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I sat in my office on a beautiful afternoon and looked through the back issues of Victoria magazine to gather ideas for a new collection of stationery. The name Victoria brings to mind a lifestyle that is defined by elegance and beauty. 

Ever-present were line drawings that inspired the Vintage Collection, featuring a tea cup and tea pot along with botanicals. Lines drawings are elegant and have elaborate detail, making them a favorite of mine.

I have an extensive collection of antique lace which inspired many of the cards in this new collection. The delicate patterns of lace with a white background are the perfect choice for bridal or new baby correspondence.

I plan on using the lace cards for a bridal luncheon I am hosting in a few months. Filigree and flourishes that swirl on a page are reminiscent of the Spenserian Script found in many antique documents. Printed in white over a lovely background color, the personalization just adds to the beauty of your correspondence.

Flowers are always a great choice in creating stationery. My garden is dear to me and whenever I find an artist’s rendering of my favorite flowers, I am always attracted. I adore the beautiful roses, tulips, and morning glories depicted on these handsome notecards.

From my ideas and pencil sketches, the artists at Expressionery masterfully created this enchanting collection of notecards. I know you will love these as much as I do—especially since you can have them personalized.

You have a chance to win a 20-card set of your favorite card. Simply look through the collection and tell us which one is your favorite design.

Comments 233

  1. I love Floral Corners, in Ebony. The contrast beautiful roses bring to a black background is simply stunning. I can see the delight on a friends face when they open the envelope of this stationary and sit down to enjoy the words captured on the page to enjoy forever….

  2. 226 comments, wow these cards really impressed I liked the floral corners the best Will be ordering some of my own for sure.

  3. I love them all; however, my favorite is the scrolling lace. It reminds me of a little bit country ( denim blu) with a sweet hem of lace tucked in.

  4. I love, love, love the Garden Frame notecards. I have a small flower & vegetable garden at home. Whenever I wander outside I invariably spend longer than I originally expected as I’ll get busy deadheading, watering or weeding. These notecards don’t need a bit of pruning or caring for. These are meant for me!

  5. Royal Filigree Folded Notes ~~THANKS FOR THE LOVELY OPPORTUNITY TO ENTER! Beautiful Products to enjoy for everyone!~~ So many entries it is hard to comment something original and thoughtful! Best of Luck to You! On your new business!

  6. Hopefully I haven’t missed the contest, but, the lace flourish (cobalt) is my choice. However, they’re all so lovely, who wouldn’t love writing and sending a note with these lovely cards! Thank you, again, Phyllis, for another elegant giveaway!

  7. I love the Floral Stationery,Personalized Folded Notes,Victoria Collection Stationery.

    Floral Corners Folded Notes

  8. Goodness, they are all winners! My favorite would be the Lace Flourish Folded Notes in the Seashell color. I have an affinity for all things resembling “ballet slipper pink”!

  9. The floral corners folded note cards are unite lovely. But the cute little teapot design makes me want to dust off my China tea sets and invite some friendsin for sweets and tea.

  10. I liked the Floral Corners Folded Notes with the black background option (even though my daughter said it reminded her of a dress I wore in the 1990’s)

  11. I love so many of them, but the timeless lace folded notes seems to stand out to me a little more. How sweet of you to do the giveaway!

  12. I like the lace edged folded notes in lavender. My favorite color is purple, all shades, and I love lace. The two together are beautiful and delicate.

  13. My preference is scrolling lace in the pale blue! Definitely my favorite! It is elegant and cooling on a hot summer day! All the designs are beautiful but this is my favorite. It makes me fel good to just look at it!

  14. All of the stationery is absolutely exquisite. However, my choice would be Floral Corners Folded Notes in Black. The black with the roses in the corners just adds a touch of elegance and is a little different. I love to send cards and write notes to others. I do this quite often and belong to a Facebook group of women, where believe it or not, we send correspondence the old fashioned way often, because we all appreciate the finer things and beauty in life.

    I am so glad that Victoria Magazine exist and you Phyllis are a treasure, continuing to bring your readers the joy of vintage and the vintage look. I have read this magazine from the very beginning and have kept all of the issues (much to my husband’s dismay- storage you know). Thank you for this glorious Giveaway!

