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Why I make time to enjoy the fall scenery

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By now you are all familiar with my love for fall. With the leaves changing and the beauty of the season setting in, I find myself taking pause to look out the window and smile at the beauty of it all.

Those peaceful moments are especially precious because this time of year is more than busy in the magazine world. Our photographers, stylists, and editors are buzzing with fall fever, doing everything they can to capture the season’s scenery and flavors. We love to bring you pages of autumn’s beauty this time of year, and that means photo shoots and testing seasonal recipes while everything is vibrant and fresh.

Sometimes things move a little too quickly, and this beautiful season turns into a blur of yellow, oranges, and reds. Those moments to gaze out the window or go on an afternoon stroll become little treasures that are all too often rushed.

Over the years, I have learned the importance of anticipating this busy season and I intentionally make time to stop and reflect. I’m sure many of you also confront the challenges of an over-crowded schedule. Fall brings a return to our routines, and as the holidays approach there are new events and obligations that fill our evenings. These are generally things we love to do, but even a busy calendar filled with things we love can still steal our joy.

So I encourage you to take pause, shut out the many things calling on your attention for a moment, and give yourself a little time to appreciate the beauty around you.

If you find yourself with extra time, then look to the busy souls around you. Do you have a loved one with children running her ragged? Find a way to give her a little break so that she, too, can enjoy this special time of year.

How do you take time to appreciate nature’s beauty? And how do you help others take a break?

Autumn Cottage Journal 2015

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  1. Get outside as much as possible, pull out the knitting, gather kindling during yard and garden cleanup, press fall leaves in books so I can find them later, make a big pot of soup or chili and cornbread, apples apples apples, gather dried grasses, pods, and colorful leaves for decorating. . . . . Enjoy every moment of the season until the winter takes over. North Georgia has a beautiful fall season and we welcome the relief from the summer heat.

  2. There is nothing more beautiful than a Michigan autumn! I love the smell of burning leaves, the crisp fall air, caramel apples, brightly colored leaves, going to the cider mill, and curling up by the fire with my October issue of Victoria magazine! I thank the Lord for this beautiful, contemplative season and I try to savor each day!

  3. Sitting in my wooden rocker with a lovely quilt that was made and given to me by a group of church ladies. The sun is shining through the window lighting up the beautiful yellows and oranges of our trees. What an amazing gift our God provides!! Aren’t we blessed? 🙂

  4. Just this morning out with a friend on an early walk. Here in Chicago beautiful colors! At one point we had to stop in awe of Gods splendor!
    Of course we also share our love for Victoria magazines on our autumn coffee tables!
    Thank you!

  5. Autumn is a glorious time of year!!

    Living in East Texas, we are usually blessed with great beauty in October & November. We live in the Oakwoods. This year we have lost many trees and on those that are living, it has been a race to see if leaves would just die and fall to the ground or turn the magnificent reds, golds, and burgundies of Autumn.

    For only a few days, we have enjoyed fall-like weather. As we sat on the deck just this morning, my husband and I realized that our Maples have begun to change.

    To paraphrase Psalm 19:1 — Autumn’s magnificent folage declares the glory of God!

  6. I live in South Texas, not a lot of changing of the leaves. Your beautiful magazines take me through Autumn as if I were a part of places that have such beautiful Fall Scenery.

  7. I live in Ohio, so beautiful in fall,in my daily run at a near by park,I sometimes have to catch my breath at the beauty good has made!

  8. We are kindred spirits in so many ways, one is our love for autumn. God’s glory shines so brightly in autumn, with those luscious colors. I love that you encourage us to help others be able to enjoy a few quiet moments of appreciating the beauty of Autumn by coming along side of them to help them carve out a space of time. Bless you, friend.

  9. I live in Florida so need I say more? That I have learned to deal with so I reminisce my days living in New York…. I have a good imagination… I try my very best to bring fall into my home with some decorating! It works! Phyllis with all your beautiful photos you keep me in the loop! Thank you much!

  10. Ahhh, autumn!! We love it and enjoy everything about it we can.
    This year while viewing the beautiful colors I thought of “the glory of the Lord shone round about them” and realized it can reference this wonderful season also.
    Living in Wisconsin we aren’t too far from the Great River Road and that is a wonderful trip to take this time of year. Along the way we stop at apple orchards – later enjoying the goodness of our purchases.
    Along the way there are stops where you can take a Mississippi River paddle wheel boat ride – fall fun!!

  11. My front porch overlooks Flat Top Mountain where I daily watch the change of colour. Sometimes the fog lingers a while on the mountain. Unbelievable beauty. The vibrant colours of fall invite me to be alive and at the same time pause and reflect on our Creator. Through this beauty, I get a glimpse of His glory. It helps me sense the mystery in all things.

  12. Fall is my favorite!!!! I so appreciate your magazines capturing the beauty in such detail !! I save the fall magazines especially , they are timeless!!!
    Let’s all ENJOY our beautiful country!!

  13. No other season brings out the pure joy in me than Autumn. I adore the cooler temperatures and the glowing colours of the changing leaves. Orange is my favourite colour for Autumn leaves and I am reminded of God’s beauty each and every time I see a tree just bursting with orange splendor.

    Yes, Autumn is indeed my favourite season and prepares me well for two wonderful holidays ahead – Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  14. I’m on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where majestic oaks rule, so we only get a smattering of fall color, but I always still marvel at the few changing leaves around me. I think after the oppressive heat of summer, it’s still a welcome signal that cooler temps are on the way!

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