Stay Warm With Southern Style Minestrone

Stay Warm With Southern Style Minestrone

Phyllis Lifestyle 3 Comments

When the temperature drops and you want to feel warm from the inside out, there is only one thing to do! This winter I will be keeping warm with a bowl of this delicious slow cooker Southern Minestrone soup. The recipe is one of many comforting and welcoming reprieve from the cold included in the Taste of the South’s Slow …

Slow Cooker Do's and Don'ts from Ribbon in My Journal

Slow Cooker Do’s and Don’ts

Phyllis Lifestyle 5 Comments

January is the perfect time for warm comfort food. You would be hard-pressed to find an easier way to make a hot and delicious dinner than with your slow cooker. This winter, the editors of Taste of the South have collected some of their best recipes for slow cookers in their latest special edition, Southern Slow Cooker. They’ve included some …