The Embroidery Club—New and Improved!

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I am thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of The Embroidery Club! We have been hard at work on this new and improved version. So, if you love machine embroidery, you are going to be delighted with all of the new offerings!

You can subscribe to our 2019 collection to receive all the new 2019 designs. The designs will be released in installments between now and the end of the year. You can also shop previous years’ collections and individual designs. With a wonderful variety of vintage-inspired designs, whimsical motifs, alphabets, and practically any type of design you can think of, it’s our hope that The Embroidery Club becomes your go-to source for designs that stir your creativity.

The membership benefits are on the website, but I wanted to provide them for you here as well:

Membership Benefits

The Embroidery Club offers an annual subscription service for machine embroidery. When you join, you’ll be able to download all the designs of the current year’s collection. This includes hundreds of original, high-quality designs. Only subscribers have access to the exclusive current club collection.

Designs featured in the club include various themed collections—think alphabets and other large collections—as well as all the monthly designs for the current club’s calendar year (January–December). These collections are released periodically throughout the calendar year. When you subscribe to the club, you’ll receive access to all the designs released so far in your annual membership, plus we’ll notify you by email as new designs are released.

The cost of each year’s club collection is $69—a terrific value, as each year’s collection is valued at around $500. Whether you subscribe to the current year or purchase any of the past annual club collections or individual design collections as one-off purchases, access to your designs will never expire.

For more information and to shop, visit the brand-new site by clicking here!

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  1. I am still looking for a way to access all those years I belonged to the Martha Pullen Embroidery Club and purchased designs. I don’t want to commit to purchasing more if I can’t depend on the designs being there in the future. Please help!! Other people have asked and I see no answer.

  2. I belonged several years to Martha Pullen’s embroidery club. Guessing you have taken that site over. How can I get to the designs for the years I paid for?

  3. Please hurry and release Martha Pullen’s 2002 Embroidery Club for sale. I missed buying it and now neeeeed the font used in it. Please help me and I will be forever pleased.

    1. Please, please give us access to earlier years that were paid for in good faith. I have 2008-2015. I can only access 2013 and 2015. I am very disappointed in the current situation. Thank you!

  4. When Hoffman Media purchased the Martha Pullen Co. last November, the purchase included the Internet Embroidery Club. This new Embroidery Club is taking the place of the former IEC. All of the members of the IEC & Martha Pullen fans are thrilled the machine embroidery club is continuing in this new club.

    Phyllis is the one that first introduced us to Counted Cross stitch. I’m sure if enough people let her know they are interested in hand Embroidery, she will look into this. In the meantime Mary Corbet has wonderful hand Embroidery designs on her site Sign up for her newsletter.

  5. I have no idea how to run my embroidery machine but live hand work. Any hand work offered in the magazine or blog or club I would eagerly participate in.



  7. Me too, HAND embroidery is another lost art falling to the wayside…….I LOVE it and still do small project when I can, but so few really good vintage patterns out there !!
    Phyllis — any reason why we cannot have both HAND and Machine embroidery clubs ?
    Love you blog
    Thanks for all your wonderful stories etc.

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