20 Years of Southern Lady

20 Years of Southern Lady Magazine

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“She moves fast and forward in the modern world while holding tightly to the culture of the South that flows within her. She remembers her roots, treasures her traditions, and cherishes her family and friends…Who is she? She is a Southern lady—the one for whom this magazine is named. You. And me.”

Those were the words I wrote some 20 years ago in the very first issue of Southern Lady, and they still ring just as true as the day they came to mind. I started the magazine out of a desire to create a publication for women who live in or simply dream of the South, no matter where they may call home. Gracious living, beautiful interiors, enduring traditions, heartfelt hospitality, trailblazers leading the way in the “New South”—these are the things that give our region its inimitable spirit, and they are the things that remain close to our hearts as we forge ahead.

Southern Lady

This is me in our on-site studio with Creative Director of Photography Mac Jamieson, right around the time Southern Lady began. Still going strong after all these years!

To celebrate this very special 20th year, we have plenty of fun things planned for our pages. Just like Southern Lady readers, we appreciate the past while wanting to keep up with the times, and in 2018 we’ll look forward even as we look back. We’re catching up with old friends and introducing new ones, revisiting favorite places and discovering others. We’ve added a column here and a feature series there. And you’ll notice that, starting with this issue, we’ve given our logo and look a facelift to mark our 20-year milestone. But what remains steadfast is our dedication to bringing you the very best of the South—from heirloom treasures and beloved customs to the notable women who define what it means to be a Southern lady today.

Above all, I’m grateful for all of you. I know many of you are Southern Lady readers, and we thank you for your loyalty, the stories you’ve shared, your thoughtful suggestions, and your kind words. You are the reason Southern Lady has thrived all these years and continues to thrive today. Thank you!

For all of you who read Southern Lady, what is your favorite issue from the past 20 years?

Southern Lady January/February 2018

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  1. Congratulations on 20 years! I have been a long time reader and subscriber ever since I first saw your magazine on the news stand. I love every issue, but probably partial to the Christmas issues. Here’s to 20 more years!

  2. I will never forget the day I was in the grocery store 20 years ago when my eyes fell upon Southern Lady Magazine. I will also never forget how excited I was as I thumbed through the pages of the Premier issue. My excitement has never waned. Congratulations on twenty years! I still feel the same way about the twentieth year issue as I did the first!! Thank you to the entire team that helps brighten the life of this Southern lady.

  3. Congratulations! I don’t know the month or year, but I bought my first issue years ago and learned from an article in that magazine how to make biscuits without measuring. In those years I made biscuits for my family often and enjoyed the ease of quickly making a batch without fuss. Wish I could find that old issue.

  4. Mother and I discovered the Southern Lady Premier Edition and were both delighted with it from then on. We both loved tea and tea accoutrements and the outgrowth of Tea Time was an additional delight for us. Discussing issues was always a shared joy.
    Although Mother, a Provebs 31 woman, went home to be with Daddy and our Lord five years ago, I still enjoy thinking of sharing articles with her. Each edition is unique and my special favorite that month!
    Congratulations on a creation that has brought peace, joy and delight to many!

  5. Congrats on twenty amazing years! Without a doubt, Southern Lady is my favorite magazine. I look forward to it arriving in the mailbox. There is no way I could choose a favorite, I have loved every edition! I agree with Alice, the verse from Proverbs 31 is so important to me. I love the new look, it is simply stunning! I keep all of the issues and enjoy picking them back up from year to year!

  6. Congratulations on 20 years. I have been receiving it for quite some time now since I saw you talk about it on a sewing program. It thrills my heart to receive each issue. I am a Texan who has been transplanted in Ohio for 40 years and still miss my beloved “south”. I too sit right down and look through the whole thing as soon as I get it. Thank You.

  7. Congratulations on twenty years of producing a fabulous magazine. One which is always of the finest quality with regard to informational content, as well as photographs that transport you and encourage you to dream. We all truly need to dream a little.

    As far as a favorite, I couldn’t begin to choose. Each and every one is a treat to savor and enjoy. “Southern Lady” offers endless inspiration and beauty.

    Many thanks for your dedication and hard work . Because, I know it is both.

  8. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. The magazine is beautiful and easy to see why it has continued to be loved for 20 years. I pulled out my Premier issue and re-read it. I love your dedication to bringing beautiful things and places to your readers. I have visited many places that you have highlighted and recommended. I also love the scripture you quote in each issue. It reminds me of my Grandmother, whom I consider to be a perfect example of the Proverbs 31 woman. I enjoyed seeing your new home in The Southern Home magazine. It is beautiful and I know you must love it!! Thank you for sharing.

  9. All of them but I have to say the first one I read which was not the first issue but one published shortly after. It’s the first one I got my hands on and it’s because I loved it so much. And then it was the biblical verse you have wonderfully stuck with that sealed it for me. “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies” Proverbs 31:10. I know when it arrives in my mailbox that I will be happy with the contents, unlike every other magazine I subscribe to. Thank you Phyllis, it reveals who you are and that makes me tickled pink!

  10. Everything stopped when my Southern Lady magazine was delivered. Rain, shine, sleet, or snowstorm did not stop me from sitting down and taking in the creativity, aromas, must-try recipes and anticipated shopping trips. I especially liked the fact the magazine did not have any advertisements, just cover-to-cover beautiful photos and Southern delights. Thank you for providing a must-have magazine.
    P.S. I do miss “Celebrate”!

  11. From my past subscriptions, I have enjoyed every issue and have kept all of them; however, I haven’t subscribed lately and plan to do so soon (birthday in February)!
    The new format looks lovely. Congratulations on two decades of a wonderful publication!

  12. Not living in the South, I traveled to southern states and admired the style and grace with which there was such warm hospitality. I loved how Southern Lady portrayed such lovely lifestyle. Congratulations!

  13. Would you consider a 30th anniversary Southern Lady conference? I attended one (maybe the final one) in Atlanta and loved, loved it. I would travel anywhere in the USA to attend.
    Katie in MT

  14. My favorite issue was the first one I ever saw. HERE was MY magazine. Now my favorite issue is the one that comes to my mailbox because it is going to be beautiful, there are going to be wonderful ideas, things to copy into my everyday and also for those special days. Thanks for this wonderful resource, the zen that comes from diving into it, and the absolutely best photography anywhere.

  15. I know I should have an answer, I know I should, really. The problem is that there is so much to love about every Southern Lady Issue. Each one becomes my current favorite! Sorry.

    I do adore the new format, and how large the photos appear to be. Southern Lady has always been beautiful, this refreshed look just brings it to a whole new luxurious level. Thank you for always bringing inspiration, beauty, and “how to’s” for us to celebrate each and every day in such a lovely way.

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