What Is Your Style?

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For the most part, we all like to say that we have a “style” or a combination of styles that we prefer. Traditional, French country, romantic, contemporary—the list goes on. This new book, Country Farmhouse by Cindy Smith Cooper, includes a range of different styles from vintage to industrial to classic, and many in between. But however unique each home is, they all embody the trademark of a true farmhouse—a timeless aesthetic and comfortable elegance.

These two attributes are what I love most about a country farmhouse. Every house in this book has an undeniable charm that simply makes the space feel like a true home. Each bedroom, garden, kitchen, and outdoor living area left me completely in awe. This book provides countless ideas intended to enrich and inspire everyday life, and I am so excited to share a few of my favorite images from it today.

A Personal Touch

Photo: Alise O’Brien

Refined Rustic

Photo: Heidi Long

Modern Country Style

Photo: Robert Stubberd, Styling: Susan Burns

Pre-order your copy today to receive 20% off, and in the meantime, answer this question in the comment section below: How would you describe your style?

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  1. I would describe my style as cozy Zen Shaker cottage. I prefer a smaller home filled with simple and functional pieces with clean lines and harmonious colors. Accessories made from natural materials like wood and soft fabrics as well as an Asian influence make things feel welcoming, calming, and cozy.

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