When I Get to Heaven Giveaway

When I Get to Heaven Giveaway with Angela Pullen Atherton

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During this holiday season, I am reminded constantly of families who have lost loved ones during the year and find the first holidays without them very difficult. Many times, there are children in our lives who would benefit from beautiful thoughts about heaven. When I saw this adorable book from one of my favorite young, talented illustrators, Angela Pullen Atherton, I wanted to share it with you. After her sister’s death, Angela wrote her first book, When I Get to Heaven, in memory of her sister.

When I Get to Heaven

I first met Angela when she graduated from Auburn University with her bachelor of fine arts degree with a major in design and illustration. She began her career right here at Hoffman Media. Even after a move to Huntsville, she still works for us today as a freelance artist. At first, she designed counted cross-stitch, and I always loved her whimsical designs. She had the touch that would make you smile. Today, she works on Classic Sewing, sharing her beautiful illustrations and designs with sewists everywhere.

Not only do I celebrate this beautiful young woman, but I love the message of hope she delivers in such a colorful, happy way. Perhaps there is a child in your life who would benefit from this message of hope during this time of year.

Angela’s books are available through her Etsy store, Small Favorites, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

She has graciously provided us with three copies of her new book that we will be giving away to three lucky Ribbon readers. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is comment on this post! 


This giveaway ends Thursday, December 21, at 5 p.m. (Central Standard Time).

Comments 79

  1. My cousin and his wife lost a baby girl and it sounds like this book would be great for her older sister to read. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I know someone who just lost her husband and know this will be a lonely Christmas for her. Thinking this might bring a bit of comfort.

  3. In August we lost a granddaughter to a long battle with a dreaded disease. She left behind two younger step brothers 12 and 6. They ask about her and say she is in Heaven. I would love this book for them. The boys miss her so..

  4. We just celebrated my dear friend and neighbor’s life as we laid her to rest yesterday. As I read about this book I thought of her grandchildren. What a needed book. It would make a wonderful addition to any church library.

  5. Hi Phyllis,

    First, want to say thank you for this give away of such a book, because
    while Christmas time is one of merriment and love, it is also a time of reflection of sweet memories of laughter and warmth of those who are no longer with us.

    Among the gaiety of the season, our quiet thoughts reflect of the time of the happiness they gave, and still share in the mellow thoughts of our minds.

  6. The book sounds lovely and what a sweet way to honor her sister.
    I always read your blog and thanks for sharing new and thoughtful things. Its always a blessing .

  7. This is exciting and looks like a great little book. I think everyone could use a copy for their own library. Merry Christmas!

  8. I have Loved Martha Pullen Company for a good many years and now love Classic Sewing as well. Thqnk you for all the ones that have worked and continue to work for these companies! Thank you for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  9. Dearest Phyllis, thank you so much for the wonderful information of this book. I have a daughter named angela, also the fact that I have many grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, I really, really want this book as part of my collection of wonderful reads!!!

    Thanks again, I would love to win this book!!

  10. I will put this on my list whether I win or not. I lost my husband earlier this year. And I agree the holidays are a difficult time to feel the joy.

  11. Having lost my Mom this year and just 2 weeks ago we lost our beloved dog, the holidays are getting tough to get through. So I definitely need to read this. Thanks

  12. I was blessed to receive a copy of this book as gift and I will cherish it forever.
    I have purchased two copies through Amazon to give as gifts for Christmas. Instead, I have already given one to a little girl who is experiencing her second traumatic dealing with cancer. This 7 year-old has chosen to fight, but I knew this book would be comforting to her and she can share with other children at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH if she could get one these copies being given away. Check out her journey on Facebook at: Brinley’s Buddies.
    The mailing address, should I/she win is on this Group

  13. This sounds like a a very special book that will help so many who stand so fragile in the face of loss, whether it be recent or many years ago. As a retired Speech and Language Pathologist, I saw many children over the years who were grieving the loss of a parent, a grandparent, sometimes even a sibling, a best friend, or a beloved teacher. I often read to children at the library. Should I be the recipient of a copy of this beautifully written and illustrated boo k, I will have many with whom to share. Thank you for this opportunity.
    May everyone have a blessed Christmas season.

  14. What a needed book for so many precious young people! It appears to be a beautiful treasure…
    Thank you Angela and Phyllis for this thoughtful offering.

  15. Thank you for the opportunity to win the book When I Get to Heaven. I would like to share it with a friend’s grandchildren that recently lost their father suddenly.

  16. Would love to have this for my granddaughters. My husband is a hospice patient and death is so hard for children to comprehend. We also live in Huntsville area and makes it more special

  17. I actually would like this for my 90-year-old mom, who has Alzheimer’s. We lost dad in 2012 and I think she would love this.

    1. My little granddaughter would love this – she is obsessed with Mr, “Nona” and the rain coming down in “torrents” lately, and has just learned to say “rainbow.” She is only 19 months old but is loving the Bible stories that she reads, and of course is learning all about Baby Jesus this Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. This would be great for my 3 grandchildren who have lots of questions. They just lost their great grandma in July & were very close to her. We were blessed to have her for 105 years in very good health and brainpower.

