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A Community Coffee Giveaway for the New Year

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I love a good cup of coffee in the morning. It’s the perfect pick-me-up to start the day. Neal and I are especially fond of Community Coffee. I’ve written before about the first time I sampled their signature brew when we were visiting my daughter-in-law, Katie’s, parents in Louisiana before she and Eric were married.

You have to love a coffee that’s delicious and tied to special family memories!

A sponsor of several of our food magazines, Community Coffee is helping us start the New Year right with a special giveaway, featuring some of their delicious coffee.

To enter, share this post using one of the social media buttons below. Post it for your friends on Facebook or Pin it on Pinterest, even share it via Twitter. If you aren’t a social media person, simply leave a comment below. We’ll pick a winner next Monday so that you can have your coffee to enjoy as 2016 begins.

What would be your favorite way to enjoy a cup of Community Coffee?

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Comments 130

  1. I’ve got to have my coffee first thing in the morning. I now have to drink decaf, but if fixed correctly, it can be just as good as regular, without making my heart jump and flutter! Being from New Orleans, I am very familiar with Community Coffee. I remember driving out Chef Menteur Highway, crossing the Industrial Canal and smelling the coffee from the processing plant. I certainly made one crave a cup!
    I would love to win this package.

  2. I love Community Coffee! It has always been a staple in my house and the rest of my family. I had a Keurig, but recently switched back to a drip pot. Nothing beats a strong cup of fresh brewed coffee. My favorite is Dark Roast, but I also enjoy Golden Caramel, French Roast, and Pecan Praline.

  3. I would have this wonderful coffee with my dear friend, Lila.
    These nostalgic posts remind me of trips to New Orleans–enjoying the powdered sugar-dusted beignets at the Café du Monde!

  4. Oh, I had Community Coffee once upon a time. Now the best way to drink a cup of Louisanna Coffee would be with my sweet sister in law: an Iowa transplant to Louisanna to Missouri southern belle.

  5. I grew up drinking Community Coffee Between Roast. As one of five children, we all had a demitasse cup of Community Coffee on a saucer with milk and sugar in it with our breakfast. All of us grew up drinking coffee.
    My Mom made it in on the stove with the old aluminum coffee pot. Our dishes, including the cups and saucer, were from Duz soap powder, Mom collected the whole set and they were white trimmed in metallic gold with a wheat pattern. She had the juice glasses and all. They were actually very pretty. My Dad passed away in 1992. He was a big Comminity Coffee drinker. He was a New Orleans Policeman and when he was home he had a cup of coffee going all day, with my Mom refreshing it as needed. We used to joke that he drank 30 cups per day, but it was really one continuous cup. Mom always drank it as well. I have changed to the Dark Roast and my husband and I have it everyday with breakfast, no matter what we are having, but the ultimate is to dunk hot buttered Leidenheimer or Reising’s French Bread in it. That is a New Orleans tradition. With Mardi Gras approaching, a king cake from Nonna Randazzo’s Bakery would be a fabulous compliment as well. I don’t know if you can order the french breads to be shipped but I know that you can order the kingcakes on line to be shipped. So ladies, if you are looking for a true Louisiana experience, try the Community Coffee with one of those. We also drink fresh Community Decaffeinated Tea with supper. I recently bought a glass cutting board that I ieave out on my counter that is very New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a picture of a bag of Community Coffee, a demitasse cup and saucer, The Times-Picayune Newspaper, a bag of Domino Sugar and some magnolias, our state flower. All these things remind me of growing up here in Louisiana. I have never tried the Community specialty coffees, but would certainly love the opportunity to do so. Thank you Phyliis and thank you Community Coffee for this wonderful chance to win some wonderful coffee. We are true coffee lovers and have not found a reason to change brands in all these years.

  6. Thank you for the chance to win!! I love a cup or two of coffee every morning. Sure would love to try Community Coffee!!

