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What’s Going on at Hoffman Media?

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So many of you send me the most wonderful notes about issues you have enjoyed, and I truly love them and do read each one! Many of you ask the same questions, which have led to this blog post: What all do you publish at Hoffman Media? How many magazines do you have?

Those are two fantastic questions, and I always enjoy sharing what we do here at our company. There are some issues that may be unavailable on newsstands in your area, or you may not even know we publish them at all. That is why, last week, I decided to write a monthly review of some of our new releases!

During August, we release several exciting special editions that are sold on newsstands only and are not a part of a regular subscription. These magazines are a salute to the charm of autumn—a glorious season of rich color, delicious food, and celebrations.

I hope you enjoy this personal insight on all that is in the pages of the fall-inspired issues!

Victoria Classics: Autumn Bliss

When our Victoria staff set out to celebrate autumn, this issue led the way. From farms in Mt. Vernon, Washington, to homes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the photographs will enchant you. As you turn each page, you are taken to another part of our country where beauty abounds. The floral designs for fall by Sidra Forman showcase the beauty of the blossoms and creative ways to arrange them. And if that wasn’t enough, a glimpse at the Cotswolds in England made me want to go there! Autumn menus and favorite recipes are wonderful with fall fruits and vegetables at the forefront.

Victoria Classics cover


Apple Baking

Oh, my goodness! Cakes, cookies, pies, and more all use a fall staple—apples! When I opened the cover and saw an easy-to-make Cranberry-Apple Upside-Down Johnny cake, I nearly left my office to go home and bake it. With the turn of each page, I rejoiced that our test kitchens developed a full collection of pies that are my favorites. I have always wanted to make a crostata, and this weekend, it’s happening! It’s the tart with the crust folded over the edges.

Apple Baking cover


Pecan Everything

When pecans come into season, cooks everywhere go nuts (sorry…I had to). I love a good pecan recipe and this entire magazine is devoted to cooking with the fall favorite. Oh wow, let me tell you, the Salted Caramel Pecan Popcorn takes movie nights, or any night, for that matter, to the next level. And I was so impressed with our test kitchen when the Fried Pecan Pies appeared. I get to sample things from time to time, and this recipe won my heart. Pecans are it—and this collection is a treasure trove of ways to cook with them.

Pecan Everything cover


The Cottage Journal: French Home

Cindy Cooper and her staff have captured the spirit of French décor in this special issue. I learned that the violet flower has a special place in French history, too. As I studied the photos and interesting articles, I was thrilled that there are resources for picking up French items in our country. I can’t get enough of the wonderful linens, both casual and dressy. If you are looking for a beautiful magazine of inspiration, this one is for you.

French Home cover


Louisiana Cookin’

When we bought this magazine several years ago, I had no idea of the wonderful food traditions and offerings in Louisiana. When I tasted the Shrimp, Andouille, and Okra Gumbo with Jalapeño Cornbread Sticks, my, oh my, I just couldn’t get enough! From decadent desserts to wonderful seafood, Louisiana cuisine is fabulous.

Louisiana Cookin' cover


Bake from Scratch

Fall baking is a time of great enjoyment for me. The harvest fruits of the season inspire many of our recipes here at Hoffman Media. When my son Brian shared the upcoming contents with me, I began imagining the recipes in store from our chefs. One of my favorite articles is on Nordic Ware—the Bundt pan company! The many offerings of shapes and sizes that are available to all of us are fascinating. Not to mention, the Ginger Pear and Walnut Tart in this issue. With a cup of coffee and dessert in hand, I was in heaven!

Bake From Scratch cover


Cook Real Food Every Day

One of our newest magazines at Hoffman Media is Cook Real Food Every Day. Brooke Bell and her staff have made everyday cooking so much fun and a delectable experience. This issue features dishes that only require one pot, which I love! If you are like me, the fewer pots, the better. At our home, we are obsessed with butternut squash. Have you ever cooked with it? The cover recipe is a Butternut Squash Pasta that I know you will all enjoy!

Cook Real Food Every Day cover


Southern Cast Iron

The cover of this magazine totally won me over—Smoked Chicken and Tarragon Pot Pie. This recipe is a success, and the empty plates around here prove it. I adore my cast-iron skillet, and anything I can cook in it makes me happy. This fall issue has the most scrumptious dishes that can all be made in the cast-iron skillet. Apples and pears reign supreme in this issue, along with yeast breads!

