Victoria Collection of Holiday Cards

A Giveaway to Introduce the Victoria Collection of Holiday Cards

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Sometimes it seems that preparations for the holiday season couldn’t start early enough. Whether it’s Christmas in July sales or store window displays in mid-October featuring Santa Claus, reminders that the holidays are on their way abound.

While there are still plenty of shopping days before Christmas, one thing that can easily get away from us is sending Christmas cards. Putting a card in the mail each year is a special tradition. I look forward to going to the mailbox throughout December and then sitting down to look at the photos and letters from loved ones with their updates on the year’s activities. These prized envelopes are no small feat to produce, either. Keeping track of mailing lists, stamps, and the cards themselves takes a good bit of work.

This year I’m vowing to get an early start on my Christmas cards, and I encourage you to carve out a little time before the Thanksgiving rush to get yourselves organized, too.

I think it will be easier this time around because I’m so excited about the new Victoria Collection of holiday cards created by our friends at Expressionery. This special series, inspired by the beauty of Victoria, includes elegant photo cards and a variety of personalized address labels. They also have lovely personalized stamps, perfect for adding an extra bit of cheer to your return address.

Victoria Collection of Holiday Cards from Expressionery.

To celebrate the launch of the Victoria Collection, Expressionery is offering one of the festive personalized stamps to a lucky winner. To enter, peruse the collection, and decide which of the three stamp designs you like best. Then explain what you love about it in a comment below. We will select a winner on Friday morning.

Which stamp is your favorite?

Victoria Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015 cover

Comments 133

  1. Did I miss the drawing yet? I would love any of the stamps. I think they are all beautiful and would add elegance and make the cards even more special!

  2. What a great addition to your collection.
    I would love the snowflake stamp!
    I just spent a lovely fall afternoon
    with friend picking pretty ribbon,
    Stamping cards and sipping
    Pumpkin tea. What a fun time we had and would enjoy sharing new
    Stamp with her.
    Thanks Happy Fall!

  3. What great inspiration to mail out cards early this year! I usually procrastinate, but the Merry Chic design would definitely be seasonal and spur me forward. As someone else said, I like the flourish and the understated design of the holly. Meanwhile, a blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, and all your readers.

  4. As a jew I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I really do love the snowflake stamp! It is so beautiful, like a flower and a snowflake together. And, it can be used all winter long (and it is long over here) I am especially thinking of my oldest child who was born on January 1st…

  5. Love this!!! I’ve been wanting an address stamp – it certainly would make sending Christmas cards easier. I like the soft snowflake design.

  6. I like the Christmas Plaid (anything Plaid gets me), the Christmas Greenery, and the Merry Chic Custom stamp. The Merry Chic Custom stamp would be my favorite as we plan to spend many more Christmases in our current home.

  7. I love the Vintage Tree! The address circling around the tree reminds me of how people gather around the tree at Christmas to admire it, talk about memories from ornaments, listen to Christmas music, and open gifts. It also reminds me of God’s never-ending love for us. Evergreens are my favorite tree!

  8. Thank you for such a beautiful offer! My favorite stamp is the soft snowflake. I love vintage designs and the snowflake looks vintage and vintage reminds me of all things wonderful. A slower time, family time, and meaningful well wishes! Happy holidays!

  9. Beautiful script and flourishes has always caught my eye because it looks so festive and impressive. Maybe part of that is because I don’t have pretty or readable handwriting!

  10. Like them all, but The Custom Vintage Tree stamp is my favorite. Not only is there a tree, but the ring around it reminds me of a wreath! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with your friends and family!!

  11. I love all of the designs, but my favorite is the vintage tree. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. I love decorating every room in my house. I look forward to my family and friends coming together. It brings eternal joy to my heart!

  12. Tough choice as they are all very pretty! I think the Vintage Christmas tree is my favorite because it is a classic look that makes one think of the beautiful season that will soon be upon us!

  13. My heart swells at the Christmas tree. The circular frame reminds us that we are all connected, and the tree conjures up my favorite forest.

    1. Post
  14. The Christmas tree stamp is my favorite. It evokes the feel of Christmas’ past and, if you’ll pardon my musing, the address going around the tree makes me think of family gathered around. Yes, they are all lovely, but that Christmas tree brings forth a visceral response.

  15. I choose the Vintage Christmas Tree. I have many trees, from small to large, that I decorate each Christmas. It is just such fun.

  16. I would love for any of the three to adorn my cards this year, but my favorite is the Christmas tree. The return address circling the tree frames the “seal” and becomes beautiful piece of art.

  17. I like the snowflake. Not only could I use it for Christmas greetings but all winter long.not to mention the fact that I am very intrigued by them. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  18. The Vintage Christmas Tree Stamp – it evokes the traditional Christmas image and reminds us all of times past. What a lovely giveaway, thanks for allowing us all a chance to win!

  19. Our favorite is the snowflake! My husband is a USPS rural mail carrier. He makes his living delivering the mail so, we always mail out holiday greeting cards each and every year. The snowflake would be appropriate for us to use for all of the different types of greeting cards that we mail during the season! What a joy it would be to use such a beautiful stamp!

