Unique Summer Bouquets: Tea Tins

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One of my favorite parts of summer mornings is stepping out into my garden and savoring the scents of flowers in bloom. Here in the South, fresh flower bouquets are a summer must-have and can dress up even the simplest tablescape. Arranging flowers is a perfect way to repurpose unique containers that you already have. One type of container that …

Summer Films

Summer Films for Hot Days

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This time of year gives a much-needed break from our traditional schedules and demands. Summer can certainly develop a hectic pace, but I try to savor each simple pleasure. Over the years I have spent many summer nights with family and friends enjoying popcorn, glass bottle Cokes, and some of my favorite movies. I can’t let school start back without …


My Favorite Children’s Books

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Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I have always been intrigued by stories with a simple, yet impactful storyline. This is one of the reasons why I will never outgrow children’s books. As a mother, I shared these stories with my twins, Eric and Brian. Now, as a grandmother, I find myself sharing them again with my …


Summer Vacation Memories

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My family and I have vacationed to many different places over the years. Some of our travels kept us close to home, while some led us farther away to new places. No matter the distance, the most rewarding part of vacations is time spent focused on family. As a child, my family traveled all throughout our home state of Alabama. …

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

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Every year around this time, I begin looking forward to December. The cooler weather, the cheery mood and, of course, Christmas day are all on my mind! Company-wide, we’re producing and editing holiday content for all of the publications that will go to newsstands in November/December. With so much beautiful holiday inspiration around the office, it’s hard to not get …


Thoughts from my Heart

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I find my thoughts drifting these days to a state of disbelief as I watch the news and the computer screen. In fact, I can hardly watch the news anymore. I want to say, “Stop the madness! Everyone breathe!” The best way for me to navigate these uncertain times is to focus on helping people around me. It is my hope …


A Bonnet Resurgence

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While putting together Southern Lady’s May/June issue, our team came across Beaufort Bonnets, a company that makes unique children’s clothing. I instantly fell in love with their precious bonnets, and other products, made in classic Southern fabrics like gingham and seersucker. I hope you enjoy hearing about them too! As seen in Southern Lady May/June 2016 issue: Markey Hutchinson, owner and …


Easy Pitcher Drinks for a Summer Weekend

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As we enter the warmest days of summer, I’m often in search of something cold and refreshing. A fun and flavorful pitcher drink is always in my refrigerator when the temperatures reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit and above. They’re also great to have on hand when entertaining. These delicious concoctions are best enjoyed from a rocking chair in the company of …


Defining Moments

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You can tell a lot by the eyes of those you love. There are so many moments that I recall with great vividness. The first time my grandson waved and yelled “I love you more” just melted my heart. My granddaughter thrilled me when she said “Gigi, I want to learn to sew.” There are so many others that I …