How to Master the Art of Decorating with White

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I love the way using light neutrals in home décor lends an uncomplicated elegance to a room. In my home, I use pale, creamy tones on the walls for an effect that I find both soothing and classic. Since writing my first post about the lovely book Cottage Style: A Palette of White, I have heard a number of compliments to the talented team at The Cottage Journal for their fine job of showing the creative potential of working with white interiors.

From traditional décor to modern accents to sunny coastal retreats, the coffee table book has home tours to inspire fresh décor for any space. After browsing the pages, readers might love the look but feel lost when figuring out how to make all-white work for them. So to help, the editors at Cottage compiled 5 Tips for Decorating With White, which showcases some of the book’s beautiful content and offers practical design ideas you can easily apply to your own home.

tips for decorating with white

Pairing white walls with wood tones, for instance, allows nature’s beauty to shine through your indoor spaces. White walls also make an ideal backdrop for a colorful collection of books or china. Get all of their ideas and helpful decorating expertise, and don’t forget to order your copy of Cottage Style today!


How do you achieve stylish décor?

Cottage Style: A Palette of White decorating book


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  1. I absolutely agree about using white!! They have so many shades of white today that you have an array of choices. Do not like stark white but a soft shade of white is always a good choice, just like the others have said it is very calming and it is a great palette to work with as it does go with everything!! You can make subtle changes and never have to worry or you can make big changes as well!

  2. I have white walls throughout my home with natural cherry woodwork and I never tire of it. It gjves me the opportunity to select either a particular color or print to give each room it’s own special look at the same time allowing me the freedom to make changes at will.

  3. I’m slowly changing the rooms of our house into all white rooms…it took some convincing since my husband was not exactly a fan of the idea. I love how calming it can be and the neutral pallet allows for seasonal pops of colour in the pillows,flowers,table settings etc.

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