Susan Currie’s Style Secrets

Susan Currie’s Style Secrets

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The style of your home is a personal decision. Some pieces in our homes are gifted or passed down, others are instant favorites that were worth the splurge, but they are all a piece of the larger puzzle we call our lives. A great interior designer beautifies and enhances this style without losing the true feel of a home. Too learn more about signature style, we are turning to designer Susan Currie.

Susan Currie’s Style Secrets

Raised in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Susan developed an artistic eye at an early age. On visits to friends and family, she would absorb each home’s distinctive style. Each home grew her awareness and an appreciation for all kinds of design. Whether it was an antebellum home or a mid-century rancher, she would imagine remodeling or redecorating it with a touch of her style. Today, Susan is sharing the secrets of her signature style.

  • Let color lead the way: Start with a neutral backdrop and pull dabs of color from your favorite artwork, textiles, and accessories to create a palette you’ll love to live with.
  • Mix textures: Soften hardwood or stone floors with plush, upholstered furnishings, and incorporate metal tables and consoles for structure and definition. Bring in lamps, trays, and other accessories in glass, rattan, or clay for even more dimension.
  • Think inside the box: Consider how you will use the space you’re remodeling or redecorating. A pretty space only goes so far; functionality is key to creating a room that is both livable and lovely.  
  • Less is more: If you are a collector, take the time to edit and curate your collection. You may need to display a little less in order to showcase your favorite pieces.

We love to feature the wonderful designers of the industry in the pages of our magazines. Each of their expert examples leads us closer to finding our own personal style. You can read the full article with Susan Currie in our new July/August issue of Southern Lady.

What’s your personal style?

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  1. Living in the south provides so many opportunities of color and style choices. I agree with Susan and have redecorated with white and blues. I love the airy outside feeling and took her advice about my collectables; carefully rotating them as not too many at one given time. The blue colors are so perfect with my hardwood floors and give that inside/outside effect I was hoping for.

  2. Good reminders.
    I am definitely a traditionalist ~ 18th Century English, Queen Anne, (some) Victorian. Good lines; lots of white and light – tho’ I’m definitely not a shabby chic nor mid-century modern girl.
    Not being a blue person, I would probably never chose it for my home; but, the picture shown is a very inviting room that I’d certainly want to visit!

  3. Great article about Susan! She has such a gift with color, beautiful. My personal style is a mix of everything, although my heart belongs to French Country, I’m half in love with traditional English interiors, mixed in with a touch of contemporary!

    That’s the beauty of personal style, we can design our home to reflect our own taste, creating a space surrounded by things we love is one of the best ways to express ourselves.

  4. I love anything from Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, and Mission style. Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite architect. I visited his home and studio in Oak Park Illinois and loved it. The style is sleek and elegant but still comfortable and cozy. The best part of his home was the inglenook.

  5. My personal style is traditional with a few pops of French inspired pieces and an occasional modern element. In looking back over the last 30 years I realized that blue has always been in my home so I suppose it is a classic color or at least it is in my eyes. I love the tips from Susan above especially regarding editing collections to allow the star to shine.

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