Why I Admire the Duchess of Cambridge

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I normally write about someone I know or have at least studied for years, but I have to say I am so impressed with this young woman. I felt the same about William’s mother Princess Diana when she married Charles (excluding all the drama that occurred later in their marriage) as she made the fashion industries return to a time of elegant design. Do you remember the white stockings she wore with everything and the wide and highly dramatic collars on her dresses? She practically re-launched the pearl necklace trend because she wore pearls very often. And the real birth of popularity was the sapphire and gemstone wedding rings.

I was so excited when William and Kate were married as I thought (again) another beautiful, fresh face to the Royal Family would do nicely. But even more importantly, the Duchess of Cambridge dresses and acts like a lady; from everything I have read, she is truly a lady inside and out. When she put on the sapphire ring that was Diana’s, I thought that she was again a role model for women in dressing like a lady.

I love the hats and coordinated outfits that she selects. There is something very beautiful in her simplicity. Now we all realize that she has a clothes budget to envy and designers at her beck and call, but I can’t help but believe that she inspires women all over the world to find their style and look their best every day. She makes choices that are trendy and stylish and so inspiring.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to her, and when I need a pick-me-up or just inspiration, I look at the pictures I have pinned to remind me that elegance is still alive and well. The picture above was actually taken from the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official Twitter account, @KensingtonRoyal. I also have a Classics board where I pin photos of ladies from the 1950s who set the style of their day. Lucille Ball, Grace Kelly, and many others who set the trends of their day and inspired women are still important as role models.

Thank you to the women of our day, both young and old, who model out being a lady daily.

Who is a lady that you find inspiring?


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Comments 37

  1. I love the Duchess of Cambridge’s style and ladylike manner too and I loved Princess Diana as well. A few months ago I revamped my closet and (purposely very small) wardrobe and I chose the name for my own way of dressing as “Ladylike Comfy.” (Comfy fits my style at age 56… i.e. … No shoes that hurt. 🙂 ) I made a Pinterest board too back then called “Ladylike Comfy.” Great fun. I love elegance in all its forms. Love your blogs and magazines!

  2. Thank you so much for this entry. I agree. We were taught these values in Home Economics when I was in school and it would be so much more pleasant if that was still the case. We can all still do our part!

  3. This is a great post, Phyllis. Elegance, style and dressing as well as you can never goes out of style. It’s not about what you wear, but that you are clean, attractive and presentable. I admire Kate not just for her ladylike style in dressing, she mentors a quality of grace, kindness and good manners to her generation. As my Mother used to say “styles come and go, good manners never do.”

  4. I love and so agree with your “Ribbon” and all the comments!

    Classic, never goes out of style and is always appropriate.

    I’m very happy to hear I am not alone in feeling this way.

    Thanks as always for your wonderful and entertaining blogs.


  5. I appreciate your ongoing presentation of beauty, gentility, and reserved style. This ribbon was especially noteworthy.

  6. Ladies, don’t simply long for the hats and gloves, the style and grace of earlier days! Be inspired: put on a dress, hat, and gloves, and go to tea. Or give a tea! Or even – just a suggestion – consider joining the Red Hat Society or starting a chapter of your own…it’s all about dress-up and grown-up lady time as you make it! (And we’re not all crazy party animals who go over-the-top cheesy — set your own standard!)

  7. I only have to look at old photos of my mother to be inspired. Although my mom didn’t have the budget of a princess she had many of her everyday and fancier clothes sewn by a local seamstress.In the 1950’s my mother was in her 20’s and she had a classic style,glamorous, elegant but always understated.

  8. I totally agree with the comments here about Kate’s style. I am also pleased to see the photo you have posted is a photo taken with William, Kate and George on their recent visit to Sydney, Australia. This was taken about a mile from my home – at Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Also, I read the dress Kate is wearing on this occasion is a design by a Sydney designer. She was very keen to support Australian designers on her visit.

  9. Phyllis, this blog has encouraged me that there still are true ‘ladies’ in this world! Classic elegance never goes out of style and I’ve taught my now twenty-year-old daughter to look to ladies like Audrey Hepburn for style ideas too. But classic elegance goes way beyond the outside to our inward ideals and how we act, think, speak and treat others. I so wish a crusade of this classic feminism would sweep our world! Thanks to all who have added their comments to this post-such an encouragement all around!

  10. My husband and I dress with a classic style that never seems to be wrong, not on trend, but still very appropriate. We travel a great deal for business as well as pleasure and are always amazed at how people of all ages dress as they travel and in public in general all over the country. The Duchess appears to be a charming young woman with a strong sense of self in manner and dress and such a delight. Many of you have used the phrase “role model” and I could not agree more. She is charming!!

  11. As someone who stands in shocked horror when pajama bottoms, tank tops and fuzzy house shoes are thought appropriate to wear to the store (any store), I am delighted and supportive of your admiration for the Duchess of Cambridge. It is refreshing to see a well dressed person–male or female–these days.

