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Strength in Gathering

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We are planning some amazing events this year! As I was contemplating these upcoming events, I let my thoughts return to all the wonderful events our company has hosted through the years. What is it that makes us want to gather together? I remember with great fondness the friends that I have made at Southern Lady Celebration, Occasions for Tea, and many other wonderful events at which I have spoken.

There are times in life when we need to be with people to give us encouragement. I remember vividly a lady who attended one of our first events. She had given up on life and truly did not know if she could carry on. Then, by God’s grace, she picked up one of our magazines and read about the upcoming Southern Lady Celebration.  She told me later that in that moment, she decided to try one more time, and she signed up for our event. Her life was changed when she attended. The ladies that spoke and people around her gave her hope and a renewal of life! How blessed I was to meet her and be a part of her story.

Other times we need to belong to a group to spark our creativity. When I hear women speak about how their businesses or careers were started, I just get excited all over again. So many women have talents and gifts that have parlayed into careers that were very unexpected. Jeanne Robertson has become a dear friend since she spoke at our first event. Jeanne has the gift of humor and has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the country. She is a radio sensation by using humor, all clean and funny, to make us think about life. There are times when we need to be reminded that we are all given special gifts that are unique to us.

I was speaking at an event in Florida not long ago, when a lady came up to me afterward who had lost her child. Wow, the emotions flooded my soul. She was desperately looking for someone to bring hope back to her life. I looked at her tear-stained face, and all I could do was hug her and tell her that she isn’t expected to get over anything, but that her life will take another path of helping other mothers walk this same path.

If you are at a place in your life where you need a little spark, encouragement, renewed hope, or just want a wonderful, happy get away, join us for one of our events! I would love to meet each of you and spend time together. We all have a journey, and many times we need to walk with someone, even if it’s for a brief time, to know that we share the same emotions and feelings.

As I look back, I can smile and say that everyone who has come has changed my life. Every hug, every smile, and every word has been a blessing.

If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming events, view the pages listed below:

Southern Lady Celebration
A Victoria Holiday Event: Christmas in Asheville, North Carolina

Comments 9

  1. Hi Phyllis,

    Life is a facet of emotions, some of which defy understanding, but it takes a true friend or a very special group to understand that others who walk such difficult paths, need a loving, helping hand without judgment, for inspiration and beauty.

    We all need someone to care, not because of who we are or were, because somehow a person too have faced intense pain some times brief, but often life causes prolong effects.

    The beauty of loving, and feeling such warmth, sometimes only can be obtained by seeing the creations by those who are in a position of bringing such comfort by being there either by word, photo, or physical touch to those who can not reach out otherwise.

    We thank you, Phyllis.

  2. Your messages are so heart felt and spirit filled, thank you. My daughter and I are looking forward to attending your event Celebration in October! She is a talented and gifted young lady, I believe she will be inspired in a
    special way because of your event, thank you.

  3. I think sometimes we forget that each of us has something special to offer to those around us. “Love your neighbor” at home and on getaways… That’s what I’m hearing from your blog today… the reminder to encourage and inspire those around us as well as RECEIVING encouragement and inspiration from those around us. Life is hard but by GODs grace and sharing burdens, we can do life beautifully together. Thank you for the opportunities for some special getaways( I hope I can come to one) and for your consistent encouragement to us all through your blog!!

  4. WOW, what an inspiration this was. I am so happy that I happened upon your Blog, Phyllis. What a blessing it has been for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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