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I Would Love to Hear What Inspires You

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Now that it is officially spring, it’s time for another topic request! Not only did you all give me wonderful ideas when we did this a few months ago, but your feedback also opened the door for more conversations among the community we have through this blog.

The moments I love most are when I get to connect with you all, so writing about the things I know are of interest to you is one way I can do that. So, here we go!

Please post your ideas or inspirations below! You just might see your request on the blog soon. I wish you all the best week.

Happy spring!

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  1. I love all your publications. I have subscribed to Victoria since it was originally published, I purchase all the Cottage magazines and just love all the topics you cover in them. I love gardening, reading, cooking, and Travel, so any article to do with these topics is wonderful. I also, have an adorable 14 month old granddaughter that lives in Australia, so would welcome any articles on children’s topics.
    Continue doing the wonderful job of bringing your readers so much beauty and joy!
    Thank you

  2. The history of collectibles and antiques – I always enjoy these features.

    Fine clothes, handmade clothing & accessories – not necessarily things we can purchase readily online, but perhaps destination shops in interesting travel areas.

    Beautiful gardens and architecture. Historic homes and restoration projects.

    Travel – keep on featuring those great places!

    Recipes for holidays and celebrations. Maybe feature recipes from chefs at a travel destination, or feature a travel destination cooking school.

    Happy Easter!

  3. I love all of Hoffman Media magazines! You cover so many wonderful things. The only idea I had would be on fashion. Possibly all things fashion, southern style. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  4. Hi Phyllis.
    You inspire me! I would love to learn how you came to create all the wonderful magazines in Hoffman Media and to learn your biography. Not sure if you have written about this in book form or essays. Look forward to knowing how you came to make your decisions to be a publisher of all the amazing magazines.

  5. I cannot get enough of Victoria magazine. I love the blue & white themes but I would most love to see something regularly about babies /infant ideas and crafts. Victoria used to have a regular article called “The Children’s Corner” as I recall. The latest issue re France was exquisite! Thank you for the joy you bring!!!

  6. A few things I always love to see/read more about are lovely heirloom sewing, beautiful china, anything Victorian, and anything tea related. Maybe even ideas on how to par down the too many collectibles in order to keep my children from having to deal with them once I’m gone would be helpful. That might sound morbid, but it’s been on my mind quite a bit lately, and I’m not even 60 yet.

  7. Hello Phyllis
    I would love to see articles from a botanist on how exactly to grow herbs, vegetables and flowers in different climates, what they need for nourishment, and how much sunlight and water they need.

  8. I would like to see a page concerning children. A feature from time to time on children’s books, series and classics from years ago. A regular feature on genealogy would be a great addition, too. Would love to see some history of famous homes.

  9. Thank you for asking for suggestions for the beautiful Victoria magazine. I enjoy your special issues featuring England and France. I would love to see special issues on Ireland, Germany, Scotland and Holland[The Netherlands].

  10. I would love to see some articles on ballet,Irish Step dancing, tap, and good old fashioned ballroom dancing. Thank you for such a lovely magazine as Victoria.

  11. Phyllis, I personally love your blog and everyone who is attracted to it!
    I would like French baking dessert ideas.
    also: Italian Pastas, a variety and table settings to go with them.
    also; Breads and bread making ideas.
    Etiquette at different type of breakfast lunch and dinner parties. formal/informal and place settings. also place-cards; styles and ideas. From past to now-a-days.
    Aprons, how they got started and a variety of styles and use. Have always been curious about aprons. There is a story behind The Apron! Some are just so fashionable and cute.
    Spring Summer Fall and Winter Table floral center piece arrangements, I always like to change designs and celebrate each season.
    Thank you for sharing,
    California Carmel

  12. I depend on the pages of Victoria to inspire beauty in my life, family, and home. My mom always loved this magazine, and now my sister (and sister-in-law) and I love it ! I don’t ever want it to go out of print again, so I’m thinking there needs to be topics in every issue to inspire each generation. Perhaps some simple budget friendly “how-tos” about how to get started in: floral arranging, hospitality, cooking, quilting, embroidery, knitting/crochet, water color painting, home decorating, travel, etc. I have also enjoyed reading the writer-in-residence features and other memoirs throughout the years. It’s wonderful to “get lost” in each issue!

  13. Let me behin by expressing my love and admiration for everything about Victoria. I have been relishing this magazine from the time I was a young woman.

    I would love to see vacation destinations or tours that are tailored to an independent natured woman traveling solo. Perhaps ones that don’t require waliking five miles daily. However, still allowing one to absorb and enjoy the beauty, art, architecture, cuisine, and culturals of the destinations.

    I have found traveling alone increases our self reliance.

    Thank you for the opportunity to input suggestions.


  14. I LOVE your magazine and always have! So, keep up the great work you do.

    I like anything and everything textile related (from linens to historical and contemporary clothes, and decorating ideas) especially those which I can emulate!

