Summer Fun Getaway to Historic Morgantown, WV

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I’ve written before about my love for the state of West Virginia. It’s one of my very favorite road trip destinations and just brimming with stunning mountain views, charming small towns, and plenty of local character.

I love sharing delightful travel experiences with readers, and that’s why I’m thrilled to tell you about an exciting giveaway from Greater Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau. Morgantown is an enchanting little mountain town in the Northeast corner of the state that is home to world-class dining, one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, and outdoor activities for all ages.

Our Summer Fun Getaway features a two-night stay at the Courtyard Marriott at Morgantown, and that is only the beginning.

When West Virginians say “summer fun,” they certainly mean it. Experience the thrills of the Mountain State with two passes to either a WVU zip line canopy tour OR two whitewater rafting passes on the Cheat River with Cheat River Outfitters. You’ll also get two tickets to a West Virginia Black Bears baseball game.

Unwind after your adventurous day with dinner for two at Oliverio’s restaurant, wine tasting at Forks of Cheat Winery, and beer tasting at Morgantown Brewing Company.

Finish your weekend with brunch for two at Table 9 on Sunday morning.

To enter, share this post via one of the social media buttons below, and then leave a comment telling me why you’d like to win. Write about it on Facebook, pin it to your favorite board on Pinterest, or even send a tweet. If you aren’t a social media person, then simply leave a comment below instead.

Whether or not you win the giveaway, I hope this inspires you to venture out on a summer fun getaway of your own. I love West Virginia adventures, and I think you will, too.

What summer getaways are you planning this year?


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  1. Morgantown sounds like my kind of town! I love the mountains! I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. Now I live South of Atlanta, Ga., but try to get back to the mountains every time I have a chance. I would love to spend some time in West Virginia!

  2. Morgantown, WV is a great place. I live in Garrett County, Maryland’s western most county. We too have the mountains and beauty of WV. I usually travel to Morgantown for health reasons (WVU hospital is awesome) but would to love to win this and visit just for fun!!

  3. What fun it would be to experience West Virginia in such an exceptional little town! Many thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I would love to win this contest as a surprise for my husband who has not been able to have a vacation in several years. We’ve had a rough couple years medically. A mountain and the river are all we need for some soul healing!

  5. Have never been to West Virginia but will seriously consider visiting after reading this post! Sounds as though there is something for all ages. Thanks for the chance to win!

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      Congratulations Betsy C! You are our winner of the Morgantown Getaway! If you will please send me your Name and Address using the “Contact Me” link at the bottom of the page, we will ship you your prize.

      Thank you for subscribing to The Ribbon in My Journal and have a great weekend!

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        Betsy C., unfortunately we never heard back from you and will have to choose a new winner. Thank you for entering the giveaway contest and please try again next time!

  6. I went to college at WVU in Morgantown in the 70’s. It was a wonderful time, and where I met my husband! We have lived in North Carolina since shortly after graduating many, many years ago. We would love to take an adventure back to Morgantown. It sounds like it has grown into quite the opportunity for both tourism and gastronomic delight!

  7. I traveled to this area with my daughter’s forestry team to a competition 12 years ago. We both loved the area and whenever we hear West Virginia mentioned we always say “Remember that trip, West Virginia is SO Beautiful. One of these days I want to go back and visit again” To be able to do that with her would be so special. That trip holds special memories for us that will last a lifetime!

  8. I, too, love WVA. I was born in Parkersburg and lived in Morgantown for 9 months when I was 12. I live in Florida now and have not taken many vacations over the past 17 years since I have been raising 3 of my grandchildren. Would love, love, love to win this get-a-way to see this beautiful state again!