Southern Cast Iron cover


Southern Home

I had the pleasure of touring some of the most beautiful homes in the South. Lynn Terry and her staff are challenged with finding stunning houses that are lived in by regular families! All of these wonderful homes inspire me to try new decorating ideas by some of the country’s leading designers and architects. Barbara Westbrook shares decorating tips that are priceless and result in elevated and expertly edited rooms.

Southern Home cover


Southern Lady Special Edition: Autumn

All I have to say is autumn in the South is a magnificent time. From pumpkins and gorgeous leaves to family time and outdoor fun, the season is exhilarating! This is one of the most popular issues we do every year and usually sells out in a snap. Why is it that cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage make us go crazy for all things cozy and beautiful? I also found exceptionally creative ideas for decorating my porch with pumpkins from this issue. Plus, there are loads of delicious recipes for fall gatherings!

Southern Lady Classics cover


So, what do I do at Hoffman Media? I get to be a part of teams that create beautiful magazines that celebrate life. When I can sneak into the test kitchens, I sample some of the food that we feature. Oh, my! That is like living in a five-star restaurant. I love working with our teams and hearing their wonderful ideas they are planning for features. I hope you have enjoyed a little trip through our latest releases and that you enjoy reading them even more.

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  1. I always look forward to your special issues for fall and Christmas! I know fall is around the corner when I see the first issues on the stands! Puts me in the mood to decorate for the season!

  2. I need to get tea time, again I will grab it off the news stand but need to start another order of it is a sweet magazine. Victoria, is a great one too I would get it at my JoAnns Fabric store such a delight.

  3. Add me to the list of keepers! As I have stated before, I have one of every issue of Victoria and I also was sick at heart when it was discontinued. How COULD Hoffman Media do this to ME???? It just made me more determined to keep and treasure all my issues! I rejoiced when I received the notice it was to be published again. I have all issues of TeaTime also. I love Autumn and the forest with gorgeous colors is almost more than my old heart can bear. The opening photo with the purple Mums and other lavenders is most inspiring. I wish I could see it close-up to see the china and silverware patterns. Keep up the good work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Phyllis. Sharon

    1. Ok Let me clear this up!!! Hearst is the company that folded Victoria not Hoffman Media. We are the ones who relauched it because we missed it too! We are grateful that Hearst would work with us and we all could enjoy Victoria again. Thank you for being a loyal reader!!!

  4. My niece said she had stopped taking magazines because they aren’t as interesting as Pintrest. Like the others commenting I took Victoria from its inception and cried when the publication ended, I had saved all of them. When you began to publish Victoria again I was delighted and have saved them until someone asks for a specific edition. Thank you for the love you share with us in all things beautiful and I still make the figgy pudding recipe in one of Victoria many years ago.

  5. I like everything that Hoffman Media publishes, but especially the “Bliss” series. Usually these special issues are available in local grocery stores. The new Autumn Bliss is a favorite and I’m looking forward to its arrival. Your leading photo already inspires me to think “cool fall days” and to start planning autumn alfresco dinners on our courtyard.

  6. Every single magazine you publish a pure delight! They are each one, keepers, like Michelle mentioned in her comment. Yours are the only magazines FrenchGardenHouse still advertises with, because your issues never disappoint, they are classic, timeless and beautiful. Thank you for always delighting all your readers {and advertisers- for us, one and the same!} time and time again.

  7. I love Hoffman media mags. Your images of Southern homes & decor seem less stylized to sell products, and more comfortable, as we all wish our homes to be. Thanks!

  8. We enjoy your magazines and they never disappoint us. We have a suggestion, we would love to see an issue dedicated to Ireland. Thank You for your lovely magazines.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  9. I LOVE this magazine! I was an original “charter” subscriber, and to this day, Victoria magazine is the ONLY magazine which I continue to collect and keep. I have every issue!
    In the past, I would collect other magazines, but eventually, would donate them to our library for their gift shop sales. Victoria remains “timeless” and beautiful!
    Thank you so much for continuing to print it.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly! Curling up with any issue of Victoria is still a wonderful way to unwind, rest, and forget about the stresses and pressure of the world, if only for a few minutes.
      Thank you, Phyllis, for providing a peaceful respite!

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