  7. After reading all these posts yesterday, I rushed out and bought my first bag of Community Coffee … and I LOVE IT!!!!
    It reminds me of the coffee my sister and I drank in Monacco years ago, outside in a little cafe. We couldn’t get enough of it! I bought the Dark Roast, already ground, and loved the smell of it brewing in our kitchen. I’m going back tomorrow to get more to send to my daughter in CT who couldn’t find it and I’m also buying some of the other roasts to try. I have a huge pitcher (I’m on my second batch) in my refrigerator as well for iced coffee!

    Thank you Phyllis, Community Coffee and all you gals who wrote all the wonderful replies!!!!

  8. I was introduced to Community Coffee several years ago while having lunch at Ralph and Kacoo’s in Louisiana. Best cup of coffee I ever had! Asked the waiter what brand it was and then had him find out what flavor. Hotel Blend, I’ve used ever since.

  9. Before they moved to Texas in the mid-1960’s, my family lived in Baton Rouge, LA, and that is where my parents discovered and fell in love with Community Club Coffee as it was known back then. I was born in Houston, TX in 1970; and all throughout my growing-up years, I remember it being kind of a scavenger hunt for my mom to find their favorite Community Club Dark Roast in our local grocery store. It was not nearly as popular here yet as it was in Louisiana, so that always made her find extra-special, and she would purchase as many “bags” of coffee as she could afford! And the smell of it brewing on our stove made it so worthwhile for me…I love that aroma to this day! Mom went to Heaven in 2011, so one of my favorite ways to honor her memory AND enjoy a cup of Community Coffee is to sit down with my 80 year-old Dad and savor a cup of Dark Roast coffee and listen to him talk about the good old days! Thank You for allowing me to share these sweet memories! Community Coffee has been an integral part of my life, much like air and water, and I am so happy that more people have the ability to enjoy it like our family has all these years! 🙂

  10. I am a tea drinker…but I do have a cup of coffee to start my day. I had Community coffee on a trip to New Orleans and my husband likes its flavor best. Usually I drink my coffee while walking around my backyard with my hen, Lacey and my scruffy pup, Jack. Coffee helps to hear up for the day while my tea is to maintain and calm throughout the day.

  11. I have never heard of it but cant wait to try it out, especially in the morning when the house is quiet and I can sit and watch the sun come up in peace before the day gets started for the rest of my world, Pure Joy!!

  12. I love Community Coffee. I grew up drinking coffee milk…my Mama would wake me up a half hour earlier than the rest of the household. I have very fond memories of Mama sitting me next to the gas stove, she would light a burner so I would stay warm, and give me my cup of coffee milk. Of course, she had gotten up earlier to drip the coffee in the old type drip pot. When I think of my Mom now that’s the most vivid memory I have of her, serving me coffee milk every morning. I still get up early in the morning to drink my two cups of coffee before getting dressed for work. On the mornings that are chilly and I have the fireplace going, I’m drinking my coffee, remembering Mom.

  13. I would have my coffee in my friend’s desert backyard as we watch the beautiful hummingbirds come for their special drinks bedazzling us with their vibrant colors.

  14. I would test drive it with some Nestle Coconut Creme, which is our favorite liquid creamer! Every cup tastes like a piece of pie!

  15. Omg, I just saw there commercial. Never heard of it. It looks good. I enjoy a cup in the morning, but definitely about that cup in the evening with whole cream and a great book or movie. The cream keeps me from getting wired…makes relaxed.

  16. Community Coffee (and Tea) must be very delicious and to think I have not head of it. I have many friends that are coffee lovers and I will pass along this information!

  17. I love to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee with my favorite friend. We have shared joy and sorrow, ideas, memories, plan and projects over steaming cups of java. It’s the best therapy of all !!

  18. We live in south Louisiana and enjoy Community Coffee everyday! I have to have at least three cups to get my motivation going in the morning. Community Coffee is awesome with a slice of homemade banana nut bread.

  19. I’m not a coffee drinker at all….neither is my husband. But my mom (87 and lives with us) has always enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee. If I won, I’d pass the luxury on to her!

  20. A Community Coffee vendor helped me with a selection for my Christmas Day guests. I do not drink coffee, but I have family that love it. The vendor also told me to try their Community Tea. He said it does not get cloudy like other teas. I plan on buying their tea on my next grocery buying trip!