    Also, I would like to see more simple, yet delectable recipes, in addition to the special occasion ones you always include!

  15. I would love to see more homes that have color. I see all the white and neutral homes in your magazines and they are pretty, but then I turn the page and there’s a home that is colorful, and my heart sings!
    I also would love to see more calligraphic artists in Victoria. That is such a beautiful craft.
    Fewer recipes.
    I’d like a bit more information on the historic places in the magazines.
    Keep up the great work you are doing. Your readers love you!

  16. Your article on Marjorie K. Rawlings home in Florida made me want to visit there and to also read The Yearling. Then I saw that our local library had recently added a new book about director, Clarence Brown, who directed The Yearling movie with Gregory Peck (the University of Tennessee Theater is named after Brown) — so I read that, too. Through The Yearling, I’ve become interested in Gene Stratton Porter, who was also a naturalist and one of the most widely read authors in the early 2oth Century. Two of her rustic homes in Indiana have been preserved. I’d like to see a feature on the homes and the Limberlost books of Porter. By the way, she was also an early Hollywood director!

    1. I began reading Gene Stratton Porter books at a very young age…and she remains a favorite author after all of these years. I would, also, like to see her homes and it would be interesting to hear more about her amazing knowledge of nature…such as a book that she wrote about moths…a very detailed and knowledgeable book…who knew that there were so many different kinds of moths.

      I am, also, a big fan of Victoria magazine and appreciate the loveliness of gardens and homes as well as the Writer-in-Residence and Resident Artist articles. After all, that is how I discovered my favorite author, Jan Karon. It would have been such a loss if I had never been able to go to Mitford and meet all of the wonderful characters there and been blessed, especially, by the love of the Heavenly Father flowing through Father Tim and Cynthia (by way of Jan Karon) to those in need…those of us who go quite often to Mitford. So, I will always be indebted to Victoria for arranging that meeting. :o) Thank You, Phyllis!

  17. Victoria Magazine and your blog, ” The Ribbon in My Journal” are a constant source of inspiration for me. I think of inspiration as something that breathes new or fresh life into us. Reading your blog and perusing the Victoria magazines revive my mind and soul.
    I would love to hear more about what creative endeavors other folks are trying. I’m also interested in books others are reading. I also love hearing true stories , especially about small beginnings that yield unexpected fruit in someone’s life.

  18. Everything you write is inspiring and often a lot of fun. Like others, I love decorating, but there are so many magazines now about decorating that would be nice to read about the more unusual topics. The kind that only “Victoria” seems to do so well. What I would like to read about is people who are keeping alive the “lost arts” or age old crafts that seem to be fading away from daily life in this country. Not just the more well known arts and crafts, but the obscure or unusual or even strange ones that many are not familiar with. Or articles about people who restore the old or unusual things in order to keep them around to be enjoyed by later generations.

    I love Victoria!

    1. In line with your interest in “lost crafts,” please visit, where you’ll find a wealth of information on vintage linens, lace, and embroidery. When you click on Our Favorite Ideas, you’ll find hundreds of ways to use vintage linens, replace missing stitches, even upcycle damaged pieces in beautiful new ways. You may find the board Antique Sewing Implements especially fascinating—our great-grandmothers used the most amazing tools (plus lots of love) to create the items we treasure today.
      Victoria magazine often features lovely antique linens in its photos, so it would be a joy to learn more of the back story on how they were made and used.

  19. I like the idea of Bed & Breakfast stories. There use to be a B&B magazine that was stopped & I personally really miss it. I like the tours of the homes, the recipes, & info on the local areas.
    I own 2 vacation rental home in Cape Coral Florida & I think stories about those types of homes & the areas their in would be interesting.
    I also think more stories about Florida, North Carolina Charlotte area, NYC suburbs & 1000 Islands in NY/Canada because those are the places I live during the year.

  20. Well, I so enjoy The Ribbon in My Journal! And each of the other magazines that Hoffman publishes.

    I’d love to see a “writer-in-residence,” along with an excerpt of that author’s writing.

    What about a series on Southern writers, where they lived in the South, etc. or a series on books set in the South?

    More suggestions for decorating for first time home buyers and suggestions for the almost middle income homeowners.

    What about decorating by repurposing?

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Post

      Hi, Georgia!

      Thank you for the feedback. Southern Lady magazine has a current travel series called Southern Literary Trail which offers interesting activities in the area of the writers’ homes. In future issues we are featuring William Faulkner and Flannery O’conner! Here is a link for more information:


  21. Would love for there to be a tutorial on how to search for past articles. Would be great when planning a vacation or finding out what is in my own backyard that I have missed.

    As a retired librarian, I can tell you that it would be an invaluable gift for patrons too !