  15. The lace bloom folding card is quite beautiful. I think I’d go with the garnet red color–very rich looking. Such a lovely collection!

  16. Loved the Blue Filigree! Famous at any special occasion in my family for the Blue Willow china I use…collect…….
    This set would make excellent invites for a post wedding bridal shower I am throwing!
    Found them all delightful 🙂

  17. There are so many lovely choices, but the vintage teapot is my favorite. I love tea, teapots and colorful cups & saucers. Thank you for the give a way Phyllis.

  18. They are all just beautiful, but I think my favorite is the “Floral Corners Folded.” Thanks for offering the giveaway. 🙂

  19. I love the vintage teapot folded note cards. As a tea drinker and tea pot collector, it fits me to a tea. 🙂


  20. As much as I love teacups and teapots, the “Floral Corners Folded” spoke to me the most. I adore flowers, and to see beautiful flowers painted on the card made me swoon!

  21. All are so beautiful but Floral Corners is my favorite. I fell in love with fine stationery years ago when I was working part time at a prominent department store in Austin TX while attending business school . My job was to emboss names and addresses on the stationery. What fun and what a memory.

    1. Congratulations, Jan F! You are the winner of the Expressionery Stationery Giveaway! Please e-mail me with your shipping information and confirm that Floral Corners is the stationery you are interested in. We will reply letting you know how to redeem.

      Thank you for entering!

  22. Any one of these beautiful notecards would be wonderful, but if I had to choose, it would be Vintage Floral Name in Lagoon.

  23. They are all so lovely! What a pleasure it would be to write note on any of them. I like Vintage Floral best because of it’s timeless elegance.

  24. It would so hard to choose just one favorite when they all are so beautiful! However, the Vintage Floral Initial Folded Notes in begonia is the one I would pick. I love papers and pens and just about anything to do with writing and these would be perfect.

  25. I love The Garden Frame design, very feminine and perfect for summer months. I love to connect with my friends through the written word, much better than an email.

  26. I leave the notecard with the teapot on it. Great to use as an invitation, thank you or just a quick thinking of you card.

  27. Ever since my grandmother taught me to tat when I was younger, I have loved all things lace. My favorite of the notecards is the Scrolling Lace pattern in the turquoise color called Lagoon.

  28. I think my favorite is the floral corner printed notes. I write mostly thank you notes for even small things and am always looking to replenish my supply.
    Thank you Victoria!

  29. I love love the Lace Blooms in pink. I am a bobbin lace maker and the Chantilly French lace is my favorite.
    Thank you.

  30. They’re beautiful and I would use them all. Having to select just one; Lace Flourish Folded Notes are a favorite!

  31. I like the corner flowers the best. I love roses and having them placed in the corners on the simple background allows them to really stand out! I would enjoy using these cards for many occasions!

  32. Difficult decision!!! The Royal Filigree is my favorite. I love the beautiful, detailed scrolls and pretty blue and white contrasting colors. You can’t go wrong with blue and white!!

  33. Hands down, I love the Vintage Tea Cup Note Cards and would use those for tea party invitations—and more. I love writing notes. Fine stationery and fountain pens are a sickness of mine.

    Thank you for listening.

  34. They are all beautiful. My favorite is Lace & Lattice.
    My second favorite is Royal Filigree.
    Thank you for having this lovely giveaway.

  35. The teacup and teapot are my favorites, although all are very pretty. Since my favorite activity is a tea party, these would come in very handy as invitations.
    Thank you for sharing the opportunity!

  36. Those are all very pretty, but my favorite is the teapot, but I think it would be nice to have a box with both of those in it. And, I prefer it on the cream colored background. I have always liked pen and ink drawing.
    I like to write and written notes and cards, and like to make tea, when I do.
    Handwriting a card or note now days is such a respite in a very rushed world.
    That is one of the reasons I love Victoria magazine so much.
    I was a charter subscriber and I have every copy ever printed!
    Thank you so much for not bending to pressure to do away with these beautiful, old time customs!