  21. My first cup of coffee in the morning is enjoyed with a bit of cream and sugar. I savor the richness and prepare my day. I only drink about 2 cups a day, but I thoroughly enjoy them. And actually, a buttered hard roll dipped in coffee makes a wonderful snack in the afternoon! I haven’t heard of Community Coffee, but it sounds like something I need to try. Also, I love, love, love your blogs! They are such a treat to read. Blessings, Linda

  22. My morning coffee ritual is getting my cup of coffee and going back to bed. I take time for myself and enjoy my coffee before my day begins. I am always in pursuit of the best cup of coffee. Never heard of Community coffee. Since I live in Ohio, I would love to sample Community coffee.

    Enjoy reading your blogs, Phyllis.

  23. I would love to enjoy a delicious cup with a great breakfast and again later with a great homemade dessert…both with a southern flair of course! 😉

  24. As a young woman living in England, my Mother always sent me Community Coffee. Upon my return to the States I continued my Louisiana passion for our home brew. After 58 + years of Community Coffee I now use Community Private Reserve Expresso Dark Roast Beans … a minimum of 2 pounds a week. It’s not considered a luxury … it’s a necessity in my life. A wonderful company with a reputation to match.

  25. I am a tea drinker, but I do enjoy coffee with my husband for breakfast and with dessert at dinner. We have not tried Community Coffee, but will try it now for sure. One of my coworkers always uses Community coffee at her office.

  26. I love Community whole bean coffee. I love to drink with breakfast. However, I am having a hard time finding it.

  27. Each time I have visited to Nola, I always bring back Community coffee! The best coffee there is! I had never tasted it until my first trip to the city of true soul!

  28. A cup of coffee in the morning is a great way to ease into the day…and I agree with Jewel that a fresh cinnamon roll is a perfect accompaniment!

  29. I am a big tea drinker, but my husband and brother love a delicious cup of coffee, so Community Coffee would be a wonderful treat for them as well as friends who visit. I too used to love to watch the coffee perk in the old percolator as a child. My parents always started their morning with a cup of Eight-O-Clock Coffee. If I remember right, they had a grinder at the grocery store, where Mom could grind up the beans herself, but I may be confused on my time periods. It was at the A & P grocery stores in the 50’s and 60’s.

  30. It’s just not a good morning without a good cup of coffee. I went to graduate school at LSU and have fond memories of Louisiana. I would love to try Community Coffee.

  31. Community Coffee sound wonderful. I have my cup of coffee while reading the morning paper and my husband drinks the rest of the pot. Would love to win this giveaway and then maybe I could reverse who gets one cup! Thanks for this giveaway.

  32. I posted my reply on Facebook,
    Check it out and you’ll agree,
    A cup of Community Coffee, you’ll see,
    Will be the finest drink you’ll savor you’ll agree!

  33. A hot cup of really good coffee, a slice of still-warm-from-the-oven Amish friendship cake, and the current issue of Classic Sewing Magazine in the early morning. What could be better?

  34. My friend, who lives in another state and time zone, ‘get together’ for a cup of coffee at a prearranged time and visit while enjoying a cup of coffee together. Ahhhh, friendshhip memories!

  35. I loved reading evryone’s replies and thank you Phyllis for bringing Community Coffee to our attention. Being an early riser, nothing gives me peace more than enjoying a cup of wonderful coffee, in my PJ’s, outside in the garden (where no one can see me) and watching a magnificent sunrise! I started this back in the ’80’s when my children were small and it was the only time I had to myself before everyone woke up. A cup of great coffee, an early morning masterpiece … and the rest of your day will be wonderful!!! I’m heading out to the grocery store now to see if they carry this intriguing Community Coffee!!! Thank You!!!!

  36. My daughter gave me a Keurig for Christmas, and I’m in the process of trying different coffees in it, but would like to settle on a favorite. Would love to try the Community Coffee and enjoy a cup with her. If you recommend it, Phyllis, I have a feeling it could become my favorite, too, just as your magazines and everything else you recommend are favorites of mine. Thanks!