  9. If you say “mountains”, count me in! I am a small town girl, having grown up in a small town in the mountains of North Georgia. I moved to the big city of Atlanta to pursue a career following high school graduation. The hills have been beckoning ever since, and nothing would thrill me more than to have the opportunity to visit another beautiful small town in the mountains of West Virginia. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  10. So enjoy West Virginia as well. My family and I travel there often. The mountains are beautiful and the people lovely. And oh my the antiquing fabulous. And those West Virginia mountaineers. Great basketball. So many reasons to go there and almost forgot the beautiful golden dome on their state Capitol. Wonderful

  11. My husband and I love West Virginia. As we look toward retirement, we might consider relocating there. This weekend would be a great recon mission! Thanks for considering our entry.

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      Congratulations Diane Brown! You are now the winner of the Morgantown Getaway! If you will please send me your Name and Address using the “Contact Me” link at the bottom of the page, we will ship you your prize.

      Thank you for subscribing to The Ribbon in My Journal and have a great weekend!

  12. We live in a small town in Northern Ca. and so….Morgantown, W.V. sounds like a real and charming get-a-way.
    My fingers are crossed! Thank you in advance for a memorable time for us……please accept our entry!

  13. This is the state both my brother and I were born; our South Carolina born older sibbling used to rub it in about our mountain state compared with her lowlands state. We grew up in North Carolina and mostly in Virginia and after I married I loved going home to visit my parents in Virginia and Country Roads was a favorite of mine.

    My brother and I only went back to West Virginia, to visit the town of our birth about eight years ago…so sad to see what they are doing in mining the tops of the mountains there. John Grisham spoke of it in his last book; Grey Mountain.

    Be wonderful to have another occasion to visit West Virginia…my dad once worked in Morgantown.

    Sylvia Faye

  14. I was born in Morgantown, and lived there until I was 10, when we moved to Atlanta. The last time I was in Morgantown was, probably around 1992. I still have family there (an uncle, aunt and cousins, who now have their own kids!) I would love the opportunity to go back to visit and see all the changes that have happened in the last 24 or so years.

  15. I love WVa too. Being from Kentucky, I know all about the beauty of the people who live there. When I hear someone giving a less than complimentary remark about West Virginians, I make it a habit to give them an introduction to the character of these good, hardworking folk who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

    Regarding the comment about the young girl who always sang “Country Roads,”
    My husband and always sang that song as we travelled through Bluefield to Ky.

    Now for the land, it’s beautiful! If my memory serves me right it was nicknamed
    ” Little Switzerland.”

    Whether I win or not is okay. I wanted share my view.


  16. I have never been to West Virginia before, but this looks like such a fabulous trip! My husband owns his own business and has been working 16-hour days; we really can’t take vacations per se, so winning this would be over-the-top for us and our two kids!!!!

  17. If I win I am giving this wonderful sounding experience to my son and wonderful DIL (Love) as they really need and deserve a getaway!

  18. When I was a little girl the hills of West Virginia captured my heart and have been calling me ever since. It was my dream as a child to make those hills my home, at any cost especially after reading, “My Side of the Mountain,” by Jean Craighead George. My childhood imagination ran wild – wild like west Virginia. Oh how I’d love to answer that call.


  19. This past January we visited West Virginia to attend a funeral for my daighter’s big in her sorority. We drove in right before the snow storm. Being from Texas, we were both just in love with the scenery. During the funeral, this young girls friends and family talked about how much she loved West Virginia. The last song at the funeral was Country Roads. This young lady loved her state and would sing this song. Because of the snow, we didn’t get to visit any places. It would mean the world to me to take my daughter back to West Virginia to experience this beautiful place that meant so much to her big to help heal her grief.

  20. Next time you make it up to Morgantown, be sure to plan to go a few hours further north and check out Pittsburgh. There is so much here that will delight you. Enjoy afternoon tea at the William Penn Hotel. You will love to see the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning, the Frick Museum, The Carnegie Museums, Phipps Conservatory…and they are almost all within walking distsnce of each other. Pittsburgh architecture is fascinating as is the history of the town in general. Don’t miss the Heinz History Center. No, I don’t work for the Chamber of Commerce….I just love Pittsburgh! You will, too!

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