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Those of you who know me totally understand my obsession with Williamsburg. I love the city in all seasons, and I have written about my experiences there many times. Strolling down Duke of Glouster Street and observing the beautiful gardens inspires creativity.

On one of my last visits there during the holidays, I visited a favorite place of mine, Seasons of Williamsburg. This incredible shop is owned by Kendall Kerby and Kent Harrell and is a visual vacation every time I visit there. Their work is stunning. It makes me joyful just talking with them about ideas and upcoming events.


Kendall shared with me the delightful spring events that they have at Seasons. When I saw these lovely photographs, I knew spring was just as fabulous as Christmas at the shop. The table settings and floral ideas are limitless. I wanted to share these with you so that we could start the celebration of spring.

One thing that inspires me is the fully set table with linens, dishes, and artfully planned centerpieces. The color combination of the elements is perfectly orchestrated. Being a blue-and-white china collector, I marveled at the sight of the lovely containers filled with white flowers. What an amazing grouping!

If you are in the Williamsburg area, a visit to this wonderful shop will delight you. Kendall and Kent have been featured in many of our magazines throughout the years. They have wonderful taste and talent and will motivate you to be creative when using flowers in your home. Capture the beauty of each season with them!

For more information, visit their website

Will you be arranging flowers this spring?

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  1. Williamsburg is one of my family’s favorite places. We have gone many times over the last 30 years and my husband and I just took an anniversary trip there right after Christmas. I wish I had known about this shop. We would have visited. Thanks for sharing the information. I also love blue & white china so it was doubly inspiring.

  2. Seasons is just a wonderful shop and is always on my list for places to visit when in Williamsburg. I was so sad to miss their recent Spring Open House. There is just something remarkable about entering the shop after the long cold days of winter and being treated to a visual garden of greens, blooms and accessories to transform even the bleakest of spaces. Plan on needing to walk around this gem of a shop several times in order to take in all the special items. I would enthusiastically agree that it is a must for lovers of the tasteful and beautiful. MM

  3. Many years ago when we lived in DC, Williamsburg was one of the places we loved to go and to take family and friends who came for a visit. I will always remember the magnificent floral arrangements to be seen there. This shop sounds like a lovely place to be enjoyed at one’s leisure.
    Spring is moving quickly here in East Texas. Azaleas, tulip magnolias, daffodils, … are all beautiful; but, a simple arrangement we enjoy is a crystal vase filled with azaleas of one color — lavender, pink, apricot, white — each color is lovely.
    Easter is near!!

  4. I’m in California… But should I get to that area, I have added their names to the list of suggestions you have given us through the years.

    Thank you, as always, for sharing!!

    Our trees, flowers and grape vines are budding and blooming. They are all so happy to have finally received rain instead of drip. I can almost hear them sigh! Happy Spring all.

  5. I Loved all the creative and colorful photos. I’m enjoying my Easter Decorations on display
    in entry and dining room. Now getting inspired for more spring color and floral arrangements after the Easter decorations are removed the Monday after. I store all my silk florals from year to year and change out and add too. The bird nests w/ eggs along with butterflies in arrangements boast of spring. Have never been to Williamsburg and will add to my desirable places to shop and dine! Love your inspiring magazines they really perk you up on a rainy day. God Bless all your fine works, Carmel

  6. I will definitely have to visit this shop for some gorgeous inspiration! When I was in interior design school, one of the ‘elective’ classes I chose was flower arranging. Over the years, it has proven to be one of the most valuable tools I learned in design school. I adore arranging vases of my garden flowers each season. Perhaps I will go out and cut some daffodils and forsythia right this minute!!

  7. It’s been many years since my visit and am so delighted to see the ambience still exists! My subscription to Victoria plus many other of your books is a must since its onset. Thank you so much!

  8. Yesterday I visited a very special friend in the hospital that is getting intravenous chemo. I took Cottage Journal and Victoria to her, both overflowing with spring arrangements and new recipes. She leafed through every page of Cottage Journal delighted at every page before putting it down. I share this to say how far reaching and how comforting these beautiful publications are to so many. God Bless.

  9. I visit their shop for every open house. It is just beautiful and I never go home empty-handed! This is the type of place that should be a must-see for anybody in the area. I have decided to buy a new Christmas wreath for my front door and can’t wait to go to Seasons next fall to purchase it!

  10. I have loved every feature on Kendall and Kent’s shop I’ve ever seen. This glorious spring display is divine. Their shop is definitely on my bucket list! Thank you for sharing their shop and gorgeous work.

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