The History of Bride’s Baskets with Lidy Baars, Antiques Dealer and Curator

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Hi, Lidy Baars from FrenchGardenHouse here. Nothing makes me happier than to set my dining table or tea table with a beautiful, gleaming silver Bride’s Basket. Inspired by my love for shiny, elegant things, I bought my first Victorian “bride’s basket” long before I became an antiques dealer. I was 16. When other girls my age saved up for a …


Antique Transferware with Lidy from FrenchGardenHouse

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Hello! This is Lidy from FrenchGardenHouse antiques (you may remember me from Phyllis’ post Meet Antique Dealer Lidy), and I am so excited to share with all of you my passion for antique transferware. Transferware pottery, or earthenware, was made in Europe (and later in the United States) in many colors and a multitude of patterns. Until the mid-1700s, most dishware …


Meet Antique Dealer Lidy from FrenchGardenHouse

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One of the greatest online resources I love is FrenchGardenHouse. Lidy and I have become friends and colleagues when I found her online! She was my go-to when I was looking for antique silver, bistro dishes as a gift, and great garden items. I know you will enjoy reading her story and visiting her website. PLUS: she is giving away two …