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Asheville, North Carolina is home to a favorite place of mine, Biltmore. Neal and I visited Biltmore last month so that I could see the fashion exhibit that is currently on display throughout the house. I was working on a feature story for the next issue of Classic Sewing and wanted to see the re-creation of Cornelia Vanderbilt’s incredible wedding dress.

As we were touring the home and the exhibits I was not only drawn to the beautiful fashions but to the amazing floral arrangements featured in every room. The entry foyer of the house had an amazing floral wedding cake display that greets every guest. As I wandered through the tour, I was inspired by the combination of floral colors that the artist had selected.


Upon inquiry, I was told that every week the floral department places new arrangements in every room open to the public. Some are asymmetrical while others are very balanced. I was so excited to be close enough to appreciate the artistry of these designers.

Isn’t it amazing how a flower can change a room? I have written about this before, but it is so true. A single blossom can brighten the room.

If you are near Asheville, stop in and see the wonderful exhibit Wedding Gowns in Film and enjoy a floral tribute to spring. See www.biltmore.com for more information.

What is your favorite spring flower?


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  1. We love the Biltmore, and one of the things I love to see is how they change the flowers…they are so beautiful! One arrangement that was in the Visitors Center….I didn’t even make it to the House yet and I was already charmed….was one that inspired an arrangement that I did for our church. Everyone loved it! But I gave the Biltmore florists all of the credit! I want to make something that is informal, woodsy, but speaks of winter. Do you know what kind of flowers they would tend to use for the winter floral displays? And pictures would be wonderful, if you have them. Thank you!

  2. For pass holder appreciation, I was able to take two friends to Biltmore. So I went last week and then again this week! The wedding atmosphere is very lovely and and enhanced by the flower arrangements. I am looking forward to the tulip display which is not to be missed. A friend who is also a pass holder, worked at Biltmore for eleven years as a flower arranger loves to visit often. She remarked that she would have volunteered to work there if it had not been a paid position.

  3. Yes we love Biltmore House. We are fortunate enough to live close to this wonderful place. We love visiting it in every season. Always a wonderful display of flowers inside and outside. The gardens are magnificent. Never tire of going there and Grove Park Inn too. We love both of them and all the surrounding places on the grounds of Biltmore House. Quite a wonderful tour. Everyone should try to see it if at all possible.

  4. A visit to the Biltmore is wonderful experience. A dear friend and I did a tour of the South starting in Virginia and circling back by the Bilmore on our way back to Virginia. Loved our entire journey. Love visiting all the Antebellum homes in the South and just being back where I grew up is sweet to the soul.
    I loved seeing the beautiful Apple orchard, the restaurant (2) food, visiting and tasting at the winery……truly amazing property…the grounds and gardens envelope one and the downstairs tour was most interesting as well.
    Your photos of the Biltmore are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. What a magnificent place this is and how wonderful to live here! Bob and I are going to gift ourselves with an annual pass so we can go as much as we want this year. I love peonies and bleeding hearts and everything else. I keep fresh flowers in my house also. So glad to hear April Cornell has opened a shop here. I know you were given the royal treatment at Biltmore. How honoured everyone must have been to have you.

  6. I have never been to Biltmore, but thank you for posting these lovely photos! I recently bought your book – Flowers With Southern Lady – and loved it! Especially at this time of year in New England where flowers and tree leaves are still in hiding, this refreshing book gave me wonderful ideas to use in /around my cottage later this Spring. Thanks for this lovely look at Biltmore and the inspiration to look beyond the gray skies and cold temperatures!

  7. That is beautiful Phyllis! I love Asheville too. In fact we just opened an April Cornell shop there last month- grand opening is March 31st. It would great if you could make it!

  8. I wish I lived closer to the Biltmore, your description makes me want to visit on a regular basis! Flowers always make every space beautiful and more lively, I think that even a single rose can transform a space. I love all flowers, although peonies are a favorite of mine for Spring.

  9. We visited the Biltmore last Saturday and yes, the flower arrangements were beautiful. I never tire of visiting this beautiful estate. I plan to watch some of the movies that I missed after seeing the Bridal exhibit. It was a little too early for the outdoor flowers to be in bloom but the weather was nice and we hiked down to the boathouse and the pond.

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