  37. Love, love, love the Vintage Floral Name Folded Notes. These will be perfect with my first grand-child’s name on them (once she arrives in October). My son is a transplanted Texan living with his beautiful wife in New Jersey, and she is always wanting to “bring some southern” charm into their lifestyle. What a perfect way to start out my grand-daughter with a bit of her daddy’s southern taste! I will be making sure she gets plenty of southern influence to mix with her Italian New Jersey heritage.

  38. I am a color person, so my favorite would be the Garden Frame and Floral corners.
    I have 2 favorites in the lace collection and I love the Vintage Floral Name.
    This collection has something for everyone and every occasion!

  39. They are all gorgeous and I’d love any of them! I think my personal favorite is the teapot – I am a pen and ink artist and it is exactly my style. 🙂

  40. Tough choice! The blue & white royal filigree, so fresh and clean probably takes first place. Second has to be the lovely aqua with lilies!

  41. God created all our beautiful shaped flowers in a zillion colors and
    I personally felt that when I glanced at Garden Frame! Would love to
    share a note of happiness on these awesome note cards….Carmel
    Thank you, Phyllis!

  42. The Lace Florish folded in cobalt is just beautiful. I remember buying notepaper very similar as a teenager. Always loved lace covered notes!

  43. Scrolling Lace Folded Notes in the dark shade of blue is what I would wish to win with my full name spelled JoAnn L Ianniello’s! Thank you so much for recommending this site as I am running low on my stationery supply, so I did place an order because they were so lovely! I hope I still get a chance to win

  44. I love the Royal Filigree folded notes in blue and white. I’d love to have the name of our hundred year old cottage in the country – Old River Cottage imprinted on them. It’s painted blue with white trim and a white picket fence.

  45. The Vintage Floral Name Folded Notes in periwinkle are exquisite! Actually, it is hard to choose ~ all the designs are ever so lovely!

  46. The Scrolling Lace in Cobalt is my favorite! I looked at all of them, but kept coming back to that one. The lace and the color just makes the perfect impression. I can just imagine receiving an envelope in the mail and upon opening it, I am presented with this lovely card. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

  47. They are all beautiful, but thegarden frame folded notes are my favorite.

    It will be interesting to see what new designs the company comes up with next.

  48. Anything tea pleases me as well as florals. Great collection .
    Appreciate a chance to win in this giveaway as I write lots as I so appreciate a letter or note as it means so much more to the soul and that is what life is all about, n’est sa pas?
    Thank you for offering this giveaway and may you be blessed.’

  49. I really love the teacup,as I have a collection of teacups. Also, make “telephone teacups”
    for friends that are sick or just need cheering up.

  50. Beautiful! I’d love to give a set to my daughter who writes four letters each week to elderly family members. Think she’d like the Lace Flourish design in Cobalt because blue is her favorite color.

  51. They are all so lovely that it’s really quite difficult to choose! However, I keep returning to the beautiful Scrolling Lace design because of that stunning “Lagoon” blue color. Reminds me of a Tiffany’s box. 🙂

  52. These are all lovely note papers with some of my favorite things. Still I choose the Vintage Floral Name as my very favorite–love the pen and ink drawings.

  53. I love both Vintage Floral designs! I think the Victorian design elements in all of the collection are very elegant.

  54. Lace and Lattice, if I had to choose only one! They are all quite lovely. I still love sending and receiving handwritten notes!

  55. All of the card designs are lovely. I love sending notes of encouragement and thank yous. The Floral Corners design was my favorite.

  56. How could I even select “just one”? I am still a writer of notes (and letters) while some prefer the quickness of an email, the joy I have in writing is undefined. The Vintage Teapot captured my heart; when I write to someone, I enjoying thinking of the person on the other end of the note, and the visit shared through words, is “the next best thing” to a face to face visit with a shared pot of tea.

  57. Picking a favorite proved to be impossible! While scrolling through the designs, I thought of occasions and personalities that would fit each one. A favorite for a quick note to a friend, a favorite for than you notes, and it goes on . . .

    They are all quite lovely and exquisite and anyone would enjoy sending or receiving each one! I’d be more than happy to receive or write on any of them.

  58. I love them all, of course!!!
    The one that speaks loudest to my heart
    and captures the very
    Essence of elegance is
    for me The Vintage Teapot.
    I adore it!!! And the cup too!!
    That card is saying to me,
    “Let’s have Afternoon Tea!
    Just you and me! Let’s take the time to talk about matters of the heart, like: How are your children and grands, and don’t forget the dogs.”

