Tea for Coffee Drinkers

Tea for Coffee Drinkers

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Coffee is the steaming cup of energy that gets me going in the morning, as I’m sure many of you can relate. I have been a coffee drinker for what can feel like ages, but as much as I enjoy my large cup of coffee, I also enjoy a great cup of tea. For me, a cup of tea is the soothing aroma that allows rest and relaxation. As both a coffee and tea drinker I can connect to both sides of the never-ending saga, tea vs. coffee.

I thought it was interesting to hear from contributing editor, Bruce Richardson, in the July/August issue of TeaTime Magazine, on the topic of coffee drinkers moving to tea. Here is a bit of information that he had to offer:

“I speak weekly with coffee drinkers who want to move to tea. Some are looking to the health benefits of tea; many are trying to wean themselves from caffeine; and others are drawn to the tea culture. It’s not surprising that numerous coffee drinkers see tea as a possible antidote to their busy lifestyles. They often use coffee as a stimulant throughout the day, and now they are looking for a beverage that will help them ease into a more calm and reflective—yet alert—state of being.

I usually ask my aspiring tea drinkers these questions: What time of day do you drink coffee? Do you add milk to your coffee? Do you drink coffee sitting down or on the go? Have you tried a tea that you like?

Armed with that information, my tea recommendations for coffee drinkers generally are these:    

Breakfast tea with milk. Use a CTC (cut-tear-curl) grade of Assam tea. These tiny tea nuggets yield a dark, malty, full-flavor liquor that steeps quickly and takes milk very well. If you are a single-origin coffee drinker, try a single-estate TGFOP (tippy-golden-flowery-orange-pekoe) Assam or a Yunnan.

Morning tea on the go. Drop a tablespoon of English Breakfast or a Ceylon FOP (flowery-orange-pekoe) into a French press travel mug that will steep and stay hot for hours as you travel to the office.

Tea at the office. Keep a generous supply of tea bags handy to share with your co-workers, or, better yet, make your tea with a large mug that has an infuser basket. This way of steeping will give you a strong cup of tea that matches the coffee your taste buds once knew. Easy-to-drink Sencha or Lung Ching are two popular green teas that will help you move into a healthy tea habit—just be sure to keep them away from boiling water.

Late-afternoon or evening teas. Caffeine stays in your body six to eight hours. As the day winds down, look to herbals that will satisfy your craving for a hot beverage without keeping you awake at bedtime.

Coffee and tea cultures are two different mind-sets. I’ve often said that the only two things they have in common are a cup and hot water. But we tea folks are always happy to welcome coffee converts into our happy family!”

Are you a coffee drinker, tea drinker, or a bit of both?

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  1. I’m exactly the same way! — A “bowl” of strong coffee (with all the goodies) in the morning and especially, in the winter time, a nice cup of tea in the afternoon. In the summer, iced tea with sugar and lemon is my afternoon choice.

  2. I love tea. I start my day with six 18 oz cups of my favorite black tea. It is Kopili from Stash Tea Co. Then I switch to a great cup of Chai Tea. After dinner I switch to a cup of white tea. Tea is like a warm bath for your inside. Thanks for the write up on my favorite drink.

  3. I will turn 72 years young soon and have enjoyed tea all my life. The smell of coffee is wonderful but I could never seem to acquire a taste for it. As time went on I switched to decaf tea, then learning more about tea and why it’s important to search out organic tea. Organic tea is grown and processed without pesticides or artificial fertilizers and is also often Fair Trade. This means that you can reap the health benefits of organic tea knowing that small farms are being supported, workers on tea plantations are being treated fairly, and that both the workers and our environment are not exposed to the harmful chemicals used in conventional tea production.

    It was such a joy seeing my granddaughter and her husband this week having tea in Ireland through a picture they posted on Facebook, on their 2 week adventure in Ireland and Scotland. The outdoor tablescape was lovely and a wonderful way for them to celebrate their first anniversary.

  4. When I was pregnant and not allowed caffeine, I switched my morning coffee to Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma. It was the color of coffee and reminds me of Chai, so it was as close as I could get. I do love tea though, but usually later in the day. My favorite is to have a cup of Roiibos while reading a good book (especially about the Number 1 Detective Agency!).

  5. I drink one big mug of coffee in the morning with my breakfast. I enjoy the taste of it and I enjoy sharing the communal pot with my husband. But for the rest of the day, it’s tea, tea and more tea. My husband never drank tea but he now enjoys a cup of green or camomile tea after meals…or with an evening dessert. However, one evening I had filled his tea mug with hot water, and when I turned around to put in the tea bag, I noticed that my husband was already sipping form his mug. Upon my gasp, he just then realized there was no tea in it yet. We had a good laugh and we both came to the conclusion that he would probably never qualify as a tea connoisseur!

  6. I used to drink both but since developing acid reflux I’ve had to give up coffee. Fortunately I love tea so I am still happy although I miss the taste of coffee. (A small scoop of coffee ice cream now and then curbs my cravings.) I love many different types of tea such as darjeeling, oolong, and roasted green tea. In the evening I enjoy chamomile and valerian to relax me before bed.

    My favorite way to drink tea is at Tea and Sympathy in New York. Their traditional afternoon tea with scones, clotted cream, jam, and finger sandwiches is fabulous! They make the best Victoria Sandwich cake I have ever had.

    1. Annie, thank you for sharing Tea and Sympathy’s name. After enjoying high tea in London a few weeks ago, I didn’t think I’d find clotted cream, jam and all the goodies that go along with high tea in the Northeast. I will definitely look into Tea and Sympathy. Thank you again.

      1. You’re welcome. It’s a small but charming shop and they sell their teas and other English treats next door. Cheers!

  7. My life has always included both. In my mind, coffee is for the jump start for my morning and tea for the rest of the day. When traveling abroad, it is often easier to drink tea as some of the coffee blends are much stronger than I prefer, but back home it is coffee in the morning. Just seems to work for me. Teas can be a lot of fun because there are so many different ones to choose from that are easily available. Fun post!

  8. Thank you for the timely information, as I am considering tea as an alternative to my morning coffee. I’m looking for the wake-up factor, but with less caffeine, and I do enjoy “taking tea.”

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