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Say Hello to fresh style’s Newest Contributing Editor, Annie Sloan

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There are people in your life that you have always hoped you would get to meet, and it is a beautiful thing when your paths actually cross. I got to meet one of my dream ladies: Annie Sloan! Annie Sloan, who developed the decorative paint Chalk Paint® over 20 years ago, is one of the most creative women I know. …

Cruise Quote

Take a Summer Cruise: My Time in Alaska

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Neal and I just love Alaska! If you haven’t been, let me suggest taking a cruise through the glaciers. In our hurried world, a cruise allows us to retreat to tranquility and to observe the untouched shores where glaciers touch the water. Now I had heard about glaciers my whole life and really never expected to see such a splendid …

Decoration Day

Decoration Day: Honey, You Look Just Like Your Mama

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Decoration Day…only if you are Southern will you get this one. If you are not Southern, then you need to know about this to appreciate what we Southern children know down deep in our souls. Decoration Day is a Sunday in May or June when your family gathers at the cemetery where all your relatives from generations past (kinfolk) are …

Cast-Iron Cooking: It’s All about the Crunch

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What is it about a cast-iron skillet that makes food so good? As we were working on our new cookbook, Southern Cast Iron, I was pondering this very question. You just knew growing up that when that black beauty came out something great was happening in the kitchen. Through the years, the iron cookware has given way to more modern …

Downton Abbey Group

Visiting the Costumes of Downton Abbey Exhibition

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When Maggie Smith delivers her lines on Downton Abbey, the world stops to take in every tiny word. As the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey, she has stolen the hearts of people all over the world by delivering her lines in a most witty way. Don’t you just love her? Backing up, when Downton Abbey premiered no one could believe …

Remembering My Easter Traditions

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Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the Easter dresses my mother would make for my sister and me. It was the spring ritual that we loved. But along with our beautiful dresses came the ritual we didn’t love: getting a permanent in our hair….ugh. That is the worst curse for a child, getting your annual Easter permanent so …