White Pumpkins - The Ribbon in my Journal

White Pumpkins and Bittersweet

Phyllis Décor 21 Comments

White pumpkins are all the rage in decorating. I have one question. When did these things appear? Growing up I never saw a white pumpkin…every pumpkin I ever saw was orange. Yes that’s it, orange.

Charlie Brown movies are my favorites, especially It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I still watch that movie every Halloween and relive a bit of my childhood. It’s about orange pumpkins. ORANGE.

White Pumpkins - The Ribbon in my Journal

Orange is totally out of style, I guess, giving way to white, green, and turquoise. These albino pumpkins with natural white skin are bred by pumpkin growers, and the seeds for specific varieties, such as Lumina, Cotton Candy or miniature Baby Boo, can be purchased and planted. 

White Pumpkins - The Ribbon in my Journal

When our photo-stylists decorate with white pumpkins, I just love them. There is something so refreshing about using them in arrangements with bittersweet. What a great combination. So, I am moving into the current century and embracing this love for white pumpkins. 

Try using them in your decorating! They will bring a new look to your home. Find more beautiful seasonal inspirations in our Southern Lady Southern Settings issue. 

What is your favorite pumpkin color?

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  1. That arrangement is beautiful! I am having a difficult time finding the fresh bittersweet branches in my area (middle Georgia). Can anyone suggest a good source? Thanks

  2. Thank you for including the names of the different varieties: Lumina, Cotton Candy and miniature Baby Boo. It will be fun to do a bit of research to see what else might be available.

  3. I like the white Pumpkins but the orange ones are the ones for me. I enjoy watching the Charlie Brown Halloween story every year.

  4. Orange pumpkins are the original and always will be Orange for me. “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” is my favorite and it is watched every Halloween.

  5. Exquisite!! We’ve had white pumpkins around for awhile but I always used them for Halloween…and if they last, different sizes stacked together can make a cute snowman!! But combined with orange bittersweet they absolutely look beautiful. Will try this next year.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    How exquisite the lovely arrangement that is shown! In your loving memories of childhood Halloween pumpkins also makes me recall of longing for a different shaped but orange pumpkin from all the rest. However, some of the reactions to the other colors can create unexpected reactions as the following true experience that I shared with my sister:

    Hi Sis,

    You mentioned that you like the Cinderella Pumpkins which we first became aware of in Northern California, and actually some of them were grown in semi-rainbow colors. They were extremely popular, very expensive, but have lowered somewhat in price.

    On the opposite side of taste, have you seen in passing the newest craze of pumpkins? Believe it or not they may sell faster than the regular ones.

    Let me put it this way, one day we saw them malingering behind the very immaculately scrubbed orange pumpkins that had neatly cropped handles.

    On the opposite side of them were the rounded, but eerie shaped pumpkins, that were covered with freaky bumps which became neon green nodules that created a very different appearance– not only on top of the pumpkins but devilishly crept down their sides until one was almost afraid to touch them.

    These ghostly handles were elongated and shaped in eerie formations and one had to be very very careful to touch them due to the stickers.

    The pumpkins were and are still a huge hit and are very popular until they are selling almost faster than the other ones.

    Children react very differently, so it might be wise to select a pumpkin according to how a child responds to unique items.

    For example, the girls selected one that was a good shape, very clean, but had those ugly icky green nodules and then picked just a few things at the store. While they were waiting to be checked out, a sweet little boy and his mother came up to wait in line. As the boy got closer, his eyes got larger until they were huge!!! Other people also were staring also at this very different pumpkin.

    Finally as the time came to be rung up,, the little boy turned to his mother and in a very loud voice went….

    EEEEWWWUUUU!! It’s so ugly!!! His mother, from India, mortified, quickly changed lanes, but the little boy’s soft brown eyes were still fascinated with that ugly pumpkin.

    Everyone in the area roared with laughter!! And guess what?

    People started to question where in the world did that pumpkin come from, and where in the store were they as they wanted one!!


    1. Love orange and white pumpkins. Use them both in decorating. So all you Charlie Brown peeps, here’s wishing you good chocolates and “no rocks” for Halloween. Watch out for the Great Pumpkin.

  7. Yes, Phyllis and Carmel, I too love everything fall and when we moved to California from Minnesota, my friends started packing up lovely fall leaves and sending them to us in a carefully closed package. I use them to decorate my dining room and entry tables. It’s such fun to share the Fall!

    Ps, I too can not remember white pumpkins…. But really love to decorate with them now.

  8. All the arrangements are absolutely perfect! Very inviting warm and classy with the
    natural look of Fall, love it and kudos to your stylist! I love all fall colors created by God.
    How blessed we are I always like to spread some fall leaves onto the center of the table and guests always comment about leaves bringing back memories…Carmel

  9. I first discovered white pumpkins for decorating, at the Nell Hills store in the K.C. area about five years ago. It is a local home décor store. I had never seen white pumpkins before, and so, like you, was a little taken aback at first. Now they are all the rage! Now, I see here in the K. C. area, the velvet pumpkins of various sizes and colors. They are seemingly being snatched up as the latest in fall décor. Have you seen these in your hometown?

  10. Phyllis I first saw white pumpkins in Martha Stewart’s magazine back in 1990’s early. Loved them. But could not find local in my town of Knoxville . I also love bittersweet,but always heard it was poisonous so I never used it. Thus is beautiful.

  11. While visiting a farm in Valley Center ca, we were told white pumpkins are what are used for canned pumpkin. What we eat. More flesh for pound!

  12. I love the white pumpkins, although this year is the first time I decorated for my blog fall home tour with orange pumpkins again. Just a few, mixed in with my French antiques look beautiful.

    The combination of white pumpkin with bittersweet, though, that wins my prize for seasonal beauty! The Southern Lady Southern Settings issue is one I am going to look for, I am sure that it is so inspiring! Thank you for always adding beauty to our day.

  13. It’s fun to go to pumpkin farm’s, they have white, orange, speckles, warts, on them pumpkins have come along way. I enjoy all tbe color’s, and differdnt sizes.

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