The Perfect Morning Tailgate Menu

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Is anyone else on board with “tailgating from home?” With early kickoff times, many fellow football fans are opting set up a tailgate spread in the comfort of their own kitchen, and of course, inviting their friends and family to join! Don’t get me wrong, traditional tailgating is wonderful. But sometimes, the comfort of gathering in a home is a …

Autumn in the South porch image from Southern Lady special issue

What I Love About Autumn in the South

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There is nothing like autumn in the South. As soon as I spot the first yellow leaf, I rejoice openly, jubilantly, and hysterically—almost bordering on crazy. I love autumn for its fabulous colors and fragrances, not to mention the promise of cooler temperatures. Growing up, autumn meant going to college football games with mom and dad. I will not disclose …

Football Mums

It’s Football Time Again

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I just got an e-mail that my football tickets have shipped for the forthcoming college football season. I can hardly believe it. It is time to pull out the old tailgating recipes and start planning. I look forward to this time of year with great anticipation, but football season is also a time of reflection on special times in the …