You’ll Be Ready for a Beach Trip After Reading This

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The sea, for so many of us, represents tranquility and peace. For others, it is a wonderful color palette that inspires beautiful design work. Such is the case for Tracey Rapisardi, and we were absolutely thrilled to publish her new book, Simply by the Sea.

Tracey grew up in New England, meaning the coastline and the ocean were influential in her design talent and aesthetic. This book is about curating a home by the sea that is beautiful and inspiring. I just love the quaint cottages, farmhouses, and magnificent beachfront homes that are featured within these pages. You will love this volume for its wealth of inspiration and creativity in celebrating the spaces we live in!

Image from Simply by the Sea

The classic white canvas in this quaint kitchen allows the cheery pops of color to stand out. It is full of subtle details that, when noticed, make all the difference. One of my favorite details is the cypress ceiling! And how perfect is the open shelving for displaying this wonderful collection of green and blue mixing bowls?

Image from Simply by the Sea

You all know my affection for the classic blue-and-white combination, and it is on full display in this delightful dining room. The hutch in the back is beautifully layered with new and vintage Cornish dishes, coastal motifs, and European fish platters.

Image from Simply by the Sea

I can imagine how much fun it would be for any child to stay in a room as bright and colorful as this one on a beach trip! The throw pillows and blanket are made of a vintage fabric that Tracy found in a linen house in Maine and saved until she found the perfect room to use it in!  

These few images are but a small glimpse into the magic and charm of life by the sea. To see more, pre-order your copy of this fabulous book by clicking below. And for a limited time, use code SEA at checkout for free shipping! 

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  1. Jane…I agree with the others. I think you can include many of the sea elements in your home without being at odds with where you are living. I live in Toronto, near Lake Ontario, but my love for the ocean, especially the Atlantic, has inspired my home decorating. My kitchen and family room are a nod to the East Coast and then there are small touches throughout the house, in addition to books about the sea, that remind me of one of my favourite places in America…Cape May New Jersey! I can’t wait to get this book.

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  2. Unfortunately I live in the hills and although my heart is always at the beach I have been told a House should not be at odds with your locale. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Jane! How about dedicating one room in your house with a beach style? I think even subtle hints throughout the house – a jar of sea glass, some shells here and there – might be nice! I decorate with shells and beach themed items every summer!

    2. Jane, your home should reflect your heart! Though the mountains are majestic in their own beauty, if the seaside is your first love then Adirondack need not be your home’s outstanding feature. Be as bold as you feel comfortable, folding in water tones of pale sea glass to deep azure into your home’s charm. Mountain and sea share such magnificent tranquility, there is no need to detach their allure!

  3. Even if you don’t live by the sea, this looks filled with inspiration to create a home in the coastal style. Blue and white is always a classic beautiful look for any home, this book looks a treat for those of us who love everything inspired by the sea.

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