  19. What a lovely way to help children who are grieving or just as a beautiful way to help any child understand death. The illustrations are so beautiful and they tell the story perfectly. I’d be so happy to add this sweet book to my children’s library.

  20. The book sounds a perfect way to teach children about heaven. I have 3 great nieces and one great nephew who lost their great grandmother this year. They adored her and it is hard for children to understand. I still collect children’s books (I am 80 years old) and never tire of finding a new book to buy. Thank you.

  21. My 27 year old son, Steven, passed away November 18. I would very much appreciate this book to read to my grandchildren (two of which are Steven’s – Auburn 2 1/2 years old and Brady, one year old). Thank you for your consideration. Merry Christmas.

  22. Thinking of heaven seems like make believe but what joy and happiness it gives. I am afraid to believe I’ll see them again. How much I love them and the memories and how guilty that I didn’t love them enough. Mary

  23. So many of my family now live in Heaven and this year, my husband is fighting terminal cancer. I would love to read Angela’s book. Thank you for giving us all the chance. Merry Christmas

  24. This is a wonderful idea for a holiday giveaway and would be a Godsend to so many at this time of year. Losing my mom three years ago, I know how hard the holidays can be when you are used to your loved one being a central part of activities and time spent together. I would love to gift this book to a close friend who lost her dad very unexpectantly earlier in the year. The first Christmas without your loved one is such a hard time. Thank you for this thoughtful gift idea Phyllis. You are such an inspiration!

  25. Although my daughter was almost 49 when God called her home in January, mentally
    she was only about 24-36 months. She loved children and books for children of that age.
    I would love to have a copy in her memory. Should I win one, I will make sure it is read by others who would enjoy it.

  26. How wonderful to know someone so talented, to be able to write and illustrate at the same time. What a very meaningful book to give to a child or anyone that’s experienced a lose. This is one that I’m going to read for myself .

  27. This sounds like a beautiful book that will truly minister hope and peace to someone grieving the loss of close friend or family member. How kind to offer the possibility of winning a copy. I hope Angela continues to create books that bring healing( as this book seems to ).

  28. I would love a copy of this book because I am a Christian and I am Saved! I have a Grandson that has little hope of Heaven because of the Liberal lifestyle his mom lives. I have been wondering how I could lead my Grandson to the Lord. This could be the added tool that I could share with him.
    Thank you for the offering and I thank the writer for spreading the word!

  29. What a sweet children’s book, all we adults will enjoy, too,
    For the simple reason that we have lost loved ones, some more than two,
    This sweet story will ease our loneliness for all our loved ones ,
    And, at the same time, open an understanding of heaven when done,
    Just like children, we adults long for those who have left us,
    But, now we are given a gift to create a home in our hearts for heaven,
    free of sadness!

  30. As a teacher for over 40+ years, I firmly believe in the power of bibliotherapy. I will share this book with the guidance counselor and media specialist at my “old” school. The third copy will be placed in our church library. Thank you for the opportunity.

  31. I would love a copy of this book because I am a Christian and I am Saved! I have a Grandson that has little hope of Heaven because of the Liberal lifestyle his mom lives. I have been wondering how I could lead my Grandson to the Lord. This could be the added tool that I could share with him.

  32. As I write this I am thinking of a dear friend whose husband died recently at a much too young age. She will be without him for the first time in many years. The holidays will be especially challenging. I am thankful that her son ahis wife will be with her as she faces this unwelcome “first” . If I win she will be the recipient of this special book..

  33. Such a difficult time for many, my prayers go out to them. I have a friend who lost her grandson to suicide this past summer. Would love to give her this wonderful gift. Whom ever it goes to I hope their pain is lessened because of it.

  34. One of my little people is so devastated that her favorite teacher passed away yesterday. She’s only 7, and she’s so very sad. This looks like a wonderful book to send to her. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  35. Marianne

    What a gifted writer to help those suffering a loss especially children. I would love to share this with my great-nieces who are 6 and 2 1/2 years old and have lost their great-grandmother whom they adored. May God bless you all with a joyous and peace – filled Christmas.

  36. I certainly think a lot of people will benefit from her efforts to share her thoughts! So Thank you for helping her share!

  37. I could really use this right now. My mama passed away 2 & 1/2 weeks ago, and I am missing her so much. I am an only child & the bond between us was so very strong. Some days I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going…

  38. We all need a reminder of why we look forward to heaven. We get so busy and involved in every day life, we sometimes need this gentle reminder of what is truly important. Thanks for this chance to win a free copy of this book. We know Jesus is the reason for this magnificent season. Merry Christmas to all………

  39. I work as a nurse and just an hour ago I was thinking of the whole process of dying and heaven. I would like to see this book. Maybe it would cheer me up. I see so much sadness at the hospital.

  40. So special that she had written this wonderful book. I thank you for posting this and letting your readers know. Thank you…Merry Christmas

  41. What a wonderful book idea. You are right, many children and adults can benefit from this.
    A great idea for funeral homes to give to families.

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