20 Years of Southern Lady

20 Years of Southern Lady Magazine

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“She moves fast and forward in the modern world while holding tightly to the culture of the South that flows within her. She remembers her roots, treasures her traditions, and cherishes her family and friends…Who is she? She is a Southern lady—the one for whom this magazine is named. You. And me.” Those were the words I wrote some 20 …

Turn About is Fair Play - The Ribbon In My Journal

Turn About is Fair Play

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Well, I see my dear Sister took over the blog while I was out of town. And so many of you loved her responses! I thought it was great. When she picked us up at the airport, we went by to see the progress on the house. Wow! The talented workmen had really accomplished a lot while we were gone. …

Gracious Living Club

Join the Gracious Living Club

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When we began Southern Lady magazine in 1999, we tapped into a wonderful world of women who love to put their personal touch on just about every aspect of their daily lives. I, being one of them, love to set a beautiful table, cook wonderful meals, celebrate entrepreneur women who have launched wonderful businesses, and collect blue and white china. …