  20. To select just one is not an easy assignment. The tree seems to just embrace the season and reminds me that vintage is the new reminder that the past teaches the future.

  21. The beautiful snowflake is my choice. I think it would be appropriate for our family since we live in the SNOW-belt in northeastern Ohio. Thank you for your generous give-away!

  22. I love the soft snowflake. The main reason is I like snowflakes, but I also, like the fact that I can use it from Nov. to the first of March. It makes me smile thinking about it. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  23. Love Expressionary. I’ve ordered from them often and I’ve always been totally pleased with my purchases. I love the “Merry Chic” with its festive flourish and simple sentiment.

  24. I must say I really like the Christmas tree stamp. I like the name and address circling around the tree. And that tree is way Victorian. How Cool Is That!

  25. I love the snowflake because it makes me think the of the freshnest of God’s love for me each day! Though I am different from all the other ” flakes” His concern and compassion for each of us does not ever melt or go away .

  26. What a difficult choice! I would have to say the snowflake. We live in New England and when my children were
    young we eagerly awaited the first snowfall. We would all dress warmly and go outside (day or night) to play in it and catch our first snowflakes and make a wish.

  27. I love all three. But, my favorite is the snowflake. Each year I embroidery free-standing lace snowflakes to enclose with our cards. This stamp would be lovely to use on the envelopes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Would love to give the Christmas tree stamp to my sister for Christmas this year. Her family lives and works on a farm, therefore she has a fairly permanent address! She also sends out more than 60 cards each year, so it would be well worth it. I’m planning on purchasing one for my family once we are settled in one spot. It’s such a beautiful and environmentally friendly option!

  29. I would have to say the Christmas Tree! Decorating each of my trees, I have four, is something that I look forward to all year long! So many of my ornaments offer me a wonderful memory of a special trip, a dear friend, a vacation, and so many other cherished moments in my life. The trees are decorated right after Thanksgiving and stay into late January. The “Christmas Tree” ornament you offer would be perfect on the nine foot tree that adorns our family room where on Christmas Eve. Our entire family gathers to celebrate Christmas and my birthday!

  30. What a great way to add that personal touch to your holiday greetings. We send out over 100 cards each year and a stamp would be wonderful. My favorite is the Christmas Tree.

  31. Love all three, the Merry and Christmas Tree would be the next two. The Christmas tree is my favorite. Thank you for a chance to win a really nice gift. Linda

  32. All of the stamps are very beautiful! But I love ‘Merry Everything Gift Tag Stamp’ the most. It’s my first choice because I can reuse it every year, even after anticipated move to a new address (this stamp doesn’t include address). Few years ago I started to make holiday cards and tags myself, and this stamp would be a nice addition to my not so big collection of stamps. It would also remind me of refined blog I am following. Thank you Exoressionery and The Ribbon in my Journal.

  33. I love these! I am partial to the tree and snowflake. My brother gave me a Victorian Christmas tin many years ago. It was filled with Victorian Christmas cards and a Merry Christmas stamp. I treasure it. It would be a delight to add a new stamp to the box to use year after year. Thank you for the opportunity.

  34. One of my favorite poems from my childhood is Trees by Joyce Kilmer. The lovely Christmas tree in all its beauty would be the one for me.

  35. I love the Snowflake stamp. Snowflakes are such an example of God’s love for us because each flake is designed to be unique so no two snowflakes are alike. Such a loving indication that the seasons are changing and the holidays are coming and we have more opportunities for praise God, who creates both people and snowflakes for His glory.

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  36. I love the snowflake stamp. I collect snowflake treasures and this certainly would be one. It can be used through all the winter months and add a personalized bit for me. I have a silver snowflake I purchased in Alaska last year and wore it all last winter. I intend to wear it this winter also. Snowflakes are wonderful. I love your blogs.

  37. I love the snowflake stamp. It evokes winter like no other. I love snow days (now that the children are grown)!They are perfect days to stay in and reflect. Cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa under a quilt…perfect!

  38. Love the Merry Chic stamp. Over the years I have accumulated quite a long Christmas card list. I enjoy touching bases with family, friends and former colleagues each year.

  39. I love the Christmas Tree Stamp! That is what makes our Christmas so special. We all get to put our personal touches and conveys our personality as well as! I love the Spode Christmas Tree collection of plates because to me it is just an old fashion tree and yet it says so much. I do believe that the first production was in the 1930’s. I like to put my Christmas goodies in the little bowls and holiday wrap tied with a ribbon. That is why I love the Christmas Tree Stamp, a vintage feeling!

  40. It’s the snowflake. I’m crazy for snowflakes. It conjures up dreams of delicious winter mornings. What could be more beautiful than picturing a cozy Christmas morning with snowflakes falling gently from the sky. A fire in the fireplace. The tree lighted up with ornaments glistening in the sunlight, and the smell of french toast and warm maple syrup coming from the kitchen. Amazing what one snowflake can do.

  41. I love the snowflake stamp. The individuality of snowflakes are amazing. Plus, it can be used for New Year’s cards and maybe Valentine’s Day. Snow seems to linger on until well after the holiday season.

