College Football Season Means It’s Time for Football Food

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In the South, football season marks the beginning of a new year. Our steps are ordered by the first kickoff of our favorite college team. We are a house divided. I am an Alabama fan, and Neal is for Auburn. Except for one tiny day a year, we enjoy watching as many games as we can on Saturdays! The other one day, well, we are cordial to one another. (For my non-Southern friends who may be less familiar, here’s an introduction to the Iron Bowl rivalry between Auburn and Alabama)

Football season at our house signals one surefire thing we can all agree on: food! As soon as the games come on, it’s time to eat football food. Football food has the same meaning as Thanksgiving food in the South. Some things will never change, and that’s what makes it wonderful.

I have a few go-to favorites, such as sausage pinwheels and hot ham and cheese sandwiches, that I return to every year. On game day this year, though, I’m excited to try something new. I love the variety of tailgating recipes that Louisiana Cookin’ features on their website. They have football watching fare to please any palate, and I’m especially excited to try Cajun Coconut Sweet Fries, Boudin Sliders (aka. Sweet Baby Breesus) and their classic layered salad with this year.

Sweet Potato Cajun Fritters - Football Food
Sweet Potato Cajun Fritters

Sweet Baby Breesus, Boudin Sliders - Football Food
Sweet Baby Breesus (Boudin Sliders)

Southwest Layered Salad with Shrimp - Football Food
Southwest Layered Salad with Shrimp and Cilantro Lime Dressing 

What do you serve on game day?

Louisiana Cookin Sept/Oct 2015 cover

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  1. The food looks wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I totally know what you mean about rivalry. We grew up with the cross-town rivals of USC (Southern California) and UCLA. And like your family we have alumni from both schools now. It is a lot of fun and I always cheer for both teams, except on that one day when USC and UCLA are playing each other!

  2. Well I am in love with this salad for sure! Have a brunch to attend this Saturday, and it will be my contribution on the lovely buffet! Thanks for this beautiful recipe!

  3. We always have grilled chicken livers wrapped in applewood bacon with a mustard based dipping sauce! The rest of the menu differs from week to week! Planning the menu now, thanks for the new recipes! RTR

  4. We’re pretty traditional. Always have to have Potato Salad & Deviled Eggs as well as barbeque. The Southwest Shrimp Salad with Cilantro-lime Dressing looks scrumptious!! We had shrimp for supper last night; may have to have them in this Salad for supper tonight!

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