A Gift From Van Atkins Giveaway

A Gift From Van Atkins Giveaway

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Van Atkins is a premiere jewelry store in New Albany, Mississippi, and they are a favorite of mine. Many of you who have read the pages of our magazines for years will recognize their work. Chuck Cooper and his staff have graciously worked with our editorial staff when we have needed beautiful Jewelry to feature on our pages.

When Neal asked me to marry him, he wanted to go to Van Atkins and work with them in selecting our rings. After he had heard me speak of them many times, especially when they would attend our Southern Lady Celebration weekends, he knew it would mean a lot to me.

We began our journey to New Albany and when we arrived we were overwhelmed by the numerous choices of gorgeous settings. Tracy Garrett assisted us in looking for the perfect piece. When the time came, I was dismissed while Neal and Tracy finalized Neal’s ring selection for me. He selected a Van Atkins mount and the diamond he liked, and luckily I liked it too!

During our visit, Chuck and I had fun talking about his extensive collection of vintage jewelry. How could anyone choose? His customers come from all over the country. The team at Van Atkins takes special notice of each customer’s style, taste and design preference to ensure that they make your dreams come true. Plan a little trip to see them. I know you will love it.

We are giving away a $250 Van Atkins gift card that you can put towards any purchase. Whether it’s a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, the staff at Van Atkins will help you choose the perfect thing. Enter to win below, and good luck! The winner will be selected May 30th at 9 a.m. (CST).    
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  1. They redesigned my current wedding set several years ago, and I still get compliments daily on how beautiful it is! Love them!

  2. I’m a girlie girl and love to wear jewelry!
    Especially a pretty bauble with an interesting
    story to share with others…….
    Always grateful, California Carmel
    Many thanks!

  3. What a special treat it would be to have this opportunity to pick out a beautiful piece! My sister and I are going to be in this area later this summer for a vacation. How convenient to stop by the store!! Thank You for this chance.

  4. Phyllis, I have enjoyed reading the goings on with living with your sisters. Such sweetness between you two and now your husband did this wonderful think for your engagement ring. It’s nice to have at least a few peices of jewelry of quality and that’s Van Atkins. Congrats to the winner.

  5. HI Phyllis! Thank you for offering this exquisite give away! I’ve admired Van Atkins jewelry in your magazines. Thank you also for sharing your Pin Interest Site! Will enjoy visiting all your Boards!

  6. Oh, I am a “jewery” person and love pretty jewelry. What a wonderful opportunity to win a gift card to such a wonderful store! Thank you!

  7. The vintage pieces reming me of my Grandmother’s & Mother’s jewelry although most was paste it was still very beautiful! I lost my mother last year & now in possession of a few of those lovely pieces. Who can not want a piece of history? Lovely 🙂

  8. Thank you for this opportunity. The first time I saw Van Atkins jewelry was in my favorite magazine, Southern Lady. I even gave an audible response, “How gorgeous!” I would love to be among the fortunate ones to own a beautiful treasure from Van Atkins. Congratulations in advance to the lucky recipient!

  9. You have made everyone who follows your blog so excited for this great opportunity! What Southern gal doesn’t love jewelry????? Thanks so much for partnering with great businesses from the South!

  10. I just love Van Atkins jewelry. Your giveaways never say whether you have to be at USA resident to enter. So, I always fail to enter. Can you please clarify whether I and many others reader around the world can enter your giveaways? Thank-you

  11. I love the beautiful jewelry that is always featured in Southern Lady!
    What a great opportunity for someone to have a chance to own a piece of the Van Atkins collection!

  12. Thank you for such a generous giveaway! I would be so happy to be able to choose a piece of Van Atkins, especially pearls.

  13. After fifty-eight years being married and losing fifty pounds, needless to say my ring will not stay on. I am so lost without it. Perhaps I could use it to have it resized. Blessings to you.

  14. I have wanted to visit this shop whenever I see their ads or billboard. One of these days, on the way to Memphis, we are going to take a detour and visit this shop!

  15. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway… cameos and pearls (and diamonds, of course) are my favourites!

  16. I have heard of Van Atkins all my life but have never been fortunate enough to visit them and make a purchase. This giveaway would be a wonderful gift for our 55th anniversary coming in July.
    Look forward to reading your Ribbon in my Journal each time.

  17. What a wonderful Give Away. Thank You so much for making this opportunity available.
    I just love your Blog Phyllis. It is my afternoon getaway from Reality. I love looking at all the beautiful items that are featured in the different subjects you cover. It is hard for me to delete them, as I enjoy going back and looking them over again.

  18. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I am a fan of all your magazines, and I will always be grateful to you for having brought back “Victoria”, the best magazine of all time!

  19. Such beautiful pieces. I too have had a ring and two necklaces made from pieces of jewelry I inherited. They are beautiful and mean so much to me. When I wear them, I feel so close to my grandmother, my mother and my mother in low as well as my father in law as he had a service pin with three sapphire ‘s and my jeweler incorporated them into one of my pieces. Having a personal jeweler is a great way to repurpose jewelry. Your ring is so very beautiful and I know you feel they are special since you were able to pick the ring and the stones. I would love to take afew things to this jeweler.

  20. I was blessed by my husband to have Van Atkins design my ring. It is indeed beautiful. I had one large stone and quite a few small ones of my own that I wanted used in the setting. They made a wax ring I think it’s called and sent it to me for approval. Today I proudly ware the real thing an receive many complements. Thank you for this opportunity.

  21. I would be thrilled to win a gift certificate to the store. They design gorgeous things. Thanks for the chance.

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