to anyone, and I would definitely visit it again!

  18. Awh, Ms. Phyllis, thanks for letting me go with you and the Grandchildren on this
    exciting week…brought back so many treasured times with mine.
    You never know how wonderful Grandchildren are until you are blessed with them.
    Thank you, thank you♥

  19. How wonderful! As a brand-new Grandmother (Charlotte Lee) is just 9 days old, I look forward to many moments just like yours, Phyllis! As I live in NY and my granddaughter is in SC, we will be experiencing the long-awaited reunions between visits.

  20. I love this, Phyllis! There is nothing better, is there? Honestly, what a wonderful time you have had together, the memories will last forever. I’ve been to the American Girl Store here in Los Angeles with my two little people, and I wanted to buy a doll {or a few!} myself, it’s such a wonderful experience, isn’t it?

    It’s great fun to have our grandchildren to ourselves, isn’t it? Even if we DO have to eat chicken wings four days in a row! xo

  21. How lovely,Phyllis,and the memories will truly last a lifetime. I too would spend a couple of weeks vacationing in the summer with my grandparents at a country retreat not far from where we lived but it felt worlds away. I remember the horses, the lamb I got to feed, the walks with my grandmother where we picked daisies,swimming lessons with my grandfather….it’s been almost more than 40years but I can still smell, see and taste everything from those special summer days.

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