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Why I Love to Bake from Scratch

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Do you love baking from scratch? I do. When I undertake a new baking project, I cherish getting out all of my “stuff” and laying out my pans, measuring cups, whisks, and measuring spoons. There’s nothing quite like carefully adding each ingredient and ending up with a delicious result.

Our newest publication, Bake from Scratch, celebrates the many joys of scratch baking that so many of us learned growing up. I remember the whirl of my mom’s mixer as the cake batter formed beautiful waves in the bowl. And who could forget the drama of whipped eggs whites as they transformed into a perfect meringue?

In this first issue, I loved the way our test kitchen chef illustrated baking techniques, like how to brown butter. Through the step-by-step photos, I could see how my browned butter turned to burned butter and when to call it done. Breads are also one of my favorites, and the experts have included an essential sourdough starter with ways to turn it into baguettes, boule, and ciabatta.

Here’s a special look at some of Bake‘s features: 

For those of you who love to bake, this magazine captures the artistry of your craft.

What are you favorite things to bake from scratch?

Bake from Scratch Fall 2015 cover

Comments 22

  1. I absolutely love baking from scratch. I’m getting my almost 3 year old granddaughter involved with helping me put the ingredients in the mixing bowl. She absolutely loves it!! I only hope that she will remember all the fun times we’ve had baking birthday cakes for our family.

  2. Breads – It’s like magic watching the loaves rise – it smells like magic when guests enter – and there is never any left after my 6 sons get to the table! they magically make it disappear!

  3. So, yesterday afternoon, my 12 year old grandson walks through our front door with four friends in tow, coming to watch the Al/Miss. State football game, He says to them “We’ll get “grandmother” food here. You’re gonna love it!”

    That’s why I bake from scratch…

  4. Phyllis- I love your blog. It always inspires me and brings back memories of things I’ve always enjoyed. Thank you for sharing the delight of little things. It’s the little things that make good

  5. I think we need to really bring cooking and baking back into the school’s, I’m just amazed at how people think I’m crazy to bake, or cook, and don’t get me started on canning! To be able to assemble a few ingredients, and put them in pans, tin, and cook them and then eat them is a wonderful time indeed.

  6. Oh this was wonderful to read. My husband and I have discovered scones and especially like coconut ones — your coconut chocolate chip sounds delightful. Would you be open to sharing the recipe?

  7. There’s nothing quite as therapeutic than kneading dough or creating something delicious from powdery flour. The greatest reward for me isn’t the finished product, it’s seeing and hearing the enjoyment from its recipients.

  8. I especially cherish the opportunity to bake from scratch with my now 24 year old daughter, passing down to her family recipes given to me from my mother, grandmother and aunts. Recently my daughter and I took a macaron baking class together and we had so much fun trying to conquer these little morsels while remembering our family trip to Paris.

  9. I love baking whatever brings joy to my family. Baking Chritmas goodies is my favorite. It’s the time of year in the kitchen that brings back so many wonderful memories. I am looking forward to seeing the new magazine.

  10. I am known for my pies but only bake those when company comes. Each week or so I bake a batch of biscotti so my husband and I have a lower calorie anytime treat. The upcoming holidays with give me a wonderful excuse to fire up the ovens.

  11. My favorite things to bake from scratch are pies, especially chocolate (a specialty according to my family), pecan, apple and pumpkin.

  12. There is nothing better than bakery treats prepared from scratch! I enjoy baking cakes, cupcakes, all types of pies, scones, and quick bread. Occasionally, I make yeast rolls using my Danish friend’s bakery recipe. Right now, I am experimenting with baking pies in a cast iron skillet. Yum!

  13. Dear Phyllis, Ahem, I mill my own flour, I collect eggs from my chickens, I milk my cow and churn my own butter and I
    bake in a wood stove, how’s that for scratch cooking! A funny from hubby, Richard…being raised on a Minnesota farm. ha ha he loves
    me to read your blog! Carmel

  14. Hi Phyllis, I love baking cookies from scratch a good basic cookie mix then I add my own creations; M&M’s, walnuts, chocolate chips & butter scotch chips and then make them oversized! Take them to our annual neighborhood Christmas party and last year I won 1st place! Everyone had to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater and a good time is had by all. I also love making Bundt cakes; zucunni, and pumpkin spice also in small loaf pans for gifts always a hit and also great with coffee with hubby as we gaze on our Christmas decorations. A must baking is my Christmas cake I make every year for Jesus that we enjoy Christmas
    Eve every year. Lately its been Paula Dean cakes from her Magazines. Haven’t decided this years cake yet…but, its part of our tradition of the season…..God Bless, Carmel

  15. Baking from scratch, it’s a labor of love. Not only for those who are fortunate enough to eat the “baking”, but also for the baker. I get great joy out of baking, I can’t wait to receive my copy of the latest publication. Perfect timing for the holidays, Phyllis. Thank you!

  16. I bake muffins all the time. I vary the add ins usually reflecting the season. And I always bake chocolate chip cookies for my son….still his absolute favourite.

  17. Yesterday my two granddaughters, Maddie, Nella and I baked a batch of pumpkin spice cookies. They love to break the eggs and do all that stirring. We used my favourite mixing bowl from my mother in law. There is no telling how old and how many times it has been used. We put icing on about half the cookies. I let them go across the street and share with a neighbour. They were delicious. A glorious day.

    Blessings to you as Bake from Scratch makes its debut.

  18. As I have grown older I really do cherish baking from scratch… You created it all by yourself and it makes it feel so much more special! Sometimes you tweak a recipe and replace it with another or different ingredient and that makes you feel confident that you do not have to follow everything by the book, that is called imagination and I love that! Happy Baking To All You Girls! Enjoy and Thank You Phyllis for always writing such a great blog! Great interview with Paula Deen!

  19. There is nothing I love more than a perfectly turned out cookie. My all time favorite is peanut butter because I love the flavor and they were my dad’s favorites as well. Although my mom taught us to bake most things, he taught me how to mix them and how to create the cross-hatch design on top. I remember being so proud of the first batch I made all by myself and how my dad thought they were the most delicious cookie he ever tasted, (okay, maybe he was a little biased…)

    My second favorite?…any kind of pie, but especially apple crumb.

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