  59. Call me ‘Old Fashioned’ but that is also why I love Victoria. It takes me back to that more formal and tradional place that is hard to find today. My stationary would always have my full name as I just don’t care for the informality of first name only or single initial stationary seen today.
    And while that is simply my preference, I think that the group of designs you have masterfully created truly have something for everyone. Beautiful stationary is a gift of beauty every time one writes, and my friends never fail to comment on how much they love my notes. I am always flattered to see my invitations, notes and envelopes pinned above my friend’s desks; some of which are several years old. When asked, I am always told ” It was such a beautiful card or envelope that I couldn’t throw it away…and it always reminds me of you!” Your designs have captured that keep able essence.
    So if I am fortunate enough to win, I would love to have the Royal Filigree…with Copperplate script, of course!
    Pamela Jo

  60. Lace and more lace …
    Filigree and swirls …
    Floral patterns …
    All are favorites of mine in choosing a notecard for a special correspondence . It is painful for me to use the “last” one in the box ,thus, I will try to replace with a similar pattern .
    Beautiful stationary is a gift to oneself and to someone dear !
    “Lace Flourish” is lovely .

  61. I love them all!! I do especially love the scrolling lace folded notes. Wouldn’t they be lovely upon opening to view beautiful indigo ink written in perfect script? Oh, so exquisitely delightful for the recipient. Thank you for this opportunity.

  62. If I could only pick one out of the collection, I think it would be the Vintage Floral in antique. It could service several different types of notes to friends and family.

  63. The Garden Frame Folded Notes would be my choice. However, all of them are beautiful, and I would be delighted to win!!

  64. The vintage teapot is my favorite. I collect teapots and teacups. Well, I “rescue” them from the consignment shops that I go to. When my friend had a Christmas tea her daughter made us all return labels with our addresses and little teapots on them. They were so cute. It took me a while to use them because I did not want to let them go. Thanks for the ribbon in my journal. Sometimes it really brings back a lot of memories. ritatea

  65. Forgot to mention that I also would have chosen Scrolling Lace and Vintage Teacup/Teapot if they were offered in pink.

  66. My choice would be the Lace Blooms in Rosewood. I appreciate that the back of the note cards have a lovely design too.

  67. I love the Floral Corners with the black background. My roses are blooming and I have one that looks exactly like this. Phyllis, is there anything you cannot do! Amazing.

  68. These designs are stunning. I would have to pick the Vintage Floral Initial “S” with the beautiful teal background. I am a monogram addict since attending Martha Pullen licensings. Every beautiful item deserves a monogram!

  69. They’re all absolutely lovely, but Lace Flourish and Garden Frame really struck me at first glance – gorgeous!

  70. I love the the Garden Frame folded notes! They are so colorful and cheerful; who wouldn’t love getting one in the mail?

  71. So many lovely cards! The Vintage Collection makes me want to write notes, and my favorite of them all is Royal Filigree.

  72. These are absolutely lovely and truly convey a gracious feeling. I think it might be easier to tell you which one will be at the bottom of my wish list rather than all the designs that are at the top.
    The Garden Frame folded notes are topping they list. I love the colors and the feeling of spring (they also match the curtains in my office).
    Thank you for creating these and sharing them with us!
    All the best

  73. I love Floral Corners but would have a hard time choosing between a black or white background! Both lovely. Recently, I have given two wedding gifts that got no acknowledgement (over a year later!) and a lovely baby gift that got me a generic email thanking me for “making it a lovely day.” This is just not right!

  74. Although they are ALL beautiful; I have a tie for 2 of them: the Scrolling Lace folded notes & the Floral Corners folded notes. Just can’t choose between them.
    So lovely–

  75. My favorite may just be The Lace Flourish Folded Notes in lavender, they are breathtaking! This collection provides so many beautiful choices – hard to limit my creative options to just one! 🙂 What a joy!

  76. Lace Blooms speaks to me. I have always enjoyed writing long letters or short notes.
    The “Personalization” tab shows what your words will look like and is a great feature when ordering.

