White Flowers: A Shop of Serenity

White Flowers: A Shop of Serenity

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The idea behind this serene wonderland in Birmingham, Alabama, all started with a simple T-shirt. When a dear friend of mine, Diana Hansen and her husband moved into a beautiful older home, they acquired a spectacular garden. Diana says, “I was so inspired by the flowers  there, I began to draw them.” Her husband, a professional photographer, took pictures of Diana’s drawings, and she learned how to transfer the images onto cotton shirts so that she could wear her art.

When a handful of local shop owners  spotted the shirts, they immediately requested some for their stores. Word spread, and the brand quickly blossomed into something much bigger than a hobby. Numerous buyers from boutiques throughout the United States started selling Diana’s designs. Eventually, she realized her dream of opening a store that features her designs, as well as a selection of other lovely handpicked items. She named it White Flowers. “It started so innocently, but it has progressed beautifully. I have truly  followed this endeavor more than I have led,” she says of her ever-growing business.

Her shop offers a unique collection of clothing, home accessories, and bits of inspiration in a dreamy, all-white setting. I know you all have seen her beautiful work, because she has designed on a number of products that are sold exclusively from both Classic Sewing Magazine and Tea Time Magazine!

After only a moment spent inside this peaceful place, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve stepped into a dream-like world where flowers bloom in the snow and angels flit about overhead. If you are ever in Birmingham, I urge you to stop by her wonderful shop!

Have you been to White Flowers?

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  1. I have purchased many items from White Flowers via phone/delivery as I live in NJ. It is my goal to visit the shop in person one day!!

  2. Stepping into White Flowers is like stepping into heaven on earth. My home and wardrobe are filled with pieces from White Flowers. There is a peaceful energy everywhere that is White Flowers. Diana creates one of a kind art and clothing based on inspirations I bring to her. She is open and creative, and kind and generous. White Flowers is an experience we all deserve to give to ourselves and share with others we love.

  3. Thank you Phillis for introducing Diana to us once again. I remember the article in Victoria a few years ago. How truly beautiful …. Can’t wait to start ordering. I think I will order a birthday tee for each of the ladies in my family. What a unique and lovely gift idea. Thank you again.

  4. Photo do reveal more just pictures as yours does in this one with elegant white flowers and a lovely lady dressed in exquisite white lace with a gorgeous welcoming smile

    Diana, you make one want to get on a plane just to visit your shop to feel that special comfort of immediate knowing here is a friend whose shop must be warm and magical!


  5. LOVE Diana and her beautiful shop! I live in Tennessee but found it on my visits to my daughter who just recently graduated from Samford University. Now I’m going to have to find an excuse to go to Birmingham and visit this amazing store!

  6. I love Diana. I remember when she had her first little shop upstairs at Brookwood Mall, then moved to the old gas station in Mountain Brook. Her shop is like a breath of fresh air, a slice of calm and peacefulness. Her art is a reflection of the beautiful person that she is.

  7. Absolutely beautiful Store. Viewing the (and might I add – well-done) video of the lovely merchandise wets the appetite for acquiring some of the lovely contents. And the inspiration garden left me breathless. Very impressive.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this store, I live in OKLAHOMA but when I travel to
    Birmingham to visit my son and his wife, Gina and I always visit this
    beautiful store. It makes you smile to just enter the area. LOVELY.

  9. White Flower Shop looks Amazing! I just saw your short video and I would love to see it in person.
    Your shop give the sense of being very serene. Love it just Beautiful!

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