White Flowers

The Simplicity of White Flowers

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White bouquets have their tradition steeped in wedding décor. We traditionally think of all-white bouquets as the standard of all weddings. It is elegant, sophisticated, and very beautiful. Baby christenings traditionally boast all-white floral arrangements. White is just the perfect color for any occasion. Brides today have opted for colored bouquets, selecting their favorite seasonal flowers for their floral arrangements and bouquets, but white still reigns supreme in the South.

It is extremely warm here in the South, and I always find white seems to make things cooler. I can’t tell you why, but white is a soothing color. An all-white bouquet is stunning and simple. I received such a lovely bouquet several weeks ago and wanted to share it with you.

White Flowers

I think several of our famous Southern phrases come from white flowers: lily-white skin, as delicate as a white rose, and as soft as baby’s breath.

Here in our area, we have wild Queen Anne’s lace growing wild along the roadsides with wild daisies growing up in them. If I could grow those in my garden, that would be the one plant I would have everywhere. Lacey, cool, and ever so delicate. Pick a bouquet of white flowers, and enjoy the serenity. The simplicity of white in unsurpassed.

What kinds of flowers are your favorite to decorate with?

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  1. Wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I decided that 60 means “If not now, when?”, and, if you don’t want to do something, and you don’t have to do it, then you don’t have to do it! I was happy to turn 60. I’m having a little trouble with 63, though…

  2. I adore the elegance of the all white floral arrangement!
    The few touches of green bring even greater impact to the white!
    Love the sage green satin ribbon!!!

  3. White hydrangeas are one of my very favorite, but right now I have a bed of beautiful, zinnias, in all different colds, and they are so pretty mixed together. I think i like them because they outlast most other flowers.

  4. I have always loved real flowers!!! I am constantly on the lookout for the “One” I don’t have yet!!! I love my white roses,my white hydrangeas,my beautiful white caladiums!!! Don’t get me wrong,I do have other colors growing along with these beauties. Its that beautiful white that I first see as I step outside with my cup of coffee in the morning.. My day is now perfect!!!

  5. You are right, there is something cool and refreshing about an all white arrangement. As always, thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful flowers! Enjoy them! I too love white flowers – classy and pretty! They were also my Dad’s Favorite – mums too!

  7. I llike white, all white flowers. They are not my favorite, but I like a bouquet of different all white flowers. White flowers say something about purity, innocence, simple and elegant at the same time,classy, happy. When my Mom did many yrs. ago; the flowers I chose for her casket was a huge arrangement of all white flowers with a single green carnation in the center. She was Irish.

  8. Linda
    Hydrangeas and made up of mostly water… therefore they suck it up bunches… so cut your stem on an angle so it will drink tons and that should help…also smash your stem at bottom as well to help it drink more

  9. What a gorgeous bouquet, Phyllis! White flowers are a lovely choice for weddings and funerals. I ordered a bouquet of white lilies and stargazers for my grandmother’s funeral and reception last year. It was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers! It brightened my day!

  10. What I love is how many white flowers have beautiful aromas. Gardenia, magnolia, peony, lily all smell either sweet or spicy.

  11. I’m partial to pansies with their adorable faces, but actually, I’ve never seen a flower I didn’t like – all colors.
    (The color white suggests purity.)

  12. We are the biggest fan of all white flowers and use them frequently. Our favorites are hydrangeas, gardenias, and peonies. WE try to have something white blooming in the yard at all times to bring indoors…love!

  13. I just picked 3 bunches of hydrangeas this morning, blue, pick, white and purple, to arrange for my book group luncheon on Thursday. One of my favorite summer flowers.

    1. Linda, How do you get your hydrangeas to hold up after picking? Is it because I’m in MN that they just don’t work. Within a day they wilt.

  14. White anything is my favorite in decorating…..but flowers….definitely! I so miss Lily of the Valley like my grandmother grew in Iowa. Not to be had here in Florida.

  15. My dear friend is turning 60 today and is having a difficult time with that. I have been thinking of her all morning and considering making a trip to our local florist for something special for her. How perfect that I should open your blog this morning to see a beautiful white arrangement. Thank you. I’m excited to hopefully bring a bit of joy into her day.

  16. Beautiful white flowers, Phyllis!! I love Lillies of the Valley!! And I love having white flowers of any kind in my garden, around my porch because they show up so well at night.

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