  37. My favorite way to enjoy it would be while relaxing in bed on a Sat. morning while reading a good book and cuddling with my cat.

  38. My husband loves coffee and I love the smell of it brewing. He would enjoy a cup with
    my fresh baked gingersnap cookies. Thanks for the give away.

  39. Coffee is my life’s blood! I would never turn down a sweet treat, but coffee on its own, black and steaming hot, is enough for me. Thank you for the contest!

  40. I’ve enjoyed Community Coffee for years and haven’t found its equal. Is there anything better than the smell of fresh brewed coffee

  41. There is nothing better than offering someone a cup of delicious coffee and share catchup with your friends or husband… I remember my mother always having a good cup of coffee with my aunt in the middle of the afternoon! They were so funny sitting there with a cigarette and sipping their coffee… Of course that was when cigarettes were in fashion! Lol… The best part was watching it brew through a Pyrex percolator, it use to fascinate me. It made the best coffee and always think about how my mom’s kitchen smelled with that delicious aroma… I now have a Cuisinart Brew and Grind! Love my fresh beans, really makes a difference! I have been using 8’oclock Columbian Bean for quite awhile, but always open to try a recommended brand… Another thing to mention is that offering anyone a cup of coffee shows good hospitality especially with a homemade cookie, what can be better than that?

  42. We live in Louisiana, so we get to enjoy this great coffee everyday. I tweeted your giveaway and would love to win my favorite coffee products!

  43. Best way to enjoy a cup of coffee is with my dad, solving the worlds problems, and talking politics with him! It doesn’t hurt to also enjoy a sour cream donut with that great cup of coffee and great man!

  44. Would love to win the coffee. My husband has coffee every morning and my Mah Jongg group always enjoys a cup of coffee during our afternoons of play. It would be fun to serve something new, and to share the story that I won the coffee! The possibility of my winning is part of my resolution to be more optimistic in 2016. MM

  45. My husband always makes the coffee in the morning and I usually wake up to the noise of the coffee grinder. When I enter the kitchen the smell of freshly brewed coffee it is heavenly. We sit and watch the news before I prepare breakfast.
    We have always used Eight-O’clock but would love to try Community.

  46. Good coffee and good conversation go hand in hand. I would share it with my husband of 49 years. It would be the BEST!

  47. I love my first cup of coffee each morning! As much as I enjoy drinking it, I still think it smells better than it tastes.

  48. Hubby and I always start the day with coffee, usually two cups for me and countless cups for him. We’re always changing brands of coffee, searching for one really good one. Would love to try Community Coffee; have never seen it in our local stores in Virginia..

  49. My sister and brother inllaw were in New Orleans to see fats domino some years back and were having breakfast at Brennan,s. She said the coffee had such a fabulous taste she inquired of the waiter as to the brand they used. He shared it was community and the company was family owned in Louisiana. When she came back to discover we had it
    In some of our stores in Southaven, miss. I started drinking it as well. It is the only coffee for my husband and I. We by the pods as we use a kuerig now.

  50. At first daylight, steam rising from a good cup of coffee promises heaven is on its way. More accurately- my awareness that it is already here. Surrounding me. Holding me.

  51. As a child, I loved the smell of coffee perking in the AM. Drip coffee makers took over, but I found a “grind and brew” coffee maker last year, and this seems to bring back the wonderful fragrance of my childhood home.
    I would love to try the Community coffee in my coffee maker. I’m sure I will love it!

  52. Getting ready for winter storm Hera, laying in all the goodies you can enjoy when you are stuck in the house: croissants to bake and a good cup of coffee will make the morning not seem so bad tomorrow morning.

  53. Coffee is so good with a home made muffin made with a recipe from BAKE from Scratch magazine. Love the coffee and love the magazine!!!!

  54. My favorite way to enjoy a good cup of coffee is to sit in my rocking chair on the front porch of our rural farmhouse and enjoy the early morning happenings in the oaks outside. However, in deep southeast Georgia the weather is not often cool enough for this. In that case I sit and sip as I enjoy the morning from the sunroom – often with a good book.

