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The Royal Wedding Disaster (Almost!)—A Sister’s Tale

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A Sister’s TaleI, like many of you, had been anxiously anticipating watching the royal wedding. I had it all planned. I was going to get up early on Saturday (not any different than the rest of the week), sit in my pajamas, make my pot of tea and watch as my favorite royal married his beautiful American princess! Best laid plans…

Let me back up a couple of days. My sweet husband met with someone about cutting down some trees and bushes around our house. It really needed to be done, so they were going to do it on Friday morning. The only thing I said to my husband on Friday morning was, “Make sure they don’t cut the cable.” Fast forward to around two o’clock in the afternoon. I had a missed call from my husband who was playing in a golf tournament. I don’t usually call him when he is playing golf, but for some reason, I decided to check in. “I have some bad news” was the first thing out of his mouth. Now I am thinking something is wrong with one of the kids or one of our parents, but then he says, “What was the one thing you said this morning about them cutting down the trees? Don’t let them cut the cable…well, they cut the cable. I’ve already been in touch with the cable company, but I am not sure it will be fixed today or next week.” He has been married to me long enough to know that I was not happy, but then he said, “We are going to check into a hotel tonight because I know how much you want to watch the wedding in the morning.” I said it was fine; we would figure it out, but he insisted that I find a place for us to stay that night!

Being the bargain hunter that I am, I went online and found a deal at one of the nice hotels near us. It was nonrefundable, but he insisted that I go ahead and book it! When Allen got home later that afternoon, I was still not in the greatest of moods because while I had been out running errands, the cable had been fixed! So now we had paid for a hotel room that we really didn’t need. But, my sweetie insisted that we go and enjoy the evening and watch the royal wedding from the luxury of a hotel room!

We threw a few things in a bag and headed to the hotel. As I go to check in, the young man at the desk said “Mrs. Ritter, your room is on the Club level. Here is your key to the dining room where we have complimentary dinner being served. Also, there is a continental breakfast there in the morning, as well as any other snacks you would care for during your stay.” I could tell by the wry grin on my husband’s face that he knew everything was going to turn out ok.

Long story short…we had a beautiful room on the 15th floor overlooking the city we live in. We had a wonderful dinner and a great night’s rest. We woke up in time to catch all of the royal wedding while sipping tea and then enjoyed a huge breakfast…and I didn’t have to cook a thing!

What began as a potential disaster turned into an unexpected, delightful evening and morning with my Prince Charming of 36 years! I realize that not getting to watch the royal wedding would not have been the end of the world, but I so appreciate that my partner in life was so concerned about me getting to do something that I had looked forward to that he already had a backup plan in place.

It was so much fun to watch Harry and Meghan get married. I wish them many happy years together and hope that when life throws them unexpected curves, they will remember that laughter and love can help in any situation. The wedding was beautiful and I think my favorite part was just watching the two of them enjoy the day.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

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  1. I had more than one favorite part – the first one was when the young man carrying the bridal train on the right hand side of the screen heard the trumpets and got so excited he could hardly stand it! And you could tell he was quite proud to be part of the wedding. The second part was when Prince Harry saw his bride walking toward him and he looked so in love and started to cry but kept that British stiff upper lip. They will be happy, I just know it.

  2. Sweet story. My favorite part of the wedding was the adoring way the couple looked at each other all during the beautiful, touching ceremony. Romance still exists and it was grand to see love on display in this turbulent world we are living in today.

  3. How wonderful your husband made ” certain sure”you were able to enjoy the wedding.
    My favorite part was when Prince Harry turned back his bride’s veil. It was such a sweet moment between them!

  4. I loved your story. This is the “stuff of life” as my late Mother used to say.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. I loved what felt even on the viewing side of the TV screen the intimacy of this wedding compared to those before them. The town, the church was absolutely beautiful and perfect.
    I loved the inclusion of the many people lining the roads as you felt like you could reach out and touch them.
    There was something romantic about the guard on horseback with glinting helmets on streets from a castle that almost transported you back to another time.
    They were beautiful together and truly on this day looked like love.
    They are both very lucky people. And we were lucky to be able to share a bit of their day.

    Honestly, probably the favorite part is the dream…. love is there for all of us.

  6. What a great experience to watch the wedding like that! My favorite part was watching the two of them sitting there listening to the sermon and the carriage ride after and seeing all the royals and, and everything! It was a beautiful day for it!

  7. Your story was lovely, sort of a fairy tale in itself! I’m on Pacific time so it started way too early for me! (I relied on reruns!) But, it was beautiful.

    I was at Windsor castle in 1993, and in fact was able to go on the tour to see Queen Mary’s doll house! I guarantee that it is a one of a kind doll house! It is huge and has outer walls which raise up to expose the inside of the house. The furnishings are spectacular. They also had fabulous dolls on display which were gifts to the girls, from the children of France. The fabrics were as luxurious as the most lovely garments humans would want to wear, too! The shoes were kid leather.

    The town of Windsor, itself was so lovely and a particularly nice shop is Woods of Windsor which carries nice soaps, and other fragranced cosmetics.
    They said that the Queen often takes her train to Windsor from London.

  8. I think you are married to a “prince” of a man! The price of the room is inconsequential to his thoughtfulness and the wonderful May 19th you and he shared together. Memories such as these are priceless and what a wonderful deposit in your memory bank. May you enjoy many more years together supporting each other’s endeavors. These loving gestures ground “fairy tale” marriages.

