Thanksgiving Memories - The Ribbon in My Journal

Childhood Thanksgiving Fondly Remembered

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Thanksgiving was a big holiday when I was growing up, and it still is today! Some things never change. When I was a little girl, we always went to our grandparents’ homes for Thanksgiving. The ride through the country was magical, and the autumn leaves were picturesque. When we arrived, we knew we had two wonderful family gatherings waiting—one with …

Halloween Festivities - The Ribbon in My Journal

Remembering the Halloween Festivities of Days Gone By

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It is Halloween, and I have never seen so many pumpkins and spiders, along with other yard decorations, in my life. It seems everyone has jumped on the holiday celebration with great gusto. Mom and I were talking about our experiences with Halloween when we were kids back in the dark ages. Halloween was a one-day event, geared strictly toward …

Tips for Decorating for Fall from Victoria

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Guest post from the editors of Victoria From breathtaking vistas of changing leaves to the radiance of afternoon sunlight that will soon give way to striking ocher sunsets, nature brims with beauty during the fall. The kaleidoscope of hues and textures evident in our surroundings offers inspiration for bringing the splendor of this glorious season indoors. Our latest Victoria Classics …

Fall Party Ideas

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My daughter-in-law Katie hosts the most splendid parties. Her personal touch on everything makes each celebration so special. From the invitations to the take-home party favor, she plans right down to the last detail. I wanted to share her ideas with you because this time of year offers wonderful opportunities to decorate for a party, and I’m fortunate that my …

Fall Quilting

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In the fall my sewing interests turn to quilting. I don’t know why, but the cool weather just reminds me of quilting. I especially love blue and “any color” quilts, but my current project is quilt blocks that are made from Civil War reproduction fabrics. I am using start patterns, and I just love it. My ultimate goal is to …