Spring in New Orleans Plantation Country

Spring in New Orleans Plantation Country

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Spring in the south is just so beautiful, bedecked with a rainbow of blooms and a light breeze. It’s the perfect time of year, in my opinion, to stroll the estates and gardens of the New Orleans Plantation Country. Along the winding River Road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, this unforgettable sight offers a unique look into the past. Imagine strolling the grounds under centuries-old oaks, gardens bursting in bloom, sipping a refreshing drink. 

All of the plantations feature lush grounds and moss-draped oaks, a glorious sight to see. One of my favorites is the Houmas House Plantation. It is called “The Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road,” and rightly so! It has 38-acres of breathtaking, lush gardens, which are replanted throughout the year to reflect the season. 

Spring in New Orleans Plantation Country

The plantations themselves are historic treasures, each with a distinct tour and story. With each tour, visitors become immersed in Louisiana’s rich, Créole culture and history. These plantations preserve the memories of English sugar barons, Creole women, slaves and soldiers. Laura: A Creole Plantation is known for its guided tour through the entire historic site including the Maison Principale, the French Jardin, the plantation kitchen garden and the Banana-Land grove.

These homes are all elaborate in design and distinct in style, I can only image the beauty of each home in their prime. From hand-painted ceilings and magnificent rooms to more modest manor homes and impoverished cabins, these are priceless pieces of our history. Experiencing these wonders is easier than ever with the convenience of plantation bed and breakfasts, as well as fine dining restaurants.

Visit neworleansplantationcountry.com to plan your next visit to the New Orleans Plantation Country.

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  1. Although I am attracted to the architecture and decor of this period, I am troubled by celebrating an era in this country built on slavery as were these beautiful plantations.

  2. I love the old plantations that have been preserved. It would be fun to take a road trip to visit all of the South’s plantations.

  3. My favorite also is Humas House plantation. The house and gardens are the most beautiful and they have a gift shop and restaurants. I would gladly visit that area again and again. We took the river boat that stopped along the way at each plantation. It was a dream come true.

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