  22. Well, gosh! There is SO much that I love about your publications and blog. I love gardens, beautiful home décor, visiting inside your lovely home, anything related to Colonial Williamsburg, recipes of ingredients commonly found in the average home (not just for entertaining), your tales with your sister and your family, and behind the scenes of Hoffman Media. One question for you: When are you going to write another book? I really enjoyed the one focused around shoes in your life!!!

  23. short southern road trips

    Flower pot “recipes” for porches and decks, summer

    furniture trends and arrangements

    New home trends

  24. Everyone has so many wonderful ideas.
    I love the recipes you post too.
    I would enjoy seeing more about the behind the scenes of Hoffman Media. I LOVE all of your magazines. One of my fav posts is when you did the holiday greeting a few years ago. I watched it every day that holiday.

    LOVE Ribbon Journal❤️

  25. Readers that have lost and love an opioid addict. I lost my 23 year old daughter in 2007. I still need to reach out to others who have lost or are supporting an addict. This may be too much asking of this format but it deeply effects many of your followers. I understand.
    Thank you

  26. The ideas already posted are all so very good! I would like to second the suggestion about collections, also how to display them. Also, textiles, handwork, embroidery, using these in everyday life. And books! What are you reading? And music! I know you play piano–but what exactly do you like to play? And recipes! I always save the recipes you print since they are old-fashioned, simple and tasty. Keep up the good work! So many of us love to read what you have to say.

    1. I’m with Pam. Music, food, books, gardens, textiles, antiques , etiquette, beauty in all its form. Oh, sounds like My favorite magazine, Victoria.

  27. Do you know about the Plymouth Tapestry being done in Plymouth, MA for the 400 year anniversary? It will be 21 panels, 6 feet long panels being done like the Bayeux Tapestries with the correct researched history of the Native Americans and the Pilgrims telling their story. Elizabeth Creeden from Plymouth is the artist, she has also chosen all the stitches, colors, and has put together a professional team of stitchers. The panels as one is finished can be seen at Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, MA. The first panel is due to arrive at the museum on May 1, 2019. The project should be completed in the fall of 2021. You will be utterly amazed at the workmanship, the details, and the story told. This is an ongoing project that should be documented in stages. People will want to see and know all about it. I can guarantee that!!!

  28. I also agree with Annie’s suggestions.

    More blue and white “how to’s”: tablescapes, interior decor, exterior decor, how to use the combo in the garden-statuary, plant materials, etc.

    More French Country inspiration: menus, recipes, decor, etc.

    More linens and textiles.

    More stories from your travels and family memories.

    So enjoy your posts and magazines!!

    1. I agree! Especially anything in blue and white, both interior décor and exterior – porches, garden courtyard. My eyes need to feast on these because it’s still wintry here.

  29. I agree with all the wonderful ideas already mentioned. I would also like to see posts about bed and breakfast in the U S that kindred spirits have stayed in and loved.
    Thank you Phyllis for asking us about our desires and wishes.

  30. I would love more Business of Bliss topics. The businesses owned by women that are creative and interesting. Thank you for asking!

  31. It would be interesting to read about the things people collect and why. Through the years I’ve had many collections; matchbook covers, postcards, Matchbox cars, bells, lighthouses, cup plates, etc. Thankfully, they never amounted to a huge collection or else my house would be overrun.

  32. 1. Stories about giving back to communities, such as a successful gardener teaching kids who don’t often have access and exposure to many fruits and vegetables how to grow and enjoy them.
    2. How to decorate on a budget or in a very small space like a city apartment.
    3. Tea parlors around the world. How other cultures enjoy tea and the foods they pair them with.
    4. Crafting decor for your home using natural materials.
    5. Hosting a tasty and nutritious afternoon tea.
    6. Choosing music to enhance your tea parties.
    7. Tasteful style for all ages and sizes of women, including accessories and cosmetics.

    1. I second everything that Annie has suggested! I would also like to thank you for taking me up on my suggestion of writing a blog pertaining to grandchildren . . . . my little grandson arrived safely on March 15th, and I am hopelessly in love with him!! I plan to spend as much time as possible with him (and my daughter, too!).

      I’d love to see some articles on gift-giving – – ideas for children and women of all ages, both affordable and fun/educational/lovely . . . maybe some ideas that are not so traditional or run-of-the-mill . . . ?

      Please continue to show us photos of your lovely home, as well . . . . even the bedrooms, laundry room and bathrooms, if possible! Your decorating inspires me to think “beautiful” when making choices for my own home! Thank you, Phyllis, for the wonderful gift you give to all of us with every stunning issue of Victoria. xoxoxo

  33. To me Spring means just one thing, Pilgrimage time in Natchez. I would love for you to do a feature on the wonderful work that was done to save Choctaw Hall in Natchez. It is extraordinary and now one of the finest homes in Natchez. Just a few years ago it was abandoned and in quite bad shape. The new owners Lee and David did an inspired job to save his magnificent mansion and fill it with exquisite family collections.

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