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Give Your Heirloom Jewelry an Update

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Tracey Holton-Garrett of Van Atkins Jewelers in Mississippi taught us how to care for pearls, gave us valuable information on what to look for when picking out diamonds, and now she’s passing on her knowledge regarding the art of redesigning antiques. So many women inherit beautiful family pieces that maybe look a little dated, and Tracey creatively updates vintage brooches and so much more. Her work is simply stunning, and I especially enjoy the heirloom brooch bracelet she put together with pearls. Thank you Tracey for passing along such valuable knowledge and great ideas!

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Comments 5

  1. Phyllis..you are from the South,right…How about telling us some stories of what the ladies of the Southern persasion do at this time of year..I know I would be most interested…

  2. I love this idea of using the broach in a bracelet with pearls. I’ve wanted to go to Van Atkins for awhile. This is another reason to check them out.

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