Unique Summer Bouquets: Tea Tins

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One of my favorite parts of summer mornings is stepping out into my garden and savoring the scents of flowers in bloom. Here in the South, fresh flower bouquets are a summer must-have and can dress up even the simplest tablescape. Arranging flowers is a perfect way to repurpose unique containers that you already have.


One type of container that I always have in abundance is tea tins. Through Tea Time magazine, my eyes have been opened to many delicious varieties of tea, as well as the beautiful tins that each blend comes in. I never throw away an empty tin of tea, especially my favorite containers from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas and Harney & Sons. You can place your bouquet straight into the tin, or set a vase or bottle inside of the tin for added décor. Here are some creative ways to turn your tea tins into centerpieces that will be the star of your next table.



What is your favorite way to repurpose tea tins?

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  6. Nice to be reminded of a lovely way to use tea tins. At this moment I have a small dried arrangement in an asparagus tin on our breakfast table – the pictured vegatable and narrow tall can appealed to be repurposed!!

    Like others, I haved used tea & other tins for a bit of everything from decorative to storage. When we travel by car, I always tuck tins of snacks in our suitcase. Usually I prepare a much used rectangular shortbread tin with a small assortment of individually packaged biscotti or other favorite cookies & crackers and a tea tin with packets of tea, raw sugar and half & half. Practical but looks pretty sitting on the hotel table or counter.

    We enjoy experiencing new teas and I must admit that as recently as earlier this week, I purchased a tea I’d never seen before simply because it’s tin was so intriguing! It’s tall, a wonderful green & oval — perfect for a small white floral arrangement!!

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  7. Thank you for sharing! My husband always wants to know why I’m saving “all these empty tins” … And I inevitably point out the tins being used for buttons, cookies, pencils, markers and now flowers 🙂

  8. What a great idea, Phyllis. And the arrangements are simple yet stunning. I just picked some lavender from my garden and will go in search of an appropriate tea tin from my cupboard. One question, do you use a glass jar or line the tin with anything? I’ve used my tea tins for storage but never for fresh flowers.

  9. Lovely column today! I too use a tin for storing biscotti (it’s from Harrod’s London). I also love tins for decorative purposes. Have them on the top of my kitchen cabinets. If I have a few that show a similar theme (flowers, birds, etc.), I will group them. I also love painted tin signs as decoration. Easy to collect and store for seasonal/holiday use on doorways, etc.

  10. What beautiful arrangements in tea tins. They make me want to round up my tea tins and long narrow candy tins and some greenery for perking up my rooms.

    Flowering plants don’t grow in my small, shady yard, but it has some beautiful foliage plants with white stripes or spots and silver under sides which I enjoy very much. Japanese painted fern is lovely, but does not last well and drops minuscule, black seeds .

    I have always been partial to curving little limb tips of short needle pine and other evergreens mixed with white bordered Ivy and smaller, lacy ivy vines. Varicolored miniature tea tins grouped together are perfect for wild violets and the first narcissi. White place mats or doilies mimic flowers underneath or a miniature painting or pencil drawing nearby heightens the effect.

    Thank you for waking us for another round of beautifying our surroundings.

  11. Thanks to all of you for new ideas.

    Phyllis, this is exactly why I love your blog soooo much.

    I am at our cabin for the summer and am looking around again for new and different containers to repurpose!!

    I have a bee allergy so cannot have “flowers” around our decks. (Use nonflowering plants instead). BUT, flowers are hanging outside my kitchen Windows and places where I can see them…not so close. And, I love cut flowers INSIDE and now I have GREAT NEW IDEAS.
    Thanks again all

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  12. What a terrific idea!! I hate throwing my tea tins away, so I generally use them to sort buttons — especially those that I let my grandchildren play with. But I love the idea of using some of the ‘prettier’ tins for flower arranging. Thank you! 🙂

  13. I love to take flowers to people when I visit in a container that they don’t have to return. A tin is a perfect vase. I also use Smuckers jelly jars. Beautiful post today!

  14. Thanks for this inspiration! I also save my decorative tea tins. Think I’ll go out into the garden now and create a little happy flower arrangement.

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    Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog going forward.

    By the way, Alexandra seems to be finding her way alone now – what an inspirational woman!!!!

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