  42. I would pick the Vintage Christmas Tree. It brings to mind all of the childhood years when we trimmed the tree together as a family–and as full of ornaments as the tree was, you would always hear the pleas of “Just one more..” or “Oh, I forgot about this one..we HAVE to put this one on!” until the poor tree was groaning with goodness and hand-glittered masterpieces–then, it was pronounced the most beautiful tree ever…(or at least until the next year’s is trimmed!)

  43. Merry Chic – because it is part of the Merry Christmas greeting that unfortunately you do not see that often on the Christmas cards anymore….

  44. I loved both the
    Vintage Tree and the Merry Chic! I would probably select Vintage Tree because nothing says Merry Christmas like a beautiful tree. However, the labels were also awesome; I love the Christmas Plaid. Thank you for sharing the Expressionery line with me.

  45. I love the Christmas Tree – I am feeling lucky and blessed this year as my daughter had our first grandchild. I want to use this stamp on some of the Joy cards and mail them to all our friends ! It will be a Merry Christmas!

  46. I love all of the stamps and my favorite is the Merry Chic Custom Stamp. Love the Merry with the flowing scrolls. It is very eye catching and very chic! Thank you for the offer.

  47. They are all very lovely, but I definitely adore the snowflake most. I have always adored snowflakes based on the fact each one is unique. Plus, there is something so romantic about them. The way they sparkle like diamonds under the street lights. Not to mention the way the air smells after a fresh Midwest snow. I could go on and on. I guess I just love snowflakes.

  48. I the Vintage tree! I love getting Christmas cards in the mail and it is the perfect touch to the cards I will be sending out!!!

  49. The snowflake stamp would make a lovely gift for my son and his family. They celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas, so I love how the snowflake expresses the universality of the season rather than just one specific holiday.

  50. I love the custom Christmas Tree. For me, Christmas reminds me of my Grandmother, who was of German descent. I love Christmas trees, the Christmas pickle, and her streudel recipe which can only be replicated by someone who has actually seen it made before….traditions I gladly pass down to my four year old daughter. While my Grandmother has passed, I feel her every year as I decorate my tree to the tune of “O Tennenbaum”.

  51. I love them all. Absolutely. But the vintage tree speaks to my heart. We do a lot of mailing during the holidays, dinners, cards, notes and this would give a perfect finishing touch to the mail. I just love it. Thank you so much for the chance. delighted!!

  52. I think my favorite is the snowflake. It reminds me of our long beautiful winter days not just Christmas. So it can be used all season.

  53. I love the Soft Snowflake as it makes me think of a peaceful holiday evening when my city is covered in a cozy blanket of white.

  54. I have already admired some of the Expressionary collections featured in October’s Victoria Bliss. My eye keeps going to the snowflake with its clean lines and elegant font but my heart votes for the tree with its continuous circle and evergreen. The Tree it is!

  55. The tree, symbolizing an important Christmas tradition, finally won my vote. The other 2 are elegant and beautifully crafted……. but the tree provides instant recognition of what time of year it is, to anyone who views it. I so look forward to seeing the beautiful cover of the Christmas edition coming soon!!!!

    Hope your holidays are memorable for all the right reasons…………..

  56. The snowflake is the one that I’m immediately drawn to. It has a light and peaceful feel. Writing out so many cards it would be a blessing to finish it off with such an elegant stamp.

  57. I love the “Merry Chic” custom stamp. Holly leaves always remind me of the holidays and being with family. Makes me feel happy inside. 🙂

  58. Love the one with the beautiful script “Merry”. Flourish scripts are so lovely. With just the one word, Merry, it can fit recipients of all religions and is just beautifully festive artistically. Seeing it puts you in a lifted holiday mood. Thanks for introducing this company as I did not know about it before.

  59. I love the snowflake. It signifies the beauty of a cleansing snow. Starting a new year and finishing an old year of beauty and blessings.

  60. Because I think of Christmas year round, I love the tree the best because I am always looking for vintage ornaments and making ornaments for my tree and gifts.

  61. The snow flake. It makes me think of the song sung softly, Silent Night….and seeing soft snow flakes falling as I leave Mass after the midnight mass. Knowing our dear savior,Jesus Christ is safe in a warm manger with the Mother. And in my heart.

    Your Christmas tree reminds me of Oh Tanenbaume ……..the smell of evergreen in the air mingling with the Christmas baking. A warm cozy home.

  62. All three stamps are beautiful, but my favorite is the Merry stamp. I love the font and the way the letters swoon across the page. This stamp would make all our mail look stunning. Thank you.

  63. What a difficult choice to make–each of the stamps is beautiful.

    However, I’m going to choose the snowflake because each flake is unique, just as each family and family member is. Together, like snow, the gathering creates beauty. The pair of contrasting fonts adds elegance to the font. I’d love to stamp away!

  64. Oh I just love the Tree! I’m reminded of everlasting life when I see evergreen trees. My strongest desire is that others see Jesus’ promise … I can use this with my business & personal cards throughout all the holiday’s seasons. Thanks for the offer. Be blessed.

  65. Merry I think is my fav. Snowflake a close second. I love the twirls and swirls of Merry – so festive!!!!

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