Favorite Cake - The Ribbon In My Journal

My All -Time Favorite Cake

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My all-time favorite cake is white cake with white icing. I will choose this every time if I am given a choice and I will bake this when it’s my turn to make dessert. I do love many other flavors and never turn down a piece of cake, but white is always the best to me. I think it goes …

Bacon Cheddar Poppy Seed Muffins

Bake from Scratch

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When it is winter and we are inside for several days, I love to get in my kitchen and bake. The house always smells so delightful, and the aroma lingers for days. Baking is therapeutic for me. There is something so fulfilling about working with the ingredients and then popping something into the oven. When the mixer is whirling, you …

Bake from Scratch - The Ribbon in My Journal

Why I Love to Bake from Scratch

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Do you love baking from scratch? I do. When I undertake a new baking project, I cherish getting out all of my “stuff” and laying out my pans, measuring cups, whisks, and measuring spoons. There’s nothing quite like carefully adding each ingredient and ending up with a delicious result. Our newest publication, Bake from Scratch, celebrates the many joys of …