  77. They are all so lovely but being a tea lover I do love the Vintage Tea Cup and Floral Corners looks so sweet.

  78. I love the Royal Filigree and that the design is carried to the back of the card is a nice and unexpected touch! I love the font on the Vintage Floral cards also.

  79. Lace Flourish. LAce is so feminine, makes me want to just sit down and write a note. With a fountain pen, of course!

  80. I love the scrolling lace folded notes. It is reminiscent of lace that I used on a collar for my column in “Sew Beautiful”.

  81. I love the Garden Frame Folded Notes. My very favorite.
    But I also love all the rest of them.
    Please sell all of these through Victoria.
    I will continue writing notes & letters until I can no longer do so.
    There are still a lot of us letter writers out there. You can tell by all of the comments on this site so far.
    I love your Ribbon in my Journal, Phyllis. Keep up the good work you’re all doing there.

  82. Love the Garden Frame note cards! This past year I have been learning and making gum paste flowers! These note cards would be perfect when I am giving a decorated cake as a gift!

  83. While the whole collection is lovely, my favorite is the Garden Frame.
    I LOVE flowers, and the Garden Frame is beautiful!

  84. As a lover of MacKenzie-Childs, I would have to say, Floral Corners in Black!! Wow!! I have always been a person who loves colors, and the black background on that one just makes those colors “POP!!” Although they are all just beautiful! ! Thanks for sharing!!

  85. Like you Phyllis, I learned to love stationery and pens from Alexandra Stoddard. Of this assortment , the Garden frame notes catch my eye as they could be used for any number of occasions. I love to send and receive a hand written note!

  86. My goodness, so many beautiful designs…difficult to choose just one, but I love the Vintage Floral in blue. I write notes all the time, and have an entire room devoted to stationary etc. I cannot see a world without handwritten thank you cards, invitations, or simply a thinking of you note. Thank you Phyllis, for your inspirational ribbons.

  87. Hmmmm, what a tough choice to make! There were several designs I could envision writing sweet little notes in and sending. The Vintage Teacup cards would be perfect to send to my little granddaughters, who love a good tea party. And the Vintage Floral cards would be darling to send to friends and family. But the one I have to say I liked the *very* best, was the Scrolling Lace cards. How pretty! 🙂

  88. As a needleworker, I am always on the lookout for items that showcase the intricacy and beauty of various forms of needlework and the Scrolling Lace Folded Notes does this perfectly!

  89. I love “all things tea” and have hostessed several formal teas as either charity fundraisers or personal party teas (with themes such as: Coco Chanel Birthday Tea, a Gala Country Club Downton Abbey Tea, Good-Bye Tea, Breast Cancer Tea, to name a few). Therefore, my choice would be tea-related notecards….love them (and the idea of pausing to to visit with friends over light refreshments, accompanied by a pot of freshly brewed tea)!

    Gail Appel, Galena, Illinois

    1. and your “tea parties” are always “done” with EVERY detail possible, a treat to the senses, a delight to the eye, a burst of delicious to the palate, an invitation to be coveted.

  90. The Garden Floral design is perfect especially for this time of year.

    One can almost imagine oneself in a rose garden!

  91. Although my handwriting is not what it used to be, I still enjoy writing simple notes and thank you’s to friends and family. And I have always loved anything that can be personalized. My favorite is the vintage teacup folded note. Everyone knows I am a tea drinker and that they will hear from me occasionally by snail mail in addition to my email. Lovely collection!

  92. I have a small business and I am interested in your collection. Do you sell wholesale?

    Nancy’s Fancy

  93. Scrolling Lace royal blue shade with the white I think is my favorite. However its hard to do by just looking at pictures. It wouldn’t surprise me if I saw each of the designs in person I might change my mind.

  94. They’re all lovely but my favorite is the Scrolling Lace Folded Notes in the gorgeous Lagoon color! Have a great day!

  95. When I saw the Vintage teacup design I immediately knew that is a design that would resonate with me, my two daughters and, someday–hopefully, my new granddaughter. Sharing tea creates so many memories and tradition as does sending personal notes. Definitely, vintage teacup!

  96. They are all lovely, my eye fell on the Vintage Floral Initial folded note in lagoon . Love your magazine’s Victoria and Bake. Nancy

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