Diamonds: Learn the Four C’s

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Last week, I introduced you to Tracey Holton-Garrett of Van Atkins Jewelers in Mississippi. She removed some of the mystique in caring for pearls, and I’m so glad you enjoyed her tips. This next video is all about caring for a girl’s best friend: diamonds. Not only does she give advice on cleaning large stones, but she also chats about what to look for while purchasing — the 4 C’s, if you will — carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. Make sure to check back next week for the last installment, where Tracey and I chat about updating estate pieces to pass along to loved ones.

 What is your favorite diamond cut?


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Comments 7

  1. I always used the ammonia and water but never thought of the mister clean. I also use the toothbrush. My godfather was a doctor and left me a three diamond ring when he passed. Over the years when I have taken it to a jeweler they ask where I got it and remark about how beautiful the cut, color etc. is. Of course I treasure it! I will add the mister clean now! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you for the red white and blue rule. I knew Diamonds and Sapphires cold stay in a solution overnight, I did not realize a Ruby could. As always thank you for the information—-You are the best!!!

  3. Great tips for cleaning diamonds! I am going to do so right away, I’m afraid mine are never very clean, and they totally deserve the royal treatment. Thanks so much!

  4. Enjoyed the diamond cleaning information. I also have a lot of Lorimar and Aquamarine. I will use that
    cleaner but probably not leave them overnight.

  5. Great information about cleaning diamonds. Never thought about using Mr. Clean! I received a new diamond ring for my 40th wedding anniversary a few months ago in my favorite cut–cushion cut in a halo setting. I’ll definitely try this cleaning formula. Thanks for the informative post.

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