  12. I greatly admire her to, not just for her style, beauty and poise, but for the way she takes seriously her role as a role model for young ladies. My daughter, now in college, has had Kate as her role model for several years now, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  13. Dressing like a lady always has been my rule and the way I was brought up. Grace Kelly was the role model for many of us teen girls. By the time I reached my 20s, along came Jacqueline Kennedy, modeling the epitome of graciousness and charm and style; I learned much from her. Then Princess Diana captured my heart with her own sense of style and grace. She was my daughter’s role model during her teen years until she learned to develop her personal signature style — very modern, very chic, and very lady like. I’m afraid I’ve allowed myself to become rather frumpy but, not to worry, I do know how to present myself in public — like a lady!

  14. Thank you for this post. I completely agree. At age 69, I continue to dress as I was brought up to dress. My role models were my mother, my father’s mother & sister. I pray that I am passing on this legacy to my granddaughters.

  15. Wow! I didn’t realize how many people felt the same way I do about the difference between yesterday’s fashions and today’s. And that goes for everyone. I teach school, and the children’s clothing is appalling–little girls in suggestive t shirts, little boys in “shorts” with waists that hang around their knees. I also am so tired of men in baseball caps, whether worn forward or backward, and even worn at funerals and during the national anthem. For women, the latest “bandage” dresses are flattering on very few and a longer hemline would do most women a world of good.

  16. I totally agree! Pearls, gloves, high quality fabrics, flattering styles, and good craftsmanship (darts! linings! dressmaker details!) . . . I think it’s time we each ignite a quiet revolution in our communities of ladies dressing like ladies. Somebody needs to set an example; it may as well be us.

        1. Me too! I dress up to go out and always wear makeup everywhere, even if I am home by myself! I groom for myself and for my own satisfaction and dignity. I don’t care if the whole world is in gym shoes and sweat pants, I’m not going to let go…

  17. You are so very, very right in your assessment of grace and classic elegance. Your posts reflect this. Thank you for bringing all of us together in this wonderful conversation. Every time I go to Paris I am taken by the classic beauty of the very understated and always stylish women. Quality and classics speak volumes. No Kim K envy for me!

  18. I agree wholeheartedly! We convey a lot about who and what we are by the way we dress. This is a beautiful blog, and your magazines are amazing. Many of my teachers dressed with elegance and grace. I paid attention. I am thankful to have had role models that cared about what they taught academically as well as the subtle teaching of professionalism and classic beauty. That never goes out of style, no matter how casually sloppy the trend seems to be at the moment.

    1. I could not agree more. In my day, all of my teachers, even the male teachers, were very well put together, poised, and so intelligent. They took pride in choosing their outfits and grooming their hair. I have never forgotten that. My mom always told me to take time to make yourself look nice and please comb your hair because that is the first thing people see when they look at you. Class and poise never ever goes out of style.

  19. I just couldn’t agree with you more! Modesty, class, and grace. Something our society is so lacking and desperate for. I think that is why I love the old classic movies so much. Ladies were truly beautiful and acted respectfully. Thank you for this sweet article. My Grandma in Heaven would have loved her just like she loved Princess Diana! I just love everything you do, Phyllis. Thank you for keeping everything so sweet and pure in a world that is losing that. Xo!

  20. I also love the style of First Ladies Jackie Kennedy and Laura Bush. I think there is a way to dress that is classy, beautiful and never goes out-of-style.

  21. In response to S McWaters, I guess I’m missing it too! I often think about dresses my mother wore in the ’40’s and ’50’s and wish I still had them. I miss the gloves and hats we wore. At least we can still find lovely scarves. Who else misses “real” things? Like wool, corduroy, rayon, linen, cotton, gaberdine and moleskin fabrics that had such a pleasing hand to them. They may have required more care than today’s polyester enriched fabrics but they were pure luxury compared to what we are forced to buy now. I agree that how we dress impacts how we behave. All styles have their purpose, of course, but when we dress like a lady, don’t we feel good about ourselves and our attitude reflects it?

    1. I agree with you, Sharon, I would love to see the return of hats and gloves (even for the men – and not baseball caps!) Growing up in the ’60’s I only wore hats and gloves as a child, and only for special occasions (think Easter), until they fell out of fashion. I love watching old movies and admiring the feminine fashions.

    2. I agree with you, Sharon and Cheryl as well. I really would love to see more hats and gloves – that is such a classic look.

  22. Could not agree with you more…so much grace and charm.

    I get the same feeling when I sit back and enjoy all of my fav magazines from Hoffman Media…I wish we could get more of our younger women to embrace

  23. I admire her also. If we are women, then we should be proud and do our best to act and show it. I miss the styles of the 40’s and 50′,s. I admired Maureen O’hara.

  24. I am impressed with her as well. So excited to see her style photographed in the printed media and like to point her out to my many granddaughters who are just now beginning to choose their style.

  25. I totally agree with you Pbyllis! I watched Diana bloom in her fashion sense.Kate has had a style from the get go.I love her style and how she adds little touches to bring a outfit to life.
    I love pearls,gloves,brooches etc have my entire life.We may not have Kates budget, but we can all afford the little luxuries .My favorite pass time has been looking for vintage jewelry,gloves,handbags that speak of those lovely days gone by on ETSY.I love The Ribbon In My Journal!

  26. I yearn for clothing manufacturers to offer some classic (longer length) modest designs. It is practically impossible for older ladies to find classics. Am I missing something?

  27. I am a new follower and have thoroughly enjoyed your posts! I love the Duchess’ style as well, particularly how she dresses her children. I write a lot about “dressing children like children” and she is the perfect role model for that!

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