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A Weekend at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina

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I just love short weekend trips where we can get away, relax, and re-energize. Neal and I did just that and had the privilege of staying at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina, just a couple of weeks ago. I had been there many years ago when I spoke at a convention but had not been there just to relax.

James LumleyIf you are looking for a great getaway place for you and your husband or for a girlfriend getaway, this is the place. Let me be the first to say that you will love the food here. We met the most delightful chef, James Lumley, at VUE 1913, one of the restaurants in the hotel. He was so creative in his menu offerings. He is from Florida and loves citrus so many of the dishes are infused with tasty citrus flavors. He stole our hearts with the Lobster-Scallop dish from his Taste of the Mountains menu. I wish I could even come close to preparing a dish like that.

The Spa at the Grove Park Inn is a treat. It is an award-winning spa offering services for women who want to be pampered. Don’t we all? I saw countless groups of friends piling in for their girlfriend day, and in speaking with them, I learned that this has become an annual event. Now that’s a great idea!

Now I have to tell you this. When we arrived and were escorted to our room, we had a couple of hours before time for dinner. As we were contemplating what we were going to wear, Neal realized that all our clothes were still hanging in the closet back in Birmingham. With the help of a lovely lady named Cecile Brim, we were directed to a store where we could quickly find “black pants and two tops” that we women are all known for. She pointed out quickly that the entire hotel is casual and all about relaxing. Her job was to make sure her guests stay relaxed and taken care of completely—mission accomplished!


I think the picturesque setting of the mountains makes this a place of serenity. Eating lunch at the Sunset Terrace was a highlight for me. With the gentle breeze blowing through the open-air restaurant, the splendor of the mountains was spectacular. I love to dine outside, and this was a treat. The food was exceptional and featured locally grown produce.

If you love history as we do, this hotel has some of the greatest stories to tell just through seeing the collection of memorabilia that is displayed. I can’t imagine even building a place like this with the massive stone fireplaces and porches—what an engineering accomplishment. I have the book written about the inn and just reading the stories of the people that designed, built, and have owned this inn amazes me.

Rocking chairs abound. With fall here, I can think of nothing more wonderful than rocking while loving the extraordinary show of fall foliage from a rocking chair on the porch of the inn while sipping hot coffee—paradise.


If you love modern, then you’ll love the part of the hotel that is very new and modern. If you are like me and love the old historical styles, then the main inn building will delight you.

We took a day trip to Blowing Rock and enjoyed every moment of strolling through that little village. There is something about local artisans and their work that just makes me giddy. We found potters, glass artisans, farmers with fresh produce, garment designers, tea and spice experts, and yes, the ice cream store. Antiquing is a passion of ours, and Asheville has a plethora of stores from which to choose. The Antique Tabacco Barn antiques store is our favorite, as we love prowling through zillions of vintage and antique things.

As the departure time came and we left the beautiful Inn, we knew this would be a place that we would visit many times. Plan a trip for the weekend, and soak up the beauty of the Grove Park Inn. You will love it.

Where is your favorite place to take a weekend getaway?


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  1. Phyllis, Got a little behind with reading my emails, but just read your journal about Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. We are lucky enough to live at the foothills of the NC mountains and visit Asheville often. We do an annual 3 or 4 day stay every Christmas at the Grove Park Inn and it is beautiful at Christmas. The food is great and we get a special treat every year they do the Gingerbread Competition at the Grove Park. The Gingerbread Houses and various Gingerbread concoctions are all on display for the public to view. It is amazing to see. If you have not seen it you should plan a trip to Grove Park just to see the displays. Every year I look so forward to this trip with my husband. My granddaughters went with us one year and they loved it too. Thanks for visiting our neck of the woods. Peggy

  2. We lived for seven years in the mountains of North Carolina. I am certain that the term”natural beauty” was coined there! About an hour South-East of Asheville is the very charming, self-contained college town of BREVARD. Galleries, shops , restaurants, weekly Mountain-music gatherings…just a very special place, ringed by mountains. How I miss that place!!

  3. Asheville and Blowing Rock are two of our favorite places. As North Carolinians, we are lucky enough to live close enough to visit often. The fall is such a beautiful time of year with the cool, crisp temperatures and the beautiful changing of the leaves, and the Sunset Terrace at the Grove Park is always a highlight.

  4. This looks so beautiful, Phyllis! I am glad that you were able to have a little get away with Neal and that the two of you enjoyed a relaxing, wonderful time together! North Carolina is so gorgeous, especially at this time of year. I have added the Inn to my “list” of places I want to stay. Thank you!

  5. Ashville is a bit far from Houston for a week-end trip, but I do love that place. It’s heaven. I could easily live in North Carolina, and think it’s one of our most beautiful states. I was in Winston-Salem for a couple of week a few years ago and made the trip to Ashville all by myself. Just to see Biltmore. Beautiful story here. xx’s

  6. Asheville is one of my all time favorite places, particularly this time of year. So glad you enjoyed it! The Grove Park Inn really is spectacular.

  7. One of our favorite places! We try to go one a year for a week. The food, view and spa are all fantastic. The Staff is wonderful. We like going for the Gingerbread house competition and of course seeing the Baltimore decorated for Christmas. Funny thing last time we came my husband forgot all his clothes that were in a clothing bag left at home. We had to get him a wardrobe for the week and Kohl’s was a quick shopping spree and a big sale. Even bought him a jacket for dinner. Grove Park is a wonderful and relaxing place to go . Fun for a romantic time with hubby.

  8. Asheville is beautiful this time of year and so is a wonderful place called Waynesville which is about 45 minutes west of Asheville in Haywood County. Also a trip to Maggie Valley and Joey’s Pancake house is fun. They have the best breakfast around. Everytime I come to Asheville I take a trip over there. Wonderful arts and crafts (pottery) in downtown Waynesville.

  9. Next time you visit Blowing Rock in warm weather be sure to make reservations to eat lunch on the patio at “The Village Cafe”! Most of my day trips are to Blowing Rock and Asheville since we live an hour away from both of them. I am so thankful that you continued the publication of Victoria. I was devastated when publication ceased! I’m an avid fan and customer of all your publications. Thank you for bringing beauty and grace into my life! Blessings to you!

  10. For me, a great weekend get away is historic Niagara on the Lake. This is a gem of a town not far from Niagara Falls. The centre is lovely with many shops and restaurants and the streets are adorned with colourful flowers.But the primary focus is the Shaw Theatre with a long season of plays and musicals. There is a beautiful park that leads to the shores of Lake Ontario where you can relax and watch sailboats and birds gently caressing the waters.There are countless wineries, antique shops,golf courses and restored inns and Victorian homes. You can enjoy a lovely afternoon Tea at The Prince of Whales Hotel.Then take the Niagara parkway, a scenic, meandering route you can drive, walk or cycle that leads eventually to the falls. Don’t forget to stop in at the farm stands along the way and pick up seasonal fruit…the peaches in August are the best! This is a town steeped in Canadian history. It is our weekend destination throughout the year as it is wonderful in all four seasons…but in autumn it is outstanding!

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