  55. Anywhere,anytime…especially in the early morning when watching the birds flock to our feeders .
    The scent of brewing coffee is almost as good as the taste !
    I will be searching for this brand .

  56. With my mom, an Alzheimer’s patient. We recently moved her to a nursing home. She loves nothing more than a good cup of coffee. She lived with us for 3 years after dad passed away.

    Yeah, with my mom.

  57. Hi Phyllis,
    I love my Community Coffee with a hot freshly made cinnamon roll. The combination of these two in your mouth is like heaven!

  58. Drinking a cup of coffee is how I unwind from a hectic day, it allow me to switch gears, all the more better when it’s great tasting .

  59. Just up for the day and my sweet husband brought my first cup of coffee to me in bed. It is soooo wonderful to once In a while be treated to checking emails while watching the news and enjoy my cup of coffee.

    I thanked him and said I’d be up soon to make our breakfast (and of course we will enjoy that second cup together.

    I have seriously never heard of this coffee brand… But if it’s something you enjoy….. I’d love to try it!!

    Thanks for another “give-away” and for the info and background of this brand. Per the info from these other ladies it appears to have been around for quite a while.


    Enjoy your weekend all!

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      Congratulations CJ! You are our winner for the Community Coffee giveaway. If you will please send me your Name and Address using the “Contact Me” link at the bottom of the page, we will ship you your prize.

      Thank you for subscribing to The Ribbon in My Journal and have a great weekend!

  60. My husband and I love to try new coffees. Currently he is working away from home…I would love to enjoy a cup of this coffee with him the moment he gets home. Thanks for the opportunity , sounds great!!

  61. I enjoy trying new coffee. I would especially enjoy serving a new variety to my parents when they come for a grandchild’s birthday visit. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

  62. My favorite way to enjoy a cup of community coffee would be with my 99 year old friend, on her patio, enjoying her beautiful gardens and listening to her wit and wisdom.

  63. I enjoy coffee in the morning while I have my devotions. I would love the chance to win this coffee. Some of my favorite things are those recommended by others.

  64. I have my morning cup of coffee with my husband at breakfast usually right after a hot bowl of porridge with a sweet roll or muffin. Great health benefits too!

  65. With my Grandmother who went to heaven nearly forty years ago.
    Ah, the aroma of fresh ground coffee!!
    Growing up in Central Texas, I remember the coffee grinders that used to be in our local Safeway. It was a treat to go down that aisle – especially when Grandmother bought coffee. Smelling the Community Coffee as it was ground in those small batches was truly delightful!! Today’s coffee gourmand would probably tell me all that was wrong with that process, but for this little girl’s memories all was right with the world!!

  66. I look forward to my first cup of coffee everyday. Sometimes it’s on the deck or porch or by the fireplace, always looking to the sky.Marge

  67. I enjoy my coffee with my devotions each morning, and this time of the year, in front of the fire. It’s a wonderful way to warm and comfort the mind, soul, and spirit. Thank you for the opportunity to try a new brand.

  68. I enjoyed the original Community Coffee a few years ago. My team leader at work shared a K cup of Community Coffee Cafe Special the other day and I found it quite delicious – made me wonder why I hadn’t been enjoying this wonderful brand of coffee for years.

  69. As soon as I finish this comment, I am dying to go into the kitchen and fix a cup of coffee. I haven’t thought of Community Coffee in years and it makes me think of La..

  70. We enjoyed serving Community Coffee at our home for our annual Christmas Brunch open house for 80 people. It’s my new favorite!

  71. A sip of Community Coffee, with hot milk, as it is served in restaurants in Louisiana, is the quickest way to take a vacation to New Orleans for this Michigander. Their special blend says “uniquely local coffee,” especially in this age of the ubiquitous Starbucks. Community Coffee is nearly impossible to find up here and no one knows what you are talking about if you ask for it. How I would love to win some!

  72. I will enjoy commenting on this post. I have sampled coffee for over 50 years as I travel to quaint towns across the United States and Europe. I am always curious as to how ‘other’ coffee tastes. Well, here is MY chance to sample another highly recommended coffee. Thanks for the chance to win.

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