  9. Are you sure the cable was even cut? It almost sounds as if he had planned this beforehand. It was a shame the weather was so horrendous where I live that Saturday but I am glad they had a beautiful day in Windsor. You can also tell the British people don’t know what such a thing as cold or cool weather is, they also don’t know what something called heat is used for. I forget what the temperature was there on Saturday but it was far cooler than what I call a “hot” day as they kept referring to it as being. It would have been “hot” for a carriage ride when it hit in the 80s for me, not the 60s or low 70s. I remember getting up early to watch the marriage of Charles and Diana. (big sigh here) I was still living at home at that time and in college. As it was in early July I would have been home for the summer. Since I am literally only hours older than Diana I remember a great deal about that wedding and her life. Sadly I also remember waking up early to watch all the activity associated with her funeral. I didn’t stop watching and crying until the camera crew was forbidden from following them all the way in the Spencer estate. One day I hope to visit but as they only open the grounds for this one month during the year its difficult to plan everything just right. At first the press thought the empty chair beside William was a symbolic gesture for their mother and I think they were rather disappointed to learn it is tradition that any chair in front of the Queen is left empty. I guess it wouldn’t be very dignified for her to be bouncing around trying to see around or over some 6 food giant in front of her like I need to do. But we can all imagine William sitting there thinking if their mother had been living that’s where she would have been sitting and the things they would have said to each other. I also think THE single most romantic moment of the ENTIRE day was when they announced that the previous day Harry picked a selection of flowers from the memorial garden for Princess Diana at Kensington Palace including her favorites of Forget Me Nots and these flowers being incorporated into her bouquet. Now somewhere in that bouquet there should have been a sprig of myrtle. I also wondered since the wedding was elsewhere if the bouquet would be left at the tomb of the unknown in Westminster. I was glad to hear it had been delivered. Queen Elizabeth had done so, so had Diana and Catherine and now Meghan. I imagine Eugenie will also this fall. I don’t believe Eugenie’s wedding is to be televised, is it? As disgusted as I’ve been at Charles the last 20 years I will give him credit for being there for Meghan and walking her down the last of the aisle and also, did anyone else notice that he seemed to take her mother under his wing. He would gesture back and invite her to go ahead of him along with Cruella and just seemed to be looking out for her. He was a true gentleman to her mother and I do give him credit for that. This HAD to be difficult for Meghan’s mother. Imagine not really knowing anyone very well at all during this whole ordeal. I think it was meant to be that her father ended up not coming. The stress was far less. Most likely it was stress that caused his cardiac problems. They used to think stress could not physically change the arteries but by the time my father had his problems they had decided it could. I would suggest one thing, having spent 15 years of my adult working life doing cardiac research for Johns Hopkins and in fact while in this job being there for MY father while he had stent placement and eventually a 5 way CABG, if Meghan loves her father, she will see that he gets home to the US, such as San Diego in La Jolla or back to London if he needs to have any bypass surgery. I realize they have surgeons in Mexico, but I don’t care HOW much they try, they do not have medical facilities the caliber in both the US and the UK. I made sure my father had the best.

  10. I was out that night (I live in Australia) and recorded the wedding. It was so beautiful. Seeing Harry finally marry was magical. It really does sound like you have a very thoughtful husband. Such a lovely story.

  11. How wonderful! Your evening and morning after turned out so well. Yes, it was a Beautiful wedding. I also enjoyed watching Harry & Meghan get married. Lovely ending to all.

  12. What a wonderful husband you have! You might never have forgotten watching this royal wedding, but now your memories will be extra special.

  13. Lovely story! I have a man like that also even after 43 years of marriage! I was swept away by the entire event, my son is getting married in August and this is a dream come true for them!

  14. Wow he is a keeper! Mine got up early and went to the bakery when it opened and surprised me with sweets and coffee. It’s lovely to be loved

  15. Sweet story!!!! My favorite comment was the announcer who asked “Just what does the
    Queen carry in that purse?”

    1. Did you hear the announcer who saw it fall open one time? He said inside the purse is extra hosiery. That makes sense. What else does she need?

  16. Janice, I love that story! What a wonderful prince you married. The hotel was a great idea and even with the cable back on at home, it was terrifically romantic the way you described it. I was awake at 3am watching the arrivals and the predictions. My favorite part? It was the gorgeous scenery, amazing views of castles, and the pageantry of it all.

  17. I loved the wedding. It was so exciting to see the other members of the royal family dressed in all their finery. I am looking forward to Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October. I follow all of the royal family. My favorite royal is Princess Margaret’s daughter Lady Sarah Chatto. Glad you got to watch the wedding.

  18. The wedding was so lovely. I loved seeing the Queen dressed in her lovely Spring colored outfit. Happy to see Prince Phillip at the wedding after his recent hip surgery.

  19. I enjoyed the wedding. Meghan’s gown was beautiful. I enjoyed seeing the children who served in the wedding.

  20. I’m so glad you got to see the wedding, sounds like you married a “Keeper”. that kind of thoughtfulness can’t be taught it’s either there or not. Congratulations on your prince.

  21. What a sweet guy you married! I think that it was a beautiful wedding and love between Harry and Megan was the focus of the day!! My favorite part was when Harry gently lifted his beautiful brides vail and saw her beautiful smile and the